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Chinese astrology Water Dragon annual horoscope 2012

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Chinese astrology Water Dragon annual horoscope 2012

Water Dragon year 2012 Water Dragon year 2012 – what is your future?

If Water Dragon is in your horoscope it can, (depending upon the timeliness and other pillars) be the most powerful of the 5 elemental dragons in Chinese astrology. However, due to a controlling influence between the Dragon and its element, there is a qi blockage that can stop you from freely expressing yourself. It also means that you bottle up your emotions and that can cause health problems. Metal is your most favourable element and this is best found by managing your time well. Umami or bitter flavours also correspond to this element, as do root vegetables. Sleeping with your head in the west or northwest can also help balance. Wearing white, grey or metallic colours can also help, although not usually at the same time.

Along with Dragon signs, Monkey and Rat signs can also prosper this year. Dog signs are most affected by change and can also damage their chest or shoulders, so need to be especially careful to look after themselves.

Affected to a lesser extent are Horse and Tiger signs, although a Rabbit sign in your horoscope can offset this latter risk. If at all worried a professional reading can you help you make the most of this period ahead.

In a Water Dragon year, the water element covers the first half of the year, until the end of July. Water deals with wisdom, finances, communications, travel and transport and you can expect these topics to occupy the news channels throughout this year.

The Dragon rules from August to February 4th 2013 and has the earth element which represents people, welfare, wellbeing, food, health, real estate, property development, ceramics, nature, feng shui and the planet itself.

On the downside, the relationship between both Water and Dragon aspects denotes “crushing”. On one level, it can also refer to people reacting badly to local politics and socio economic constraints.

Weather wise, this conflict can also denote flooding and landslides, although in the second half we may have almost an Indian summer. Also on the plus side, new islands may be found that can help the real estate industry.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Seriously though, the Dragon is highly significant as it heralds the start of a major cycle. Interestingly, the Dog, the Dragon’s nemesis, is responsible for ending a cycle and the last Dog year was in 2008 when the proverbial bubble burst. This should fill us full of hope that this year we will finally establish a better way of working together and living in harmony with our environment. I like to think of it as a transition from the “I” culture to the “We” evolution and provides a ray of hope or light at the end of a very dark tunnel for some.

Famous Water Dragons that will be “flavour of the month” all year include Dianna Agron, Jessica Alba, Susan Boyle, Abigail Breslin, Robert Carlyle, Hayden Christensen, Andy Garcia, Jeff Goldblum,Melissa Joan Hart, Liz McClarnon, Eddie Murphy, Liam Neeson,Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Osbourne,Vladimir Putin andSteven Seagal.

Chinese astrology free interpretation of your chart continues on this page. If you haven’t got your free horoscope yet, please click on this link and enter your details. Free Chinese astrology chart .

Chinese Astrology Life Cycles

chinese astrology time cyclesHaving produced your Chinese astrological horoscope, check the compatibility of your life cycles see if they are compatible or not. Professionally, we can see whether you are in a wealth, relationship, power, regeneration or highly competitive horoscope, each of which lasts for 10 years. We can also see if these horoscope cycles or luck pillars are beneficial and help you to get the most out of life's opportunities. With " Five Elements" we can uniquely recommend cures to offset detrimental periods that may cause health or stress problems. You will find that a major benefit of a Chinese astrology horoscope reading is that we can recommend simple subtle cures that will help to balance your life. A professional horoscope reading costs from £150 Order now!

Chinese astrologyAnnual cycles

By checking compatibility with the Annual pillar for 2012 - Water Dragon, we can see whether this will be a good year for you or not. In basic terms, if your animal is compatible with the Dragon , e.g. you have a Monkey or Rat in your horoscope, this should be a good year. You can also check which pillar has this compatible animal sign e.g. year, month, day, hour or luck pillar to see which part of your life may be favourably influenced.

Conversely, if you have a Dog, Horse or Tiger in your horoscope or luck pillar, these areas may be adversely affected. If you are at all worried about this, order a professional Four Pillars of Destiny horoscope reading and we will show you how to make the best of this situation.

"First I am impressed by the accuracy of your reading. You are very good!" JFL - Hong Kong

Chinese astrology Annual Clash

Should you have the Dog in your Day Pillar, especially a Fire Dog this will affect your inner being and your relationship. Without guidance it can be the toughest clash to deal with. We can help you by either recommending the best cure for you from your Four Pillar horoscope or by having a Feng Shui consultation in your own home or office.

In Feng shui terms we use this information to analyse your own chemistry and that of your environment. We add simple, discreet, elemental cures that balance your space and your life, providing outstanding results! This is what we call Feng Shui That Works!

We hope that you enjoy this web site and in particular this free Four Pillar of Destiny Chinese astrology horoscope service. Remember, Chinese astrology is the most accurate astrology system in use today. When used professionally it can seriously balance your life, particularly in conjunction with a Feng Shui consultation, because, guess what? your house or business has a similar horoscope too! This technique is covered in Flying Star feng shui.

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