Hello Alan, Firstly I wanted to thank you for the reports you have sent to date. They have an extraordinary accuracy which continues to astound me. As such, they have also become very useful planning aids! - L Matthews, UK.
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Chinese Astrology Readings

the four pillars of destiny

Four pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology contains eight characters and is known as Ba Zi in Chinese. It is the best form of astrology for understanding your personal energy and improving your quality of life. Using the relationship of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to discover your trends at any specific time, it is the main form of Chinese astrology used during a Feng Shui Consultation.

"I must say that your analysis was so accurate, it was simply amazing". K Kulesza-Turlo, UK

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Purple Emperor Astrology

zi wei dou shu

Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology contains over 144 stars within twelve palaces. A reading allows us to examine different aspects of your life within each palace, such as your Brothers (and Sisters), Spouse and Marriage, Children, Wealth, Health, Travel, Friends, Career, Property, Happiness and Parents.

"I've had a western astrology and a vedic astrology reading (by well known astrologers) but none of them were able to find out and state the things you did... Chinese astrology is the most superior." VP – Greece.

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Nine Star Ki astrology readings

nine star ki

Nine Star Ki astrology, also known as Tibetan Astrology, is appropriate for those who do not know their exact time of birth. This form of astrology consists of three stars from the Ursa Major or Great Bear constellation which were prominent on the day you were born. It is especially useful in helping children develop their talents, as well as for improving team dynamics within a business.

"First I am impressed by the accuracy of your reading. You are very good!" JFL - Hong Kong

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i ching readings

i ching readings

We offer an I Ching divination service to help with any question you need answered. If you have divined the question yourself, please contact us before sending the resultant hexagram and we will interpret the answer for you.

Alternatively, If you have no prior knowledge of the I Ching and would prefer us to divine your question and answer, we will use the original Grand Duke I Ching system of Wen Wang Gua.

Using this advanced I Ching method, you do have to tell us the question and we can still provide your answer or explain the points you need to address in order for you to understand your results.

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