Famous Chinese horoscopes - Francis Collins

Chinese astrology profileChinese astrology horoscope for Francis Collins M.D., Ph.D., is an American physician-geneticist, noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes and his leadership of the Human Genome Project.

Before looking at the compatibility with fellow scientist John Craig Venter let us first analyse his Chinese astrology of Metal Tiger, Metal Dragon and Earth Rabbit.

In professional astrology it is good to spend a minute just looking at the chart to see what if anything is unusual about the horoscope. In this case, we see that there is a lot of metal which to a Yin Earth day stem denotes intelligence and creativity.

We further note that metal does not prosper well in spring when Francis was born and is deemed as untimely. Also, there appears to be no root that is metal element on lines 3, 4 or 5 of this chart. Although, his hour pillar is missing and this could house this missing element.

On further inspection the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon branches will link and form a directional combination of wood. This is such a strong combination that it affects all of the hidden elements on lines 3, 4 and 5. This effectively removes his earth element roots and gives this person an extraordinary life.

Rare Chinese astrology feature

Chinese astrology chart

This type of horoscope is very rare and is known as a “Follow type”. To understand its full effects you need to know that in Chinese astrology we usually look to balance the energy of the day stem, if it’s too weak we strengthen it and too strong we weaken it. This brings equilibrium to their lives.

A feng shui consultant will suggest activities, diets, sleeping and facing directions or adding colours, shape and textures to an environment and ideal positions for clients within them. However, in a follow type horoscope the day stem is forsaken and we strengthen the strongest element of the Chinese astrology chart.

In this case due to the season of birth and the three directional branches of Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon, it is wood. As this element controls the earth element in a ke cycle arrangement it represents “power” so this type of horoscope is called a “Follow power” chart.

Rare Chinese astrology featureChinese astrology follow power charts

The secret of success for anyone with a follow power horoscope is to always go for positions and opportunities that provide power. They do not even have to worry about money as their extraordinary life will take care of that. Favourable elements for this extraordinary horoscope are those that weaken or control the day stem, in this case that is metal and foremost wood. As water, supports wood this is also beneficial and that represents wealth to an earth day stem.

Unhelpful or disastrous elements are those that strengthen or support the day stem, this is fire and the earth element itself. The major downside of an extraordinary horoscope is that when harmful elements appear, such as 2009 an Earth Ox year or 2012 a Water Dragon year their life can turn upside down as these Chinese animal years supply a root to their chart. In this case the metal elements; already present weakens the day stem and the triple wood combination of Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon bring an immense amount of pressure to bear.

Consequently, a consultant would make two sets of recommendations in a feng shui consultation. One to weaken and another to support the day stem when harmful elements influence their astrology.

Chinese astrology compatibility

A cursory glance of the Chinese horoscopes for John Craig Venter and Francis Collins would tell you that these two people are completely incompatible and could not possible work together. This is due to the clashes between John’s Rooster and Francis’s Rabbit and Dragon which clashes back with John’s Dogs in his month (business) and year (society) pillars they could not possible see eye to eye.

How could they possibly endure their relationship let alone become a celebrated partnership and inspiration for any scientific team? Well, it’s simply that John has strong metal for Francis’s favourable periods and fire for his unfavourable times. Whilst, Francis has Metal and wood which is beneficial to John. In essence for a good long term healthy relationship we need to be energetically supported by our partners and support them in return.