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Famous Chinese horoscope Gordon Ramsay

Chinese astrology should be an integral part of a feng shui consultation, as it allows us to analyse the strength and composition of a person’s energy in any given time period. As there are almost thirteen million different Chinese astrology charts, we can be extremely specific and support or enhance the exact type of qi that enables a person to be happy, less stressed and more successful in all they do. We can create the ultimate nurturing atmosphere within a home or office by recommending colour, shape, fabrics and placement– now that’s feng shui that works!

Gordon Ramsay - Famous Chinese astrology horoscope

Gordon chinese astrology profileChinese astrology celebrity horoscope of International TV and Michelin starred Chef Gordon Ramsay who was born 8th November 1966 in Johnstone, Scotland. As his time of birth is not known, he is a prime candidate for Nine Star ki where his Natal number is 7 metal, emotional / childhood number is 8 earth and tendency number - 4 wood. His significant points are that at the time of birth his 7 metal has just peaked which makes him naturally creative and allows him to work with fine details. Complex flavours are undoubtedly the key to his success.

Despite being hypersensitive and impulsive he can easily express himself. His 7 also means that he will have as many women friends as he does male, and this could affect his relationships. He can become quiet aggressive under stress and this is probably where his fondness for profanities comes from.To balance stress in his life he needs the fire element, which he obviously gets from cooking, sports and being on TV.

Gordon’s 2011 zodiac has friendship and wealth in his annual horoscope and money that was lost last year should be made back, due to his combination with the annual sign of Rabbit. Emotionally he is under pressure and the fire element helps deal with powerful, almost overwhelming feelings. This would have definitely helped to overcome the problem In June following comments made about a TV interviewer in Australia, when his emotional number also entered his annual palace of new beginnings. Click Nine star Ki numbers to discover your free numbers.

Four pillars of destiny Chinese astrology

celebrity profileAlthough Gordon Ramsay’s hour is unknown, from research I think it highly likely that he was born between 15:00 and 19:00. We are continuing with this example so that you can see the differences in the different forms of Chinese astrology that we offer. Gordon is a Yin metal person, which is the same as Nine Star Ki but here we have much more detail to work with. We can see that his expression comes from the Goat in his day pillar. Unfortunately, this clashes in the Ox year of 2009 and his self expression has been seriously affected. As this energy also represents his marriage and partner this clash can bring changes in this area, not necessarily a change in partner, but probably a change in living conditions. Following his publicised affair from last year this is probable.

Interestingly, last year’s water element of the Rat which represents sex, communications, wisdom and travel was a major issue for Gordon as this clashed with the Horse in his year pillar and affected his position in society. He also had a near death experience in a water environment when he fell 85 meters from an Icelandic cliff whilst filming for his F Word TV programme.

His passion and ability to work under pressure comes from his year pillar of Fire Horse a fabled combination in Chinese astrology as it is said to leave a trail of destruction behind them. This power element is probably why he is known for his colourful language and his unrivalled passion. Add to this his level for detail and mixing complex flavours together and you have the reason why he is powerful and famous in society. His month pillar of Earth Pig shows his relationship with parents and that he is well suited to the food business.

As each pillar represents a 15 year trend his hour pillar is critical to his future. I suspect that he was born in a Monkey or Rooster hour as it is unlikely that he could build such a global business without a metal root. Using face reading it is probable that he is a Rooster and if so, this has been his source of prosperity and will certainly be during the age of 45 – 60 years. It also represents his roots as being with his children and it is well reported that he is a devoted father.

Chinese astrology acuracyActually, we could have done his horoscope at any age, and seen how it affects his life. As a professional Four Pillars of Destiny horoscope analysis has a ratio of 1 in almost 13 MILLION, which means that we can be incredibly precise in our recommendations, so you get the best results quickly. As a practically unique individual, are you getting the right advice to make the most from your life? If not, then become all that you can be and order a Chinese astrology reading now!

Disclaimer These short excerpts of astrological charts are, by no means, of a personal nature. This text provides the meanings of elements, or combination of elements in pillars and time cycles. As a result, no negative aspect, which may damage a celebrity’s reputation are published.

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