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Guardian at the gateway to the stars

Earth Dragon

You may well ask what today's title has to do with it being an Earth Dragon day in a Water Dragon year. Well, the Dragon represents the starting point for many rings in the Chinese luo pan or compass; a device for calibrating energy according to time and space principles. As time and space is associated with stars, how could we choose any other title?

Seriously though, Dragon is a harbinger of new cycles and already this year our scientists believe they have found the “God” particle.  As Dragon really comes into its own in the second half of the year, what wonders await us then? Whatever lies ahead, Dragon being the “guardian at the gate” you can see why this mythical beast is held in such high esteem in Chinese culture.

This Double Dragon time being most auspicious, you could also consider today as a gateway to happiness as most activities are lucky. The Chinese almanac is smiling for the second time this week and recommends meditation or honouring ancestors, although do not burn the spirit tablet, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, exchanging gifts, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, drilling a well or planting seeds. - Earth Dragon daily horoscope posted July 6th 2012

Doggone it’s double Dragon day?

Doggone is meant more as an enquiry, rather than a statement, because our canine friends have a pretty healthy survival instinct and today that may be tested. This Dragon year was always going to be, shall we say a “challenging” period for a Dog sign and whatever harm, anguish or frustration they may have endured may be worse on this Earth Dragon day.

Dog signs need to be careful of damaging their shoulders or chest and may see changes at home, work or in their personal life. Mind you Dragon vs Dragon is not ideal for any of us and today's advice from the book of nature is to go “walkies”, have a haircut, sweep home or fill any cracks. In other words, deal with the mundane and not worry about today's qi as it will quickly pass. However, if you are still concerned, see our dedicated Earth Dragon web page to see how your sign will be affected.

Tomorrow is a much better day, and we will see you there.
Until then, enjoy NOW - Earth Dragon daily horoscope posted May 13th 2011

Five clawed Dragon day

It is an Earth Dragon day, but as the number 5 is also associated with this element, it lends a sense of drama to today's title. Actually Chinese antiquities have dragons with differing numbers of claws or talons but those with five represented the Emperor. This is due to 5 being in the centre of the Feng Shui luo shu magic square as it signifies the Emperor sitting at the centre of the world.

There you go; you learn something every day and according to the Chinese almanac, today is extremely auspicious for taking a course. The Tong Shu also recommends visiting friends, getting engaged or even married, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, having a haircut and buying or setting a direction for your bed.

Visit our dedicated Earth Dragon daily horoscope to see how your own sign is affected today. We will return tomorrow on an Earth Snake day.
Until then, enjoy NOW!- Earth Dragon daily horoscope posted May 13th 2011

Snap dragon takes luck shopping

If you are into Chinese astrology, you probably know that there are five different types of Dragon and five different types of all the other animal sign in the Chinese zodiac. These are defined by the five elements. For example, today is an Earth Dragon day.

The first element is known as the "Heavenly Stem" (stem) and the animal is the Earthly Branch (branch). What you may not know is that each branch has its own element too and the relationship between stem and branch provides the foundation of an astrology or horoscope reading.

Dragon has the same element as todays stem and according to that popular children's game, when you find the same you shout SNAP! Hence Snap Dragon.

Having an Earth Dragon in your Free Chinese horoscope makes you strong and independent. If it's in your year pillar which influences the first fifteen years of life, it can mean strong and independent childhood roots.

In your day pillar, it indicates prosperity, power and great management skills. And while prosperity brings abundance to all parts of life, you are also lucky with money, although without the metal element in your chart you would probably be a shopaholic and spend it just as quickly as it arrived.

Famous celebrities with this sign include Victoria Beckham, Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe, Penelope Cruz, Claire Danes, Sheena Easton, Stephen Harper, Kate Hudson, Michael Moore, Dennis Quaid, Paul Rudd, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Smith, Emma Thompson and Rene Zellweger.

The Chinese almanac recommends suitable activities are meditation, asking for blessings, clothes shopping, setting up a door or water feature especially outdoors, planting seeds, fixing paths and filling cracks in walls.

The harmonic for today and tomorrow is wood, so it is good for strategic planning and being kind to one another and thereby avoiding anger on these days. Our blog continues on Monday so have a good weekend - .Earth Dragon daily horoscope posted May 13th 2011

Earth Dragon day

Today’s Earth Dragon day should mean that all earth signs including Sheep, Ox and Dog are at tyhe centre of attention and can find assistance in managing their affairs. Although,  Dog signs are clashed and need to be careful of over extending themselves.

Their associated signs of Rat and related Pig can enjoy power and recognition whilst females of these signs are lucky in love. Monkeys and Roosters are quite relaxed and may use their time to develop new concepts.

Rabbit and Tiger signs can easily cope wit everything today brings and can be lucky with investments this afternoon especially if they seek proper advice.  Snake and Horse signs will be inspired and should act quickly to put new ideas into action.

Meanwhile the Chinese almanac or Tong Shu states only renovation especially of paths and walls as the only suitable activity to begin today. originally posted 2010