Chinese astrology famous horoscope readings

BARACK OBAMA Chinese astrology horoscope 1. BARACK OBAMA First black President of the United States View Chinese astrology horoscope

SIMON COWELLTV Chinese astrology horoscope2. SIMON COWELL
TV mogul and music impresario Chinese astrology horoscope

TONY BLAIR Chinese astrology horoscope3. TONY BLAIR Former Prime Minister Chinese astrology horoscope


RICHARD DAWKINS horoscope5 RICHARD DAWKINS Academic and writer Chinese astrology horoscope

J.K. ROWLING astrology horoscope6 J.K. ROWLING Author and philanthropist Chinese astrology horoscope


Mark-Zuckerberg.jpg9 MARK ZUCKERBERG Founder of Facebook Chinese astrology horoscope

10 DAVID BECKHAM astrology10 DAVID BECKHAM Footballer Chinese astrology chart

GEORGE W. BUSH Former President of the United StatesChinese astrology chart11 GEORGE W. BUSH Former President of the United States Chinese astrology chart

VLADIMIR PUTIN Chinese astrology chart12 VLADIMIR PUTIN Prime Minister of Russia Chinese astrology chart

JAMIE OLIVER Chinese astrology chart13 JAMIE OLIVER Chef and campaigner Chinese astrology chart

BANKSY14 BANKSY Artist. Know who is? Tell us and we will do his horoscope.

STEVE JOBS Chinese astrology chart15 STEVE JOBS Co-founder and CEO of Apple Chinese astrology chart

TIGER WOODS16 TIGER WOODS Golfer Burning bright? See Chinese horoscope

17 JEFF BEZOS Founder of Amazon17 JEFF BEZOS Founder of Amazon - Retail reformer or how to make clashes work. See horoscope

18 DAVID SIMON Creator of The Wire18 DAVID SIMON Creator of The Wire
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Disclaimer: These short excerpts of astrological charts are, by no means, of a personal nature. As a result, no negative aspect that may damage a celebrity’s reputation are published.

Chinese horoscopes for the 18 most influential people of the noughties*

Chinese astrology provides fascinating and extremely accurate horoscope charts. Although there are almost 13 million different types of Chinese astrology chart we will produce a horoscope analysis for the most influential celebrities of the last decade. Along the way we will discover why they are so successful at doing the things they do and what type of energy they need to prolong their results or even improve on them. This will help you in reading your own Chinese astrology chart. For further variety your Chinese horoscope can also be compared to our Chinese astrology Hall of Fame.

The Times - a leading UK newspaper published a survey in 2010 in which they asked a panel of twenty one of the foremost writers, journalist and editorial professionals to compile a list of their top 50 people who most influenced the “noughties” decade. These people, who write or report on the news have summed up the aspirations, concerns, and developments of the decade spanning 2000 to 2009 in their 270 nominations. Although they could not all agree on the same choices there was one runaway winner and we will start this new Chinese astrology series with their number one choice - American President Barack Obama.

The first 18 nominations are listed with links to their Chinese astrology charts and horoscopes.

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