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Famous Chinese horoscopes Richard Dawkins

Famous Chinese horoscopes Richard Dawkins
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Famous Chinese horoscopes Richard Dawkins 5th most influential person of the decade

Chinese astrology charts

Chinese astrology chart for Richard DawkinsChinese astrology chart for Richard Dawkins, FRS, FRSL born Clinton Richard Dawkins 26 March 1941 hour unknown. Born in a Metal Snake year, Metal Rabbit month and Water Rooster day. If you have been reading this series in consecutive order then this chart is very similar to the previous one of Francis Collins inasmuch as it is a "follow type chart".

At least it appears to be but without the birth hour it is difficult to tell for sure. We could look at significant periods of his life and match important events to any one of 12 different hour pillars, or ask you for help. That is, if you have his hour of birth please email Alan and we will redo this horoscope.

Chinese astrology criterion

Chinese astrology chartOne of the criteria for this follow type of horoscope is that the Heavenly stem you follow must be timely and cannot be controlled by a major element in the chart. Without his hour details the only heavenly stem that he could follow is Yin Metal which does have a root, that is the metal element on line 4 of the day branch of Rooster but is untimely in this chart.

Perhaps indicative of this, or maybe just a coincidence , is that Mr Dawkins is a globally reported atheist and I can’t help but think this may be due to his day (Heavenly) stem also missing a root and not being viable in his chart. This may have lead to questioning faith and probing of religion and pseudo sciences. let’s see what we can tell from his horoscope.

His Chinese astrology chart has Yin Water as a day stem and this is the hub on which the whole horoscope is viewed. This particular stem is associated with wisdom and many of our most spiritual leaders and gurus also have this as a day stem.

The strongest element in the chart is always the month branch element , in this case Rabbit (wood element) which represents his intelligence, creativity and can be directly linked to writing. The Yin Metal heavenly stems in the month and year pillar denote his father and grandfather on a family level and fine detail, sciences, authorities particularly military and police forces in broader terms. Both of his parents were interested in sciences and his father was called up in the Second World War.

Chinese astrology 10 year horoscopes

To interpret further we have to look at his 10 year horoscopes or luck pillars, which began when he was 6 years old in 1948. The first luck pillar of Yang Metal Tiger heralded a period of great support which must have lead to greater creativity. Travel was also highlighted although being drastic in nature it usually signifies unwillingness, and Richard was probably not keen on returning to England from Malawi.

However, in 1949 an Earth Ox year he must have had a great deal of energy as the Ox combines with his Snake and Rooster to make a metal trine which generates his day stem. This is not usually good for follow type horoscopes.

Interestingly, the Yang Metal of this cycle normally refers to the heavens and seeing the bigger picture and he was about 9 years old when he started to questions his Anglican faith and existence of God. That was in 1950 which was also a Yang Metal Tiger year and having the same energy as his own luck cycle it must have been a significant period and the start of his journey into evolutionism.

Being as this nonconformist view was his first reported advance, it could indicate having a Yang Wood Tiger or perhaps a Yang Metal Monkey in his hour pillar. As this could give him a minor root let us see how this theory develops. As we look at his annual horoscope.

Chinese astrology for 50 most influential people of the decade*

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