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Free annual and daily Chinese astrologyThe cost of a professional Chinese astrology reading starts at £150.00 see Four Pillars of Destiny, £395 for Zi Wei Dou Shu and just £15 for your Nine Star Ki profile or £45 for Divination with the Advanced I Ching.

See our Chinese astrology Hall of fame with Jenson Button and Coco Chanel. Have a free horoscope and compare your chart with that of the 50 most influential people of the decade click here famous Chinese astrology.

Discover your Ming Gua and Nine Star Ki numbers with our online calculator - free. Which of the five elements are you? Use our free online calculator to find out. Feng shui your bedroom with your best colours.

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Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery

We have trained many top professional feng shui consultants at our international school. We now offer these classes in our Online Feng Shui Courses below.

Key Concepts courseStep 1 Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

Forms the basis of all you need to know and why, to help you become a Top Feng Shui consultant.

Professional dowing and earth acupuncture courseStep 2 Accredited Dowsing Course

Using both science and mysticism we teach you how to access deeper levels of consciousness to find and cure black streams and much more.

9 Star ki astrology courseStep 3 Accredited Nine Star Ki Astrology Course

How to analyse health, lifestyles, careers and all aspects of life.

Business fengsui courseStep 4 Accredited Feng Shui Business Course

Everything you need to create beneficial and supporting atmosphere in commercial environments.

I Ching courseStep 5 Accredited I Ching Course

The most comprehensive and clearest course will teach you how to become a professional diviner and ultimately a Feng Shui master.

Flying star advanced Feng Sui courseStep 6 Accredited Flying Stars Course

The most comprehensive time and space feng shui course available, with unparalleled interpretation. It's knowledge turns mediocre or good feng shui results, into outstanding ones.

Chinese astrology courseStep 7 Ba Zi - Four Pillars of Destiny Course

The definitive guide to one of the most accurate forms of astrology Ba Zi or The Four Pillars of Destiny. For millennia it has helped people change their luck for the better, improved their health and significantly increased their quality of life.

Learn feng shui in class?

Learn feng shui in class?Train to be an accredited traditional feng shui consultant at our SOAS School, UK

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"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous - it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail". Chris UK. More here.

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Daily astrology and feng shui developments covered in our Finn Shooey blog, join us now.

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Nine Star ki Astrology - What is it?

Nine Star Ki astrology is also known as Nineki, 9 Ki and even Tibetan Astrology. As it is based on a one month in a nine year cycle it is useful for those clients who do not know their time of birth. Nevertheless, it is a simple, easy and surprisingly accurate astrological system to understand.

nine star ki astrologyNine (9) Star Ki astrology consists of three stars from the Ursa Major constellation which were prominent at your time of birth. This energy is designated a Trigram with its related number and element. This defines your “nine Star Ki numbers” and your subsequent personality. The most important nine Star Ki number is your Natal number as this comprises 60% of your energy or personal chemistry. For success and improved quality of life this needs to be supported by your remaining ki numbers.

The second Nine (9) Star Ki number has 20% of your energy and is known as your Emotional or Childhood number. This governs your childhood to adult transition as well as your relationship with family and intimate friends. Understanding and balancing these numbers in a joint profile can greatly improve a relationship.

The final Nine (9) Star Ki number is your Tendency number and also represents 20% of your qi. This is how you are seen in society and is the principal reason for relationship problems as what you see on the outside (tendency number) may be very different from what someone is actually like within (natal number).

Nine Star Ki astrology readings by Alan Stirling Our nine star ki report is just £15 for a single reading and you get all this!

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Nine star ki can balance your life and relationships

Nine star ki astrology balance relationships imageIn making our recommendations we look at timeliness of your Nine Star ki numbers to judge the strength of each element and the relationship between the Natal, Emotional and Tendency number. This shows us whether the child or adult rules your personality, your gender comfortability and how external stress affects you. We can then recommend simple subtle cures like, sitting and facing directions, power dressing and activities that will help balance your energy and help you to get more success from life.

Order now nine star ki relationship compatibility report £25.00

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25.00 29.00 41.00 45.00 3,959

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Nine star ki annual trends / time cycles

nine star ki astrology tgime cycles imageNaturally as we are dealing with energy which changes over time, we need to see how the current time cycle, year, month or even day will affect you. Once again we can recommend cures to help you make the most of life or advise you of the proper time to start a particular project.

Nine star ki and feng shui power colours

By using the five elements to analyse your energy we can recommend colours for you to wear that will energise, empower, relax or even help you attract a mate. We can also recommend colours for your home and office but we would prefer to do this in a full feng shui consultation, as we need to see what energy is in your home already.

Nine Star ki and Ming gua directions

ming gua directionsFrom your nine star ki numbers we will find your Ming gua number and this is used to define which directions are the best for you to sit and face for power, wealth, relationships and health. We will also tell you which directions to avoid and also the tendencies of what could happen if you do not. Most importantly, we can also tell you the best directions to sleep so that you can align yourself with beneficial energy the whole night through.

Nine Star Ki Astrology improves Quality of life

Two of the most important factors in improving quality of life are diet and sleep. From your ki numbers we can tell you which tastes suit your energy best and the most relaxing colours for your bedding, this will enable you to have a great night’s sleep and improve your quality of life as a result.

Feng shui your relationship with nine Star Ki

As feng shui deals with harmony we would like you to enjoy a great relationship. If you tell us your partners birth details we will not only include an extra report for them, but most importantly we will tell you which energy will balance and improve your relationship and how to implement this recommendation in your life. BUY NOW

Bespoke Nine Star ki service

Nine star ki is excellent in terms of helping children develop by developing their specific talents defined by their specific energy. if you need advice for team or family dynamics we are happy to offer you our bespoke service at our normal rate of £150 per hour. Just email your details.

Nine star ki directionality

Nine star ki can advise you of auspicious directions in which to move or make large purchases. For good luck in your career we can tell you which direction to travel on the first day of a new job and for perfect holidays we can even advise you of ideal travel directions and which ones to avoid.

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