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Wood Rabbit symbolRich Rat graduates pig, no bull!

From the five different types of Rat today's Earth Rat is said to have the most wealth potential. In fact, Earth Rat people born in November, the Pig month can double this effect and also easily see their life plans come to fruition. Their wealth opportunities can actually go off the scale if they are also born in the hour or year of the Ox as this forms a triple combination. Ox times occur every day between the hours of 01:00 – 03:00 and years such as 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961. However, it is a trade-off between wealth as they lose this advancing ability, so no bull for easy graduation.

This theme of personal development is also featured in the Chinese almanac as it recommends taking a course. As different perspectives broadens the mind, travelling is also a suitable activity for today, as well as having a haircut, sweeping the house, buying or making clothes, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof and setting directions for your door or bed.

To see how your own sign is affected today see our dedicated Earth Rat web page and although today has no bull, there is plenty of it tomorrow as it is an Earth Ox day.
Until then, enjoy NOW! - Earth Rat daily horoscope originally posted 29th November 2011 & September 24th 2011


No sun, New moon and the Rich Rat

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Today is remarkable as we had both a partial solar eclipse and a new moon on the same day. The esoteric world seems to think this is highly auspicious and heralds a major recovery for humanity. Nice idea!

What we can say for sure is that today is an Earth Rat day and that anyone born today will have an abundance of wealth opportunities in life, possibly becoming very rich. On the downside, their mind controls their bodies and so they tend to bottle up their emotions. They therefore need the wood and fire elements to balance.

The Wood element can be kindness and caring, the best fire element is taking action and if we all adopted this strategy towards others, the world would be a much nicer place and wouldn't need major recovery. We can at least ponder this concept and that seems to be the only appropriate activity for today according to the Chinese almanac.

Interestingly wood and fire elements also represent sound and performance and famous Earth Rat musicians include Jackson Browne, Alice Cooper, Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Grace Jones, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Steve Winwood. All these celebrities must have found that making music balances their energy.- Earth Rat daily horoscope posted 2nd June 2011

If the Shu fits...

Earth Rat symbol

This Earth Rat day is not terribly auspicious but it is a level day which is good for smoothing things out or refining , as such it can be used for refurbishment or interior design. If using the latter make sure that you consult Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny first as this will specify, colour shape, textures and positions  to create your perfect nurturing atmosphere in your home or office.

Today’s astrology brings friendship and assistance for the Rat, relaxation for the Monkey and Roster and wealth luck for the Ox. Dragon Goat and Dog.

The Horse is clashed and can have a better day with the wood element, for best use see The Snake signs gets recognition for its creativity, whilst the Tiger and Rabbit have help in making money . The Pig is well favoured and sees their plans develop.  Earth Rat day horoscope - originally posted 2010

Wow great weather, even the Rat gets a tan!

Record high temperatures for this time of year are being celebrated across the UK on this Earth Rat day. What is it like where you are?

According to the book of nature or Chinese almanac today is only suitable for pampering. With that in mind and noting that the colour associated with today's earth element could be tan, I think sometime in the sun is called for. Of course you could always smooth out a path and fill cracks in walls instead, but I know a fate thing when I see it! Now, where the lotion?

The weekend is much better and we will return on Monday a Metal Rabbit day, until then enjoy NOW! Earth Rat daily horoscope originally posted 30th September 2011

Brown Rattales?

Black beauty day?That haircut that was unwise to have yesterday can safely be had on this Earth Rat day. 

Apart from asking ancestors for advice, it is about the only thing to do today according to the Chinese almanac. So if you are going to have one, have a big or long one in the case of Rattail hair extensions.

Today’s astrology favours friendship and assistance for the Rat, relaxation for the Monkey and wealth luck for the Dragon. The Horse is clashed and has a better day with the wood element,

The Tiger has help in making money whereas the Dog and Goat have to make it for themselves. Ox is well favoured as is the Pig who sees their plans develop.  

The Tong Shu says today as a “broken day, meaning ”it’s only good for breaking down rooms and redecorating.  day horoscope - originally posted 2010