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Over the moon then charge ahead at full tilt

Wood Rabbit symbol

As you can probably guess from today's title, there is a new moon tonight which traditionally is a good time to start new projects. Charging ahead at full tilt was a jousting phrase referred to by Shakespeare which meant to proceed with determination as quickly as possible in a particular endeavour.

Today's Fire Horse is renowned in Chinese culture as it is said to consume everything in its wake and it may seem that today the world has a very different agenda that what you had originally expected.  Consequently, it may be best to get your “must do’s” done first and then just enjoy the day as it unfolds; after all fire energy also denotes joy and laughter and today we are maxed out on it. As a result, the feng shui almanac suggests ceremonial activities such as marriage and funerals, or taking it easy by shopping.

See our dedicated Fire Horse web page below for how this Chinese zodiac sign will affect you and we will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Fire Horse daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 10th April 2013

OX BOY tends to Horse “n” Hounds

Huge Rabbit

There’s so much going on today it’s difficult to know where to start. However, as we have been doing this blog for several years now, we traditionally start with Chinese zodiac signs. Therefore, today is a Fire Horse, such a notable conflagration in Chinese society that historically people try to avoid having children at these times. This is due to the pure intense fire energy of this sign, said to leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

Although that’s not so today as the Fire Horse is welcomed by the monthly Dog sign, which is a member of its own Chinese astrology group and makes it highly auspicious, especially for relationships.  This counteracts the isolation and solitary tendencies of the Ox Boy, appearing as today's Lunar Mansion, who according to legend was separated from his Maiden by the Milky Way. They are said to be reunited once a year only by a heavenly bridge formed by Magpies; aaahh!

Today can be likened to such an event and the Chinese almanac lists marriage, visiting friends and meeting people by taking a course as suitable activities. The full list includes meditation or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, or setting up a tombstone.

We will return next Wednesday and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW. - Fire Horse daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 12th October 2012

A Horse, a Dog, my kingdom for a Tiger...

Today's Fire horse is fabled throughout Chinese culture as being so unique and bright that it may be too much for mere mortals to handle. Consequently, people think twice about having children in these periods.

However, I prefer to think of Fire and Horse as pure; both being the same element and making a cycle or better still a “ring of fire”. This reminds me of ancient times when a crown was a symbolic ring of fire denoting enlightenment and the height of spiritual growth. Both are fire element qualities and a reason for including a royal domain in today's title.

However, the biggest purpose for referring to this Shakespearean quote was to highlight the union between this Horse day falling in a Dog month, creating a semi combination. It is completed with a Tiger, which will significantly increase the effect of the fire element in a horoscope.

If you are born on a Tiger day or year, in February, or between the hours of 3am – 5am, you will have a Tiger in your chart and today could be a most memorable day. To discover what’s in your chart take a free Chinese horoscope  now.

As Chinese astrology is extremely complex with almost 13 million different horoscope types, it is impossible to say how you could be personally affected.  Although, by visiting our attribute cycle and placing your day stem element at the start you can see how this huge inferno will affect you. It could be good for wealth, romance, creativity, travel or feeling on top of the world by being master of your own kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Lunar mansion of Room is good for all building and the 12 palaces has Success for new ventures.

The Chinese almanac is also elated and suggests most activities can lead to success. These range from meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, having an astrology reading, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing home or office, moving earth, fixing a roofbuying or setting direction for your bed, hunting, or setting up a tombstone.

Today and Thursday are the best days of the week and we will return tomorrow on a Fire Ox day.  Until then, enjoy NOW! - Fire Horse daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 18th October 2011

We return on a High Horse? Hooray!

Having said our daily blog would return on the 16th January and that we are now almost a full month late, we’d like to amend that original statement to “by the 16th” !

Wow, it’s been really busy with consultations, teaching, talks and Feng Shui reports. It has been the perfect time for people to realise that feng shui; meaning wind and water refers to the world we cannot see, as well as the material world. Consequently, clients and students have been making the most of feng shui consultations to rid themselves, their families and staff of unwanted fear and stress. Furthermore, as high energy flows to low energy and with Feng Shui essential for finding and releasing this power in any environment, people have become highly empowered to take advantage in these challenging economic conditions.  Hopefully, you can see that when our phone keeps ringing, and email enquiries and client requests keep coming in, our return has been delayed.  Having had the new solar year, we are still busy, but not manically so!

However, I am still going to hold onto our high horse as today is actually a Fire Horse day and makes it very bright and fiery day. Fire represents the height of growth and is alluded to in today's title.

Hooray; it’s a great day! So much so, that the book of nature is actually smiling and has a red line surrounding today's information.  Actually, it only covers three sides, so is perhaps a much more appropriate definition of a horseshoe?

Anyway most activities are good for today including , meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof,  buying or setting direction for your bed, hunting or setting up a tombstone.

More bang for your buck!
Today’s favourability occurs because the Horse sign is aligned with this month’s Tiger sign and if you have Dog sign in your chart, it will be a very memorable day indeed. Find your animals with our free Chinese horoscope. It’s difficult for us to be general and to say exactly how you personally will be affected, because this extremely complex form of Chinese astrology has almost 13 million different charts. However, if you click on this link attribute cycle then scroll down the page to the relevant section, you can discover it for yourself.  It should be noted that this triple alignment will increase the fire attribute by a magnitude. Someone could be very lucky indeed!

Just a final note before leaving for today, the Chinese book of nature or Tong Shu, which is directly translated to compile our daily recommendations, was very difficult to obtain in the UK this year. It is also sometimes called the Tong Sing and if you know where we can get a Chinese language copy in future years, please let us know. - Fire Horse daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 15th February 2012

A horse of a different colour

Black beauty day?

Today’s title phrase refers to something that is “another matter entirely” or “other than stated”, so let’s explore this with a couple of suggestions.

Today’s Fire Horse is infamous in Chinese culture, as it’s so bright it consumes all and is said to leave a trail of destruction behind it.  The Chinese almanac also follows this tradition and advises quiet meditation or reflection as being the only suitable activity today. 

Fire people as the name suggests, are very bright and need lots of stimulation to satisfy their constantly active minds. Of the five different types of horses in Chinese astrology, a Fire Horse is the strongest and purest. Their traits are also much stronger, which is why they are said to “consume everything in their path”. On the upside, this imbues them with great confidence and independence which may explain their almost magnetic attraction.

Alternatively, today’s title could be taken quite literally, as this month is also a Horse and if we added colours of their elements, one would be green and the other red! Discover your horoscope with our Free Chinese horoscope.

Celebrities born in a Fire Horse year include Halle Berry, Helena Bonham Carter, Eric Cantona, Cindy Crawford, John Cusack, Patrick Dempsey, Salma Hayek, Janet Jackson, Gordon Ramsay, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kiefer Sutherland Mike Tyson. - Fire Horse daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 16th June 2011