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feng shui master alan stirling - the best results from home and business consultations - available globally or online.

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A consultation with Alan Stirling creates the perfect nurturing atmosphere to improve heath, wealth, love, success and happiness in your home. Outstanding results from our consultations; sometimes even guaranteed! Recent consultations in Kent, London, UK, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Myanmar, South Africa and USA.

Feng shui consultation results have been spectacular! We're walking around saying WOW to each other!". SC - Uttoxeter More Reviews

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Business Feng Shui

Feng Shui business consultations

Business Feng Shui consultations help to improve staff morale, efficiency and company profits, creating workspaces that actively drive success. We provide complete workplace consultancy, including office relocation, design, workspace planning, product development and corporate branding, including print and logo design. Guaranteed results or pay only 50%*.

Overall we picked up a lot. It really is worth having a go after all. Holga Ltd,

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Chinese astrology readings and tailor made environments

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If we are unable to visit your home or office, we also provide Online Feng Shui Consultation Services. To perform an online consultation, we will need an accurate compass bearing and floorplan of the space, as well as photographs of the interior and exterior. For best results, we also need to know the approximate age of the building.

"I am very impressed with your feng shui consultation report. I had goose bumps while reading it!" More Reviews

online Feng shui consultations

Free Feng shui features

Free Feng shui features

what is feng shui?

With green issues and care for our home life becoming increasingly important, it's now time we started living in harmony with our surroundings. In fact, science has recently confirmed that our local environment seriously affects our quality of life. How? Our home and office has energy (qi) that rises and decays over time. When energy rises, our life, health, vitality and prospects improve, but when energy decays, these aspects deteriorate and cause stress.

About Feng Shui


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Use the 5 Element toolkit
  • Five Elements Analyse your space with the Feng Shui Toolkit and add the perfect colours, shapes and textures to your home. Alternatively, if you wish to make changes to one room, see our Feng Shui for Bedrooms.
  • Feng Shui Bedroom Colours Discover how to improve your quality of life with our tips on Feng Shui Colours in the bedroom.
  • Problems Sleeping? Bedroom colours to help you relax and sleep better.
  • Using a compass to find your Feng shui Facing Direction
  • Flying Star Feng Shui Maintain the best feng shui results over time with our Free Flying Star Feng Shui consultation for a north facing home or office. More directions to come.