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Chinese astrology predictions for 2018 - earth Dog year

TThis year’s Chinese astrology sees the return of the Earth Dog which last appeared in the Chinese horoscope in 1958; a time of equality and peace—mostly. There were also developments in flight and space technology. We can expect similar breakthroughs this year, especially in healthcare and treatment, property development, food and agriculture.  

Last year’s conflicts should conclude and it interesting to note that in the last Earth Dog year there was a halt to nuclear missile testing which should happen this year too.

Both Britain and France should do well in the forthcoming year and there should be a consolidation behind Brexit in the UK, where the PM has been under the microscope for the whole of 2017.  At the time of writing that is now coming to an end and there should be some encouraging trade agreements made throughout this year that will greatly increase support both for the UK and Teresa May.

In feng shui and Chinese metaphysics we use what is known as Five Elements where earth is the stabilising force. You should know that every year has two elements; actually three is you count what is known as a “Harmonic”. Annual horoscope interpretations are mostly based on the interaction between these elements.

In this regard, we could say this year’s Earth of Earth Dog represents the authorities. You should be encouraged to know that the Dog signifying the public or masses; is also Earth and this signifies agreement, strength and confidence going forward. However, the “Harmonic” element this year is wood and although in a potential conflict situation, it does empower both people and governments. This might create some flashpoints or momentary disagreements, but they should be viewed as opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures. Results will mostly come this year through collaboration which can create a very bright future for us all.

Since 2008 we are naturally in an earth element cycle which spans 12 years; a complete cycle of the Chinese zodiac. This Earth Dog Year; being of the same element, will hopefully represent the crowning glory of this period and the start of a new age of peace, understanding and prosperity for all.

Returning to nature this earth element also signifies awareness of environment as well as feng shui, so we can expect this to become more prominent this year.

Weather-wise, earth generally indicates being overcast or gloomy, yet there are certain months and days that should be quite bright, especially around midday in February and early morning in June. There are many other bright times throughout this year, so it will not be all gloomy and of course we have geographical positions with their own weather systems.

Humanities will be at the forefront so sharing cultures and understating cultural differences will be prominent too.

Sweet flavours will be a popular food trend, so fruit, grains, natural sugars, milk as well as desserts will become the flavour of the day.

Industry wise, medicine, heath care, environmental sciences, feng shui and property development should all prosper as a results of their prominence and popularity.

Chinese astrology personal Predictions

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually four animals in a Chinese astrology chart, not just one for your year of birth. In addition to the zodiac sign for the year of birth, we all have Chinese animal signs for our day, month and the time of birth. If this is news to you, you can get a free Chinese astrology chart called the Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, then return to this page to see how your four Chinese animal signs will fare this year.

Do you have an Earth Dog in your Chinese horoscope?

If you have an Earth Dog in your Chinese horoscope, particular as your day of birth, it denotes strength, confidence, being resourceful and creative which should lead to abundance and you should be both vibrant and successful in most endeavours. If not, feng shui will help you to incorporate this influence into your life. if you were born in a  year ending in 8, such as 1988 then you will have the Earth in you chart, and if born from October 7th to November 7th you will have a Dog.

Celebrity Earth Dog

Fire Rooster celebritiesFamous celebrities with this influence include Oscar Wilde, Canaletto, Sir Christopher Wren, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Captain James Cook, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bono, Al Pacino (day) Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna , Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins  and Prince.  

Let us now review each sign of the Chinese zodiac and see what our personal trends and tendencies will be.

Personal predictions of your Chinese zodiac sign.


Rats could do well financially this year, but they need to be aware of people telling them what they think they want to hear, rather than what is correct. There is a lot of love around them and relationships could blossom as a result. They should feel vibrant especially in the second half of the year.


Oxen being friends with the Rooster should either travel well or be quite creative in their chosen professions.  They should also feel quite vibrant and benefitting from additional energy makes this a great time to tackle or implement personal plans or projects.


Chinese zodiac

Moving home or travel is well aspected, as is starting a family. Should be a good year to take and pass exams, or start to realise previously established ambitions. Extra responsibility could lead to promotion in the second half of the year.


Interesting year full of change, good for romance and recognition although people’s expectations may place you under pressure. However, managing time or communications can easily convert stress into accomplishment. Lucky element for this year is water and well as the colours dark blue or black.


This sign has the magic element for this year; namely earth and consequently they will probably be at the centre of things. They are well liked and supported and encouragement enables them to find new levels of expression. They could start a family or new project.


Along with Ox, Snake forms the prominent group for this year and wherever this falls in your horoscope can indicate the most prevalent part of your life in 2017. It will be an exciting period full of creativity, investment leading to wealth opportunities


t’s a good year for making money, but timings may be an issue. It will be quite competitive and if you feel rundown or depleted then wearing green or light blue colours will change your outlook and increase success. Romance flourishes, and all should be well.


This could have been a trying time for this sign, but luckily they have the very useful element of earth which will see them in great stead. They have a lot of freedom of choice and its an ideal time to develop ideas and projects. Good for passing exams, travelling, even migrating.


A very powerful year awaits this sign, good for promotion and establishing relationships or even starting a family. Personal plans can also advance, so be careful; what you wish for, as this year that could happen.


Wherever this zodiac sign appears in a Chinese horoscope indicates the part of their life that most concerns them. Additional responsibility or more authority may create stress, however, they can deflect pressure with the earth element. They may also need to watch their weight as they can develop a “sweet tooth” at this time.


They should be feeling very energetic and may receive some life changing advice. Great year to study and adopting different techniques in your life can lead to amazing results.


Will have lots of energy to sort out unexpected problems that may occur and to monitor and change their lives should they need to. Financial opportunities are well highlighted as is romance, and management prospects.

This form of Chinese astrology is incredibly accurate with almost 13 million variations its impossible to give specific advice without seeing your whole chart. However, we would like to help you make the most of this year and provide as much information as we can, free of charge. You will find this information with the Four Pillars Of Destiny and follow the free advice found throughout this site.

Alternatively, order a Professional Feng Shui Consultation from our consultant’s directory. 

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Alan Stirling
Feng Shui Master - Written January 2018

Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope archives

A shaggy dog story?

As today is an Earth Dog day in a Sheep month, could a fusion of both be a Shaggy Dog? I am afraid that there isn’t much of a story though, as the Sheep tends to cause setbacks for the Dog, but it is good to start over and the Feng Shui almanac suggests getting married or tidying up loose ends. 

That’s a happy ending at least. It advises against buying land and digging foundations. Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope posted 1st February 2013

Think about it… and sweep the Dog house!

Leader of the pack?Today's title can be taken literally as it’s an Earth Dog day which due to its clash with the annual Dragon sign is known as a “year break”.  Consequently it is not an auspicious day and the Chinese almanac suggests only meditation and sweeping up, but not necessarily a kennel!

If you have Earth Dog in your horoscope then you are a people person with good expression. If this is your day pillar, you  should enjoy long term partnerships  and have many loyal friends. Not sure, which pillars you have in your horoscope? Have a free Chinese horoscope.  Here’s some we checked earlier Bono, Al Pacino (day) Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins and Prince.

It’s a slightly better day tomorrow and better still on Sunday and Monday. Now that is a very good sign as for Chinese astrology purposes, we actually start the New Solar Year of Water Snake on Sunday.  

This shouldn’t be confused with the New Year Festival celebrated on February 10th as that’s a lunar event. We have made many New Year predictions on our dedicated Water Snake page. We will return on Tuesday, until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope posted 4th October 2012

See a man about a Dog?

Today is an Earth Dog day and as the earth element can represent humanities and all things related to humans, you can quickly see how we derived today's title. However, as the Earth element is also related to real estate or property development, a reference to a “Dog House” would have been equally appropriate. Maybe moreso as the only recommendations in today's book of nature is to “sweep house” which, apart from the literal definition, can also mean to tidy up your affairs.

An Earth Dog in your horoscope means that you are a humanitarian, interested in health and wellbeing. So much so, that if you pursue your interests in property development, success could even make you a philanthropist.

We will return tomorrow with an Earth Pig, so until then enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey Earth Dog daily Chinese horoscope - 13th/4//2011 & February 7th 2012

Leader of the pack?

Today is an Earth Dog day and as the strongest and most independent of the five zodiac dogs, this is the natural leader of the pack.

If you have this pillar in your horoscope it generally indicates a healthy period, with plenty of support and possibly outstanding results from new endeavours.

If this is your day pillar, then you are a people person with good expression and should enjoy a strong marriage or partnership. Not sure, which pillars you have in your horoscope? Have a free  Chinese horoscope.

Famous hounds include Bono, Al Pacino (day) Kevin Bacon,  Alec Baldwin , Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna , Gary Oldman, Tim Robbins  and Prince.   

Earth Dog has a third element associated with it called a “harmonic” and this provides the daily theme. Today being wood denotes strategy and planning and is in itself appropriate action, as this Dog day clashes with the month animal of Dragon.

If that wasn’t bad enough it is also a “Broken day”   and is only suitable for taking things apart or fixing things that are broken. Consequently, the Chinese almanac lists seeking a doctor, refurbishment or fixing a wall as the only suitable activities for today.

Today’s astrology favours Tiger who have wealth and love luck, Horse which can relax or try something new,  and Dog signs who are popular or at the centre of attention.  

Rabbits being partners with Dogs are also lucky with inspiration and investments paying off.  

Sheep signs see their plans develop whilst Ox may need to rethink theirs.

Dragons are normally clashed on Dog days but as this is their month all should be well. 

Monkey can be spoiled but Roosters should get good advice.

Rat and Pig signs are prominent but the former can benefit by wearing white or grey colours if under pressure. It’s a slightly better day tomorrow and much better on Friday.
Until then – enjoy now!