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Free annual and daily Chinese astrologyThe cost of a professional Chinese astrology reading starts at £150.00 see Four Pillars of Destiny, £395 for Zi Wei Dou Shu and just £15 for your Nine Star Ki profile or £45 for Divination with the Advanced I Ching.

See our Chinese astrology Hall of fame with Jenson Button and Coco Chanel. Have a free horoscope and compare your chart with that of the 50 most influential people of the decade click here famous Chinese astrology.

Discover your Ming Gua and Nine Star Ki numbers with our online calculator - free. Which of the five elements are you? Use our free online calculator to find out. Feng shui your bedroom with your best colours.

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Feng shui consultation fees - see our amazing value!

Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery

We have trained many top professional feng shui consultants at our international school. We now offer these classes in our Online Feng Shui Courses below.

Key Concepts courseStep 1 Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Course

Forms the basis of all you need to know and why, to help you become a Top Feng Shui consultant.

Professional dowing and earth acupuncture courseStep 2 Accredited Dowsing Course

Using both science and mysticism we teach you how to access deeper levels of consciousness to find and cure black streams and much more.

9 Star ki astrology courseStep 3 Accredited Nine Star Ki Astrology Course

How to analyse health, lifestyles, careers and all aspects of life.

Business fengsui courseStep 4 Accredited Feng Shui Business Course

Everything you need to create beneficial and supporting atmosphere in commercial environments.

I Ching courseStep 5 Accredited I Ching Course

The most comprehensive and clearest course will teach you how to become a professional diviner and ultimately a Feng Shui master.

Flying star advanced Feng Sui courseStep 6 Accredited Flying Stars Course

The most comprehensive time and space feng shui course available, with unparalleled interpretation. It's knowledge turns mediocre or good feng shui results, into outstanding ones.

Chinese astrology courseStep 7 Ba Zi - Four Pillars of Destiny Course

The definitive guide to one of the most accurate forms of astrology Ba Zi or The Four Pillars of Destiny. For millennia it has helped people change their luck for the better, improved their health and significantly increased their quality of life.

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Learn feng shui in class?Train to be an accredited traditional feng shui consultant at our SOAS School, UK

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"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous - it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail". Chris UK. More here.

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Daily astrology and feng shui developments covered in our Finn Shooey blog, join us now.

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Feng shui buildingsSuggest your favourite buildings to live work or play in; and we will review their feng shui and tell you why they are so good.

Chinese Astrology Zodiac animals Basic traits

Chinese astrology free horoscope interpretation of your chart continues on this page. If you haven’t got your free horoscope yet, please click on this link and enter your details. Free Chinese astrology chart .

What does the Chinese zodiac mean for you this year?

Relationships - Compatibility

Having established your Earthly Branches or animals, you can now check your compatibility with your friends and partners. If they are part of your own group or "trine", it is a good relationship. If not, check incompatibility to see if they form a clash with you, otherwise they are deemed neutral and it is OK.

The first Chinese Astrology trine comprises the

These animals are extremely supportive of each other and are thoroughly understanding of their own ambitions and impatient natures. Unions between these signs do extremely well.

The second Chinese Astrology grouping has the:

These are the intellectuals of the Chinese zodiac, the most dependable and the most determined. When united they lead to happy and successful marriages and partnerships.

The third Chinese Astrology group consists of;

These are the most idealistic of all the animal signs and obviously enjoy each others company.

The final Chinese Astrology group consists of the;

These zodiac animals are characterised by their compassionate and emotional natures. They are followers rather than leaders and are generally motivated by love and beauty rather than material gain.

Incompatibility in Chinese Astrology Relationships

According to the Chinese horoscope, animal signs diametrically opposite each other on the Chinese compass, are generally incompatible with one another. This also includes the other animals that make up their trine. Combinations of this nature often result in direct clashes, although the effects can sometimes be beneficial.

What the horoscope Pillars represent

Reading from left to right, the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology horoscope represent different aspects of your life.

Hour Pillar - Children, old age, siblings, lovers and relationships.

Day Pillar - your inner self, branch animal represents quality of marriage.

Month Pillar - your relationship with Parents, peers and business talents and opportunities.

Year Pillar - your childhood environment, the effects of which you can carry through life. Also, grandparents, lineage and how you are viewed by society. MORE

"First I am impressed by the accuracy of your reading. You are very good!" JFL - Hong Kong.

Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology readings are available either by phone or as a written report.

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By phone:

A professional Chinese astrology reading over the phone costs just £150 and takes one hour. Please provide your date of birth (including the time that you were born) and place of birth.
To order a reading over the phone through our secure online facilities, just click below. You will be contacted via Email once we have received notification of your payment.

Written Report

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A Professional Four Pillar of Destiny written report costs £295.00. Your report will be emailed to you. Please provide your date of birth (including the time that you were born) and place of birth. To order a written report through our secure online facilities, just click below. You will be contacted via Email once we have received notification of your payment.

"Mahalo for your advice. This has been a great healing experience. I will treasure your insights. Your talents have inspired me so much"!! Client testimonial from A.T. USA

What does the Chinese zodiac mean for you this year?

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