Famous Chinese horoscopes Simon Cowell

Chinese astrology horoscope for Simon Cowell born 7 October 1959 hour unknown. Simon is a Music impresario, record and television producer and entrepreneur who invented the television shows Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent.

Chinese astrology Simon CowellChinese astrology classifies Simon as a Yang Water Dog due to the heavenly stem in the day pillar. Although he may be known as an Earth Pig from his year of birth, it is his day that is most important. His month of Water Rooster is even more important than his year, you will already know this if you have read our previous horoscope reading in this series.

In general terms, the heavenly stem represents the head and the earthly branch (Dog) represents the body, when viewed in this way we can see that the Dog branch controls the Yang Water stem. This ke cycle arrangement puts a great deal of internal stress on the person and the balancing element of metal is desperately needed.

Further, our emotions are stored in our bodies and by wearing metal colours such as white and gray, Simon appears cool and keeps his emotions in check. Without the metal element his horoscope suggests that his emotions could get the better of him.

Being a Yang Water person he is especially suited to the Music industry, where his yang aspect makes him more adventurous. Simon has and will continue to devote much energy to speculative ventures or large-scale operations. What may be missed by the public is that he is extremely sensitive, particularly to public opinion as this is where his major root lies in the society or year pillar. That said, this also gives him a finite ability to understand what the public wants, becoming extremely prosperous in the process. His natural creativity in devising new TV shows is due to the Yang Wood on line 4 of this horoscope pillar, it also means that he can enjoy a great standard of life by supplying the public’s needs. Meanwhile his power and recognition are signified by the Yin Earth heavenly stem in this year pillar.

Chinese astrology horoscope the “showman”

On the subject of society, the public perception of Simon is that of an extremely cool character, this is because the strongest element in this chart is the month branch of Rooster. The month branch is always the strongest element in every chart. The relationship of this element with the day stem is one of resources and great advice when needed. Appearing as it does in the month branch symbolises his mother and his business, it is interesting to note that this Chinese sign represents the “showman” and this also has two major influences in his life. Firstly his mother would offer great advice and must be a great confidant to him. Secondly the advice he gives as a celebrity judge on his talent shows should be considered as being extremely valuable.

Chinese astrology prosperity star

The Yin Water in this month pillar usually represents competition, but as the day stem is neutral in terms of timeliness it needs help, this can therefore be interpreted as assistance by members of the opposite sex either as co judges or acts who help him to make money. Surprisingly, there is no wealth element of fire showing in this chart, apart from the minor stem in the day pillar, although the Dog branch in which this appears is known as the “storage” of fire it does not explain the fact that he was recently the most well paid TV personality on US television. However, what he has instead is the “prosperity star” which he activates by serving the public.

Chinese astrology luck pillars

His current luck pillar of Yang Earth Dragon began around April 2009, (we need his birth hour of birth to be more precise, if you have this information please send it to us and we will revise this Chinese astrology reading). Both stem and branch are of the earth element and this denotes power,fame and recognition on the positive side and changes to his personal life on the downside. He could also suffer chest or shoulder problems due to a clash between the Dragon luck pillar and the Dog in his day stem. Using advanced feng shui techniques we could reduce this risk and a feng shui consultation in his home and office could transform these disadvantages completely.

The Dragon of his luck pillar also combines with his Rooster and this indicates that he will develop another lucrative element to his business. He is merging his company with Sir Philip Greens and this suggests that this will be highly successful.