Chinese Astrology - Lady Gaga

Chinese astrology Lady Gaga horoscope should be an integral part of a feng shui consultation, as it allows us to analyse the strength and composition of a person’s energy in any given time period. As there are almost thirteen million different Chinese astrology charts, we can be extremely specific and support or enhance the exact type of qi that enables a person to be happy, less stressed and more successful in all they do. We can create the ultimate nurturing atmosphere within a home or office by recommending colour, shape, fabrics and placement– now that’s feng shui that works! Lets see how this is applied with Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga horoscope - Born this way - Oh yeah!

horoscopeLady Gaga was born in an Earth Pig hour, on a Metal Sheep day, in the Metal Rabbitmonth of a Fire Tiger year. It is an interesting chart for an extraordinary lady.

Extraordinary is also the term a Feng Shui professional would use, as her Metal day stem is not “rooted”, meaning that there is no corresponding metal element in rows 3 – 5 of her chart. Useful elements are those that weaken or control the day stem such as water representing talent and ability, wood which brings wealth and fire signifying power from arts and her performance. When under these influences her life becomes extraordinary and the most amazing things can happen.

Conversely, earth and metal elements turn her life from almost unbelievably amazing to incredibly mundane and she may find it very hard to cope. A feng shui consultation will place her favourable elements back into her life and restore equilibrium.

Lady Gaga chinese horoscope

Looking at the energy flow across the four pillars of destiny, we can see a life changing period around the age of 15 when she moved from the Fire Tiger year pillar to a Metal Rabbit month pillar. Shortly thereafter, in 2003 a Water Sheep year, she began performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side. Water represents her natural ability and the Sheep her inner emotions. Combined, they result in natural expression and would have prepared her to attend The Tisch School of the Arts.

2003 was also the start of a new luck pillar of Earth Ox which brought her unfavourable elements of earth and metal into play. Earth is strongest in the first five years and then Ox takes over. The Ox contains elements of earth, metal and lastly and most crucially water, which was her stream to stardom.

The FameIn 2008 an Earth Rat year, an interesting anomaly happened as the Rat combined with the Pig and Ox of her 10 year luck pillar to create a massive water influence. Consequently, she released her first studio album The Fame which was a critical and commercial success. The stream became a river that lead to an ocean where history was made.

The album contained the singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" and reached number one on the record charts of six countries, topped the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart and accomplished positions within the top ten worldwide.

This particular water combination of Pig, Rat and Ox is called a water trine and increases the elemental influence by a magnitude. This feeds a permanently present wealth trine of Rabbit, Goat and Pig and brings countless wealth opportunities, which contributed to her meteoric rise. She WAS born this way.

The Fame MonsterIn 2009 she released her second album The Fame Monster, with two further global hit singles "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" and allowed her to embark on her second global concert tour.

“Born This Way” the second studio album, released in May 2011, topped the charts in all major musical markets. The title track single was the fastest-selling single in the history of iTunes, selling one million copies in five days. Naturally it achieved the number-one spot worldwide.

The secret of Lady Gaga’s success is performance and power and she has been inspired by larger than life performers such as David Bowie, Elton John and Queen. In her chart this is represented by Yang Fire which also represents her recognition and fame in society.

Yang fire usually signifies an artist and she is at home working with fashion and art. She has received copious awards and was one of the most influential people of 2010. However, technology plays a more important part and is represented by her Yin Metal, which provides her with an excellent eye for detail. Nevertheless, we ideally want to weaken this with the water element and is best achieved through communication in general and the internet in particular.

Lady Gaga will clash with the Water Dragon in 2012 and this will affect how she is seen in public, although if she plans ahead she should be fine. She will enter a new 10 year luck phase in 2013 of Earth Rat, and as earth is not one of her favourable elements, may create some pressure. However, she should be able to find support and good advice from those around her. Meanwhile, the Rat without an Ox is seen as a punishment and may cause arguments and affect her business.

To summarise we could have produced this chart at any time of Lady Gaga’s life and still have foretold her tendencies and trends at any given stage of her life. She was born with an extraordinary chart as well as a wealth trine ensuring success in her life. This in turn feeds her power to produce incredible performances and gains recognition. What does your Chinese horoscope say about you?