Chinese Astrology - Sebastian Vettel horoscope

Sebastian Vettel horoscopePedal to the Metal

Sebastian Vettel was born 3 July 1987 at an unknown hour, on a Water Ox day, in a Fire Horse month and Fire Rabbit year. With all of the fire in his horoscope, he was built for speed. Needing constant stimulation in business, he was destined to become a World Champion Formula One racing driver.


The time of his life

Being born on a Water Ox day he needs the metal element to unite his energy, when he received this naturally in 2010 a Metal Tiger, he became the youngest ever world champion.

In 2011 a Metal Rabbit year he dominated the championships and at the time of writing has won five out of seven races, mostly from pole position. With another twelve races to run and metal becoming stronger as we progress through this year, he can do even better and will probably win the championship again.

Number 1 brings great achievement

Sebastian Vettel entered his current luck pillar of Yang Wood Dragon in 2006. Interestingly, Jia, or Yang Wood is the first of a series of ten heavenly stems and in Chinese culture is taken as meaning first class or premier. To Vettel it denotes spectacular achievement. Furthermore, the Dragon denotes power and recognition in his horoscope and we have certainly seen a rise in his prominence and achievement as he became the premier F1 driver in the world during this time.

Since starting this luck pillar in 2006 Vettel actually began Formula 1 racing by setting the fastest time in his testing debut at the Turkish Grand Prix as the third driver in the BMW Sauber team.This continued at the Italian Grand Prix.

It’s a fate thing!

On 31 July 2007 an interesting combination occurred in his horoscope that increased his abilities to produce outstanding achievements. The Fire Pig year combined with the Sheep sign of July and his Rabbit sign and he signed what proved to be a legendary partnership with the Red Bull team.

In 2008 an Earth Rat year denoting recognition and prosperity, Vettel became the youngest driver in history to win a Formula One Grand Prix at the Italian Grand Prix. He was also named Autosport Rookie of the Year.

In 2009 an Earth Ox year in which he encountered the metal influence, he finished the season as the youngest ever championship runner-up. Vettel also secured Red Bull's first pole position and race win in the team's history.

The following year he came under the full metal influence of Metal Tiger and went on to become the youngest driver ever to win the World Drivers' Championship. In the same year he helped Red Bull win the team's first World Constructors' Championship, along with teammate Mark Webber.

In 2011 he continues to make history by winning races from pole positions. It could be argued that if we had performed a feng shui consultation and put his favourite elements into his space, he would have enjoyed success sooner. What will a consultation do for you?