Famous Chinese Astrology horoscope for President Obama


Chinese astrology Barack_ObamaChinese astrology chart of Barack Hussein Obama 44th United States President, was born in Hawaii. In a Water Rooster hour, on an Earth Snake day of a Wood Sheep month in a Metal Ox year.

Since his meteoric rise to prominence he is probably the most well known Metal Ox in the astrology world. Certainly those born under this Chinese animal year of the Ox would think so, as it seems to be plastered everywhere. Especially so, as 2009 his first year in office was the year he won the Nobel peace prize and was also an Ox year. When we look at his entire Chinese horoscope chart, not just the year of birth, many more of us can enjoy a link with at least one of his Chinese zodiac animals.

Chinese astrology chart US President Obama

If you are a fan of Chinese astrology you probably know that the animals of the Chinese zodiac are arranged in groups of 3 called trines. Perhaps what is not readily apparent is that President Obama’s chart has a representative in most of these four groups of zodiac animals and means that he will get on with almost everyone. Let’s keep with this quaternary theme and explain this type of Chinese astrology and why it’s important to consider all of your zodiac animals not just the one for your year.

The Chinese astrology chart shown above is called the Four Pillars of Destiny and it is the common form used to determine your Chinese animal year sign. So, in essence you have always referred to Chinese astrology when you said that you were born in the year of the Ox or Tiger for example. What is not made clear is that your annual Chinese zodiac sign only covers the first 15 years of life and by extension your childhood environment. If we added family dynamics then this would also represent your ancestors and in particular grandparents.

Chinese astrology qi flow

Chinese astrology qi flowIn Chinese astrology these four pillars show us the flow of qi with the year pillar representing the roots, the month symbolises the trunk or bough, the day signifies the tree’s branch and the hour, well that is the blossom. This last pillar represents the ages from 45 – 60, a time when we begin to reap what we have sewn and President Obama is doing just this. His hour pillar represents power and honour in the face of adversity and I have no doubt that he will do just that during his presidency.


Chinese astrology pillarsThe hub of any Chinese astrology chart is always the Heavenly Stem for the day that is the element found at the top of the day pillar. It is sometimes called the day master and in our feng shui and Chinese astrology school we always refer to it as the day stem. In this case this is Yin Earth, which indicates a humanitarian, supporter of nature and advocate of equality and health. Once we define the element of the chart we have to look at timeliness. We do this by locating the “root” that is the same element in the bottom 3 rows of our chart. For example, in this chart we have Yin Earth on line 3 of the month and year branch and Yang Earth is line 3 of the hour pillar, and line 4 of the day pillar. In defining timeliness it doesn't matter whether the element is yin or yang, but it does matter on which line it’s found on.

Line 3 is actually 3 times stronger than any element in lines 4 or 5 and is therefore the strongest position for any “root”. It also matters in which pillar your root is located, with the month being the strongest overall.

The month Earthly Branch (line 2) actually tells us the strongest element at the time of birth and it will therefore always hold the peak, storage and birth of an element. In a table of timeliness these are calibrated as stages 5, 9 and 1 respectively.Using these criteria we can see that President Obama is stage 5 and is considered as most timely, this has the ability of him always being in the right place at the right time. It is also seen as a sign of prosperity and support falling as it does in both the month and year pillar. This signifies support from business and society and is obviously the secret of his popularity. The fact that these pillars are diametrically opposed in the Chinese zodiac causes a clash and makes President Obama an excellent reformer. Especially as it is the job of the American President to constantly review and manage society.

When branches clash their elements become more vibrant, in this case they represent, justice, spirituality, and after financial reforms - outstanding prosperity for business and society. I guess its a question of the American people CAN and will succeed.

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