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Wood Rabbit symbol

In the feng shui calendar today is an Earth Monkey and as those born under this influence in their Chinese horoscope are natural travellers, what title would you choose? Moreover, as this month has the Dragon sign not only do they have a travelling companion, but it makes today “lucky”. Consequently, the feng shui almanac recommends asking for blessings, and moving home as suitable activities.

This Monkey / Dragon group is united by the Rat and those with this sign will have a similar experience to yesterday’s Horse signs, making it a most memorable day indeed.  

This huge water influence is further enhanced by the annual Snake sign which also combines with today's Monkey to create another water influence, which for earth people indicates success on a business trip. This bodes well for all our students travelling today for this weekend’s class and may they have a pleasant journey.

Today's other successful ventures are said to be meditating or honouring ancestors, having a haircut, sweeping house, buying or making clothes, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, hunting, or setting up a grindstone. Its not a good day to start a business, buy a bed or mourning wear though.

An Earth Monkey pillar in your horoscope denotes a very expressive person, who is lovable, sympathetic, clever, resourceful, curious, susceptible, impulsive and sometimes scatter-brained. If this is your day pillar it can mean they are extremely amiable, honourable with a good quality of life, creative and well equipped to be a shrewd and pioneering investor, attracting finances quite easily. 

This pioneering quality can also be applied to other aspects of life and in business they can manage well and are not afraid or taking risks. Celebrities with this pillar are those born in 1968 and include Daniel Craig, LL Cool J, Aaron Eckhart, Céline Dion, Rhys Ifans, Lucy Lawless, Kylie Minogue, Guy Ritchie, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson, and those born in August in a year ending with 2 or 7 include Ben Affleck, LeAnn Rimes, Andy Roddick and Cameron Diaz.

Although it’s extremely busy again and we are teaching this weekend we should return next Wednesday. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope posted 17/2 & 15/8 2012

Sweet smell and Success?

Earth Monkey pillar in your horoscope can mean a very expressive person, and that you are lovable, sympathetic, clever, resourceful, curious, susceptible, impulsive and scatter-brained.

If we reduce today's Earth Monkey down to its basic elements, we get sweet from the earth and metal (monkey) represents the nose. Today’s title was derived by adding the 28 Lunar MansionsSuccess”. However, owing to a special triple alignment with the day, month and year, it’s probably the best day of the week so far and success should be more easily found.

Especially if it’s associated with the water element which denotes communications, transport, wisdom and knowledge. Hence the Chinese almanac recommends taking a course,  visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged or married, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a business and trading, fixing a roof, making wine or fermenting, and setting up a tombstone as successful activities. It advises against laying foundations, buying or setting direction for your bed or buying land.

To see how your own sign is affected today read below and we will return tomorrow with an Earth Rooster. - Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope posted 17/2 & 15/8 2012

Make a Monkey out of a basket for new beginnings

Huge Rabbit

In the Sheng cycle of five elements, the earth element is said to give birth to metal, so no prizes for how we derived the first part of our title on this Earth Monkey (metal) day.

As birth is a new beginning the Chinese almanac follows this trend and recommends travelling or emigrating, getting married, opening a business, refurbishment or laying foundations or a new you, either physically through a new hair style or mentally by meditation or quiet reflection.

Finally the second part of our title comes from the Winnowing Basket, number seven of the twenty eight Lunar Mansions.  Guess what? Days ruled by the Basket are ideal for starting new ventures. New endeavours started today will enjoy a year of good fortune; business will thrive and profits will be handsome. It is also a good day to acquire new property or to open a new door. In present-day terms, this indicates a fortunate day to move into new property, add an extension or perhaps to enrol in a new organisation that could involve moving into new buildings, as those who do so can be sure of rewards for themselves and their families. Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope- posted 22nd June 2011

Brides and mothers-in-law are like Dogs and Monkeys…

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscope

This Japanese Proverb can mean chaos or being pulled in two different directions and is appropriate, as today is an Earth monkey day in a Dog month; the beginning and end of a special combination. Add a Rooster and not only do you get great management skills, but also timing. This is an auspicious day for all, but you may well be split in two trying to do everything.

The Chinese almanac suggests  meditation, asking for blessings, making a will,  taking a course, visiting friends, having a haircut, sweeping the house, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, fixing a roofbuying or setting a direction for your bed, opening a watercourse, drilling a well or going  hunting as favourable activities.

This book of nature further states that it is an especially good day for monkeys, but not so good for Water or Wood Tigers. It is also rather interesting for Roosters; those born on Rooster days, years, between September 7th and October 8th or between the hours of 5pm – 7pm and could make this a most memorable day. To discover what is in your chart, take a free Chinese horoscope  now. Then visit our attribute cycle and place your day stem element in the start position to see how today will affect you. It could be good for wealth, creativity, travel or the perfect union or heaven and earth.

Back on an Earth Rooster day. Until then, enjoy TODAY - !Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope posted 20t/10/ & 19/12/ 2011

Wise monkey waits... or rights wrongs!

Black beauty day?

If we convert today's Earth Monkey to its basic five elements we have earth and metal. Metal is said to allow the earth element to blossom and in terms of attributes it represents intelligence; hence “wise monkey”. Unfortunately, due to a clash with this month’s Tiger sign, Monkeys are on the endangered list in what is known as a “month break”. Consequently, a wise monkey would postpone anything of any consequence until after today, as the outcome may not be what you want.

Although, if you fix what is broken or right wrongs, then the Chinese almanac recommends seeing a doctor or repairing paths and walls as suitable activities today.

Tomorrow is the best day of the weekend and we will return on Tuesday as Mondays can be manic in our office due to processing weekend orders. - Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope posted 17/2 & 15/8 2012

Yellow Monkey day

Yellow is the colour most associated with the earth element and seems appropriate for this Earth Monkey day.  I am told by colour therapist students and friends that yellow is also the colour of hope and that also seems fitting as today is the “month break” meaning that it clashes with the Tiger sign of February.  

On these clash days it is best to put any major decisions off until tomorrow.  Although, some astrologers prefer the opposite as situations change when its over, it is therefore more predictable.  Consequently, you can fix things that are broken, most usefully this includes health, so it is a good day for treatment or to see a doctor. Refurbishment, rebuilding and redecorating are also suitable activities and all our confirmed in the Chinese almanac alongside quite reflection or meditation - .Earth Monkey daily feng shui horoscope- posted 22nd February 2011