Chinese astrology George W. Bush

Feng Shui astrology - George W. Bush horoscopeChinese astrology chart for George W. Bush born July 6, 1946 at 06:26 am - served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. As you would expect power is an essential quality for an American president and for those with a Yin Metal day stem this is fire. It is the strongest influence on this chart, being the month branch of Wood Horse, the day branch Metal Snake and the year pillar stem of yang Fire Dog and has an incredible effect and perhaps created an extraordinary life for Mr Bush. Metal Rabbit in his hour is the only pillar without any fire. Let us explore this further.

Chinese astrology horoscope feature - Extraordinary lives

In Chinese astrology in order to have a chart that signifies an “extraordinary life” a strict criteria must be followed. The first requisite is that the day stem must be untimely and Yin Metal in a Horse month is only neutral at stage 2 not untimely. The second is that it must not have a major root, that is the same element as the day stem (metal) at row three in the chart, which it does not. If it has any minor roots (metal in rows three to five) then there should be no supporting elements nearby. This would be earth and as you can see the Dog in the year pillar has this element. It could be argued that this is blocked by the controlling influence of the month stem, but in the sheng cycle wood with fire supports the earth element so it is favourable. The criteria cannot be followed in this case and the huge fire influence may have brought considerable pressure to Mr Bush Jnr. Consequently, water is desperately needed to cool the chart down. Interestingly, his life changed significantly when he came under this influence in his luck pillars.

Chinese astrology luck pillars

A luck pillar is an additional pillar in this system of Chinese astrology and although each one lasts for a period of ten years they start at different times and at different points in the 60 pillar cycle. George W Bush first entered a water phase of Yin Earth Pig in December 1986, the first half of this period brought support as earth insulates the metal from the power of the fire. However, the Pig clashed with the Snake in his day pillar and this brought changes to his way of thinking.

Water represents service in this chart and at this time he actively campaigned for his father in his election and also became managing general partner of the Texas Rangers baseball franchise in April 1989, where he served for five years.

In 1996 he came under the influence of Yang Metal Rat whilst the metal brought competition it helped share the power and perhaps took considerable pressure of him. The Rat being the strongest water element helped in two ways, firstly it clashed with the Horse bringing changes to his business – politics and secondly it brought major service. Consequently, he became the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 and the 43rd President of the United States in this ten year period.

This is as an excellent example as to how these luck pillars can seriously affect our quality of life and well being. If you want to find out what your luck pillars are have a free Chinese astrology chart here. Of course, you have to find out what your favourably elements are and then see when you will be affected by them and this can be found by a Chinese astrology reading. You would be interested to know that when we perform a feng shui consultation we include Chinese astrology to discover a clients favourable element / energy and then recommend simple subtle cures to distribute this energy around a home or business environment. Please see our consultation pages for more details on this service.

Disclaimer These short excerpts of astrological charts are, by no means, of a personal nature. This text provides the meanings of elements, or combination of elements in pillars and time cycles. As a result, no negative aspect, which may damage a celebrity’s reputation are published.