Chinese astrology Mark Zuckerberg

Famous Chinese horoscopes - Mark ZuckerbergChinese astrology horoscope for Mark Zuckerberg born May 14, 1984, hour unknown, American entrepreneur and co-founder of the social networking site Facebook. Looking at his Chinese astrology horoscope, his occupation is not surprising as one of the qualities of an Earth Monkey day pillar is to be a “people person”. Being born in the summer month of Earth Snake makes him very timely and extremely good at getting people together, hence his business.

If you have been reading through this series of famous Chinese horoscopes, you will already know that the strongest element of any chart is always the energy of the Chinese animal sign for the month; in this case the Snake and fire. Having the opposite yin yang polarity to his day stem ensures that he always gets the proper support and this makes sure that he is “always in the right place at the right time”.

Chinese astrology Yang Wood Rat - the sign of a pioneer

Chinese astrology Yang Wood Rat

Chinese astrology is based on a cycle of 60 pillars each containing a heavenly stem (stem) such as Yang Wood and an earthly branch (branch), for our example Rat. This astrology system comprises four pillars, making 60 to the power of 4 or 60 x 60 x 60 x 60 Chinese astrology charts, which equates to 12,960 000 . I think you will agree that in terms of astrology, this accuracy is pretty unique.

The cycle begins with Yang Wood Rat, finding this pairing tends to indicate a new beginning and therefore a pioneer. As this example falls in the year pillar, representing society, he is known as a pioneer. Furthermore, the relationship between this year and day stem represents huge power which can mean crushing pressure without a controlling element. Luckily he has this in the metal branch of Monkey in his day pillar. This output element represents his intelligence, expression and creativity, whilst being in this position, makes him driven and empowered instead of pressurised.

Whilst on the subject of this Chinese animal sign, let us look at a combination which also represents partnerships and is extremely auspicious for his co – founders.

Chinese astrology Snake - Monkey combination

The Snake, amongst other more personal aspects, represents his business and combines with the Monkey in his day pillar to form water which as we have already seen from Larry Page and Sergey Brins Chinese astrology chart represents communications. Water also represents wealth to an earth person, this shows that he has an extremely strong opportunity to make money for himself and his partners from communications.

This aspect is further enhanced by the Prosperity star which is always a result of having the same element and polarity as the day stem in the month branch; in this case Yang Earth. It is therefore not surprising to note that as of January 2010 he became the youngest self-made businessman worth more than a billion dollars.

Chinese astrology finding the hour branch when unknown

In Chinese astrology to find the correct hour pillar for a client we would have to produce twelve different Chinese horoscopes and look to see which one fits their life experiences. Alternatively, as this pillar represents the ages of forty five to sixty, as well as the relationship with children and siblings, we could examine these aspects in a client consultation. Now as Mark is much younger than forty five years of age and we do not want to wait decades for this information, let us use what we already know and analyse some useful indicators in his chart.

The most obvious indicator is that the horoscope has a semi trine with Monkey and Rat and needs only the Dragon to complete an extremely strong wealth combination. In relation to his finances this does seem to fit, although his very timely prosperity star could also account for this.

Chinese astrology - Three Wonders of Heaven?

Another extremely auspicious possibility; little known in the west is the Three Wonders; a special combination of stems that must include the day stem. In this instance it would be Yang Wood (in his year pillar) Yang Earth (day pillar) and he would have to be born between 15:00 and 17:00 hours to have the final contributor of Yang Metal. This combination is known as the Three Wonders of Heaven and people with this very rare pattern are said to be brilliant, being both highly knowledgeable and extremely capable. When they come under the influence of what is known as a “Heavenly Noble” the results can be spectacular! Such was the case that lead to the founding of Facebook and is my favourite hypothesis for his birth hour.

Before we examine this more closely we should point out that being born at this hour provides another Monkey which would seem to indicate that he is a team player and forms a partnership with his siblings.

Social networking – it’s a fate thing!

The Heavenly Noble indicates getting advice that in some cases can be life changing. In the hands of a pioneer such as Mark it went global and perhaps formed a foundation for what is hoped in the future to be a caring global community. Perhaps it was a fate thing and part of our evolution to move from a "me" thing to an "us" thing and let us hope that it brings unity along the way. Either way from a Chinese astrology perspective it seems to be a fate thing that gave us social networking. Let us find out why.

chinese astrology facebookThe Heavenly Noble represents a certain relationship between specific stems and branches and for a Yang Earth day stem, the Ox and Sheep signify this aspect. Mark has been under the influence of the Metal Sheep since May 2001 and actually co founded Facebook on an Ox day of February 4th 2004. Whilst the Yin Metal stem of this pillar could indicate spectacular achievement on its own, to gain the magnitude of global popularity that Facebook enjoys, strongly suggests a case of the Three Wonders meeting a Heavenly Noble.