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Free i ching divination - #1 Qian

Wen Wang gua uses Chinese astrology instead of the traditional I Ching text or judgments to answer peoples questions. This allows much more precise answers and because Chinese astrology matches its components to years, months, days and even hours it can tell you when your results will arrive. In fact, it is such a complete system that skilled proponents do not even need to know what your question is to provide answers.

Wen Wang gua or Wen Wang ba gua?

Not only is Wen Wang gua a very complex system there is also a lot of confusion over its proper name. This happens because Wen Wang gua creates hexagrams in the same way that trigrams were created as there are 8 trigrams in all, the Chinese word for eight – Ba is sometime used. The trigrams were developed by changing a line from a pure trigram, that is where all of the lines are the same, being either yin or yang and created another trigram. As trigrams have three lines each these two gua created another six trigrams and made eight in total. Wen Wang gua follows the same procedure but uses hexagrams – six lines instead of three.

Wen Wang gua formation of hexagrams

A hexagram is formed by doubling two trigrams together and this gives us sixty four different hexagrams formed as eight trigrams multiplied by eight variations. From these hexagrams only eight will have the same trigram on top as that on the bottom and these are referred to as pure hexagrams or gua. Each of these hexagrams forms a Wen Wang gua palace by changing one line of its structure beginning with the first or bottom line. After 5 generations the sequence changes direction and this ebb and flow represents the energy of the universe which enables our divination. It also allows us to divide equally the number of hexagrams into relevant palaces and assign one of the five elements to each palace. This is not so mysterious as the trigrams represent different energies already. In fact it is precisely because the hexagram has an energy that enables us to perform I Ching readings. As each I Ching line is assigned an earthly branch we view the relationship between these two distinct energies to offer guidance on any situation. We will now look at this relationship between the hexagrams and these lines beginning with #1 Qian.

#1 Qian The Creative Earthly Branch Element Relationship to this hexagram only
I Ching hexagram Qian Dog Earth Parent
Monkey Metal Brothers / Sisters
Horse Fire Officer / Ghost
Dragon Earth Parent
Tiger Wood Wealth
Rat Water Children

As you would expect Qian is a pure gua having the same trigram on the bottom and top. It is head of its own palace, called oddly enough Qian and according to the five elements has metal energy. The Chinese animal signs or earthly branches also have their own energy and the last column of this table above shows the relationship between the hexagram and branches. This is defined according to a method known as “Liu Qin” or “Six Relations” and indicates the generating, generated, controlled, or controlling influence between the hexagram and the Chinese animal sign or earthly branch.

The I Ching is known as the book of changes and it is a fact that everything is in constant state of change. Changing lines in the hexagram tell us which part of our current situation in relation to our question is changing and in real layman’s terms you could view the attributes to see what part of life this represents. This could be parents, brothers or siblings, children, wealth or power and relationships for females. Changing just one line creates a new hexagram and this will tell you the result of the change and we also need to see how it is received by the resultant hexagrams earthly branch. The more changing lines you have when casting your divination the more complex your situation. We will provide more free I Ching lessons in the meantime you can purchase our professional accredited I Ching course.

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