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Famous Chinese horoscopes - J. K. Rowling #6 of 50 most influential people of the decade

Chinese astrology chart facts J. K. Rowling - special combination of Fire Directional Trine

Chinese Astrology horoscopeChinese Astrology horoscope for Joanne "Jo" Murray, née Rowling OBE born at 14:00 on 31 July 1965 who writes under the pen name J. K. Rowling, is a British writer and author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. These books have gained worldwide attention, won multiple awards, and sold nearly 400 million copies making Ms Rowling the richest author in the world.

She was born in a Wood Snake year, a Water Goat month, Fire Dog day and the hour of the Wood horse.

Chinese astrology - as fate would have it!

As you will see from the chart above Joanne is a timely Yang Fire person being born “in season” in the summer month of July. Despite a fortune reported to be in excess of £545 million she has what is known as a “wealth robber” formerly called an “Unfriendly Parallel”. This is found in Chinese astrology horoscopes when the same element has the opposite polarity, in this case the day stem is Yang fire and her Yin fire elements are found in the month and day Chinese animal signs. This is unfortunate for timely or strong day stems as it means you have to share wealth, as fate would have it J K Rowling is a major charity donator.

Chinese astrology major roots

Chinese Astrology reading J K RowlingIn Chinese astrology a major root will always show you a person’s foundation or life emphasis and Joanna has two of these, one in the Horse of the hour pillar and another in her year pillar of Snake. This aspect is clearly shown in her life where she has successfully united the aspects of children and society to serve the publics needs for a childhood magical adventure series.

This bond becomes stronger with her Snake, Horse and Goat, being the animal signs found in the south of the Chinese zodiac they form a directional trine of fire. This, the strongest of any combination in Chinese astrology resulted in her phenomenal success with the Harry Potter series.

Fire indicates upward growth, beauty, spirituality and fantasy. In terms of a fire day stem which relates to her mind; you will find that most of the greatest painters, trendsetter’s artists and religious leaders from history have strong fire in their chart.

Along with the fire trine, she has timely support from her yin wood year stem showing that the public support her. Unbecoming Resource in her hour stem, indicates that she perhaps knows best when it comes to listening to children.

You may know by studying the previous Chinese astrology charts that resources make a day stem stronger and this can push someone over the edge, perhaps even causing insanity. Luckily, she has the Dog as an essential element to this horoscope and good output to her day stem; this grounded the fire and allowed her to turn her ideas into reality, in real life at least.

As the day pillar represents the inner self she drew upon her experience with those that touched her in some way to create the characters in her book. She got her break at the age of 31 when this day pillar indicated the theme of her life.

Chinese horoscope with external roots can activate major life changes

This chart is too fiery and desperately needs cooling down with her next most favourable element - water. The Yin Water stem appears in her month pillar and shows an honourable Powerful influence from her father. However, this does not have a root in her chart and although there was a close bond with her father, the water cannot be used to cool the fire and she has no power or achievement. For success she needs an external root to activate the stem, she received this in August 1996, when her agent telephoned her to tell her that Bloomsbury had 'made an offer.'

1996 had the Chinese animal sign of Yang Fire Rat, in which the stem rules for the first 6 months from February to July indicating a Friendly Parallel and the branch rules for the second 6 months, this activated her day stem and brought Proper Power to life, the rest as they say is history.

J.K. Rowling has a permanent trine in her chart and it has a constant effect. However, a trine can occur from external influences and as we constantly monitor time and 10 year luck pillars most of us will experience a trine at some point in our lives. you can check to see when you will have this influence with our free Chinese horoscope.

Chinese astrology for 50 most influential people of the decade*

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