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Luck, at the end of the tunnel?

Wood Rabbit symbol

Although it’s an Earth Pig day, those with a Rabbit sign in their Chinese astrology could have a very lucky day indeed.  That’s because the Rabbit completes the alignment or group instigated by the monthly sign of Sheep to produce a huge wood influence.

An abundance of this qi normally results in great kindness, but depending on the balance of your Chinese horoscope could cause anger. However, should matters become heated, the fire element will help. Nevertheless, in personal terms this could bring huge opportunities for power, wealth, creativity, inspiration or relationships.

It is also a “Well” day, which is normally good for learning and could be considered as a vertical tunnel of sorts, but that’s not the type mentioned in today's title. That tunnel actually refers to being almost at the end of the post shadow phase of mercury retrograde and from Saturday… normal service will be resumed.

Subsequently, the Feng Shui almanac advises us to bide our time and recommends quiet contemplation, honouring ancestors, as well as “sweeping house” or tidying up loose ends. It advises against getting married or buying a wedding dress today.

Our dedicated Earth Pig horoscope below will tell you how your own sign will fare today and we should return tomorrow. Until then enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Earth Pig Chinese horoscope posted 1st August 2013

As happy as a Pig in mud?

Huge Rabbit

Mud is what you get when you mix earth with water, and as the Pig sign denotes water, that’s just how today's Earth Hog likes it.

There’s no special reason to be happy but then, we don’t always need a reason do we? Nevertheless, the Chinese almanac seems happy about something and most activities are favourable today. They include meditation or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, travelling, buying or making clothes, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, laying foundations, fixing a roof, erecting a statue or moving home. It advises against marriage or burial duties.

Actually, today marks the end of a twelve-day wealth cycle, so it’s not surprising that the Earth Pig is associated with a Piggy Bank. A new twelve-day period of creativity begins tomorrow, in which it’s good to organise events, go on long journeys or move house. This is especially so over these next three days, as today is also a “fullness” day.

Earth Pigs make excellent managers, particularly in finance and communications. Their pals of Rabbit and Sheep have opportunities to share in their wealth today, whilst Snake signs may be drained or argue with their partners.

Rats may have to rethink their plans, but not if they also have an Ox in their chart or team. Find out here free Chinese horoscope. Tigers thrive, whereas Horses, Monkeys and Roosters can all relax or do something new.

We will return tomorrow on Tuesday with a Water Rabbit and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey- Earth Pig daily Chinese horoscope posted 5th October 2012

A tail of two Piggies?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the start of the Dickensian classic of which today’s title parodies. However, being a “slow news” day, it fits in two ways. Firstly, it’s an Earth Pig day in a Metal Pig month. Secondly, our daily blog translates the Chinese almanac and tells us which side of lucky each day falls.

Take today as an example; having two Pigs align or “meet” makes it a good day to see friends and is the first suggestion in today’s almanac. Furthermore, the relationship between their earth and metal elements can mean travelling, the only other recommended activity today. 

Of course it’s also a “Tail” day in the 28 Lunar Mansions and is why I have alluded to one of the greatest tales ever told in English literature in our title. It has nothing to do with staring out of my office window looking upon one of Charles Dickens favourite cities thinking about travelling to the other…  Bonjour!

We will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooe - yEarth Pig daily Chinese horoscope posted 4th December 2012

Piggy bank day

Black beauty day?

Today’s Earth Pig can be considered as the wealthiest of the 5 astrological types. Maybe this was connected to the naming of this money box?  What we do know is that finding this is your horoscope as a day pillar or as a 10 year luck pillar can indicate a period of financial opportunities. For the rest of us it can indicate a day of spending and as wallets are open it is a good day for collecting debts, shopping, even fishing or hunting. The Chinese almanac also suggests pampering oneself or visiting a hairdresser.

Pig days are not usually problematic and the Chinese view this sign together with the Rat as symbols of wisdom, communications and sensuality. Today they will attract a lot of attention and these females together with Snake and Horse signs can be lucky in love.

Pig days are also good for Rabbit and Sheep and they enjoy extra wealth and trouble free management.

Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox are similarly blessed with fortune and romance.  

The creative signs or most relaxed are Monkey and Rooster and they can conserve their energy as they will be much busier tomorrow, speaking of which it will be a good day for all. - Earth Pig daily Chinese horoscope posted 14th April 2011