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Feng Shui tips 9

Q Is it bad to have a 4 as the first number or somewhere in your home address? If so is there anything you can do to reverse the negative energy?

4 is only considered unlucky if you are Chinese because the word sounds like their word for death. It is just superstition so please do not worry about it.

Feng S-hui tip 10

feng shui stairwayQ I heard that a door that faces a stairway is bad feng shui. Is there anything one can do?

Actually this it is said to affect your health and wealth because whenever there is a draught, warm air from the house will flow out and cold air will flow in. A door allows a lot of air movement to flow so if you are susceptible to colds and chills, or worried about the cost of your heating bills, then just close it after use.

Feng Shui tip 11

feng shui willow treeQ "Hi, Is it unlucky to place willow tree wood inside the house? Someone has said that it is bad feng shui, but would like clarification.

Hi, Not at all, I think your friend must be confused with having willows trees near a house. This is because they have extremely long roots and use a lot of water. Consequently if planted too close, they may undermine the foundations of the house in their quest for water.

Feng Shui tip 12

Q "I would like some help with our bedroom. We have a sloped ceiling and also an exposed beam in our bedroom. Is there anything I can do to fix these problems?"

feng shui loftThe exposed beam is only a problem if it has a depth > 30 centimetres as this will cause a difference in air pressure. The sloped ceilings cause more of a problem as air molecules are constantly bombarding the angled ceilings and reacting with your body. You can cure this by hanging fabric over the bed which will absorb this energy.

Feng Shui extra tips

Feng Shui tip "As your car is now a high tech environment, drink lots of water to flush the EMF effects from your body ".

Feng Shui tipDoors are considered as “qi mouths” as they admit a large airflow containing energy into a home. As such, they should be able to open freely with nothing impeding its operation. This will ensure that healthy qi flows throughout your space.

Feng Shui tip"All doors should openly freely in order that beneficial qi can flow through your home. ".

Feng Shui tip"A blanket box, or suitable piece of furniture placed at the foot of the bed, will shield you from the effects of an inline door".

Feng Shui tip"Enhance the north sector in the southwest room of your home to meet someone at work".

Feng Shui tip"Cover any mirror with fabric if you can see your image in it, when laying in bed. This will help you sleep much better".

Feng Shui tip"Drape fabric along the beam in a stylish manner and this will absorb air pressure from large beams ".

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