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Bedrom colours to help you sleep

Interestingly the colours nearest us determine what we think about when trying to get off to sleep, this can be wealth, health, relationships or authority / responsibility related.  Ideally what we need is our most relaxing colour as this will have a most soothing influence and we can be off to sleep in no time.

As colour relates to energy Chinese astrology can be used to find our specific qi, and the next element along in the sheng attribute cycle relationship will be our most relaxing colour. You can get a free analysis here and use the attribute cycle to find this colour then wear this colour to chill and relax or go the whole way and decorate your bedroom.

What kind of dragon feng shui is this?

What kind of dragon feng shui is this?Those particular dragons are better known as Fu dogs, which are not dragons at all. They are not even dogs for that matter, but actually Lions. As guardians imbued with mystical protective qualities they have decorated palatial, commercial and domestic entrances in various forms ranging from statues to door knockers.

Although they were first used in China from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) the Chinese word “Fu” means wealth. Adding the protective influence you can easily see why its use has spread throughout Asia.  

Again because of the “wealth” aspect some schools of feng shui use them to reinforce thought processes, although traditional Chinese feng shui prefers to use existing furniture, fixtures and fittings. Its application can be so subtle that it’s often referred to as the feng shui you don’t see, but feel instead.

Feng shui your kitchen

Feng shui your kitchenAdd form school principles to the kitchen by having higher cupboards on the left and smaller on the right. This should be aligned from the “command position”, that is the place where food is prepared and one can see the kitchen before them.  This is a very empowering position and allows you to transfer more energy into your food. As a result, all who eat it will feel satisfied and more positive.

There are certain specific areas of the home where the kitchen is best placed and in professional kitchens this can make the business more successful, see our flying star consultation services.

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Cleaning up hospitals with feng shui

feng shui clinicInventor, designer and now philanthropist Sir James Dyson ought to be congratulated for his new campaign to clean up hospitals following a £4 million donation to a West Country neonatal ward.

Staff, patients and most importantly premature babies are now thriving after a £6.1m revamp at the Royal United Hospital. In the words of one concerned parent of a child born twelve weeks prematurely who contracted a potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal infection, “It was touch and go for a couple of days, but I remember it was the way the nurse’s hands were folded and something about the lights, the mood, the space, it all helped us to cope.”

That “something” is undoubtedly Feng Shui, now defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.”

In basic terms it deals with the flow and storage of energy throughout a building or space and how different materials support or interrupt this distribution. All materials, shapes, positions and even colours within the area are analysed and the path is determined by air flow.  It may help to think of this in terms of heat and light, where ideally warmth should be preserved and natural light needs to flow for maximum comfort and efficiency. When applied to those who are vulnerable this aids wellbeing and speeds recovery.

The good news is that Feng Shui principles can improve any existing space even without the need of costly refurbishments and we have considerable experience in doing this. However, the finer the ingredients the better the result, and when Feng Shui is applied to new builds or major refurbishments, the results can be outstanding. 

As well as working with design and project teams, we have also trained many Architects to use Feng Shui and collectively we are all working to provide nurturing  environments for those in need.  Sir James Dyson is now a making a £4 million donation to a cancer ward in the same hospital. We are keen to lend a hand and offer Feng Shui advice to help other hospitals improve their environments and subsequent service whilst reducing stress.

We would also like to work with schools to provide a nurturing and less intensive space for pupils to study. If you are involved in these sectors and would like some Feng Shui advice, please send us your enquiries. 

Feng shui widely followed by China's Communist officials

Feng shui widely followed by China's Communist officialsIt’s just been reported by the Want China times that businessmen are currying favour by arranging feng shui consultations for top Chinese officials.

The Zhejiang Daily said on Wednesday that feng shui was widely followed by Chinese officials, who routinely retain feng shui consultants to assess the arrangement of their new offices and homes, and heed their advice on changes and decorations.

The paper said a survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Governance several years ago showed that nearly half of the country's county-level officials had sought advice from feng shui specialists.

Feng shui future for BBC TV Centre?

The BBC Television Centre has just ended its operations after 53 years of dominating television history, what will happen to those iconic buildings now?

Feng Shui News item Feng shui future for BBC?Since the inception by Architect Graham Dawbarn in 1949 that placed a futuristically designed question mark shaped building on a triangular plot of land; feng shui forces combined to develop one of the most respected institutes in the world.

Feng shui always takes the local topography into account and the triangular shape of this plot relates to the fire element, perfect for drama, the arts and most importantly action. The flowing design of the question mark relates to the water element, and its circular design sometimes referred to as a “doughnut”, stimulates the flow of energy and signifies respect and great power. Consequently, the corporation enjoyed an enviable global reputation for its output.

Viewing this rounded shape in isolation denotes great wealth, which is gained from selling its programmes around the world.

In the future, this flow aspect is ideally utilised by retail, hotel and leisure outlets.  It also works well with authorities and as military or governmental offices, whilst the question mark shape of its design perhaps favours metaphysics?

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