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Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey BRIN

Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey BRIN
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Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey BRIN #7 & 8 of 50 most influential people of the decade

Chinese astrology horoscope feature Yang Metal element denotes THE Entrepreneur

Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey BRINChinese horoscope of Sergey Brin born August 21, 1973 (hour unknown),the Soviet-born American computer scientist and Co founder of Google Inc.

His Yin Earth Ox both being of the earth element are not subject to timeliness and make him strong and independent with excellent communication skills. However, the strongest element in the chart is always the element of the month branch and in this example the month Heavenly Stem also has the same element of metal. This generally represents entrepreneurial skills, management, authorities, politics, mining, computers and specifically for Sergey his intelligence and creativity.

As the whole month pillar of Metal Monkey has this element it makes this metal much stronger and Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey Brinextremely independent. Interestingly, his year pillar of Water Ox also has the same qualities as his founder Larry Page; that of gaining prosperity by serving the public in communications. This probably seems obvious as they were both born in the same year but when you consider that their are almost 13 million different types of Chinese astrology chart and subsequent personalities you will realise this is some feat.

As Sergey has the same Chinese zodiac animal sign of Ox in his day and year pillar he will be liked by all and be in tune with public opinion; a very useful talent when your business relies on the public. Looking at his qi flow from this pillar to the others we can see a favourable progression. From the year to the month we have “drastic output” which can signify outstanding achievement by doing something you generally do not want to do or are made to do.

Conversely from month to day we have a sheng cycle indicating that you should definitely do or follow what is being offered. This latter aspect usually happens at around the age of 30 and at this time he and Larry Page received an honorary MBA from IE Business School for “embodying the entrepreneurial spirit and lending momentum to the creation of new businesses."

The following year they received the "Highest Award in Engineering", by the Marconi Foundation at Columbia University and joined a "select cadre of thirty two of the world's most influential communications technology pioneers. As his hour is unknown we cannot see how this qi flow finishes the cycle.

Chinese astrology and finding “intellectual soul-mates and close friends"

Famous Chinese horoscopes - Sergey BRINIn our previous horoscope example we saw that Larry Page needed the earth element for support, which Sergey has in abundance. As relationships are about give and take what does Sergey get in return? Well, although his horoscope as far as we can see is quite well balanced, he doesn’t actually need anything that Larry has. That said, if Larry was born in the Snake hour as we previously hypothesised this would be different, as the fire element of this Chinese animal sign would support him in return.

This is the perfect partnership where each person supports the other or has the others most favourable elements in abundance. In fact, the Snake has such a huge influence on this partnership that when Sergey entered the ten year horoscope under this influence in 1998 they founded Google Inc. Why was this? Well, this Snake combines with the Monkey to bring in an additional water element which denotes wealth in this horoscope. It also reacts with the Ox to form the beginning and end of an incredibly potent triple combination or metal trine; it needed the Rooster to put the two ends together.

Metal represents computers and having only the beginning and end of a puzzle meant a major chunk was missing - enter Larry Page with the Rooster. They joined all together in the form of "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine." to make an evolutionary step in computer search engines and the subsequent founding of Google.

If our hypothesis is proved to be unfounded then there is one other major aspect that is already established and this is known is Chinese astrology as “advancing” and indicates that all plans come to fruition. It happens whenever two Chinese astrology branches with the same element meet each other and as they run in a strict sequence the first appearing branch meets the second one. In this example this is the Monkey meeting the Rooster, where from humble beginnings of filling their dormitory room with cheap computers they entered into the annals of cultural history.

Discover if you are an earth person with our free Chinese horoscope.

Chinese astrology for 50 most influential people of the decade*

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