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The horse hunter?

Fire Sheep - Horse Hunter image

Being a Fire Sheep day in a Snake year, it will be a most memorable time for those with a horse in their Chinese horoscope, as this sign completes a triple alignment and attracts a huge fire influence. It’s difficult to say whether those affected are bound for the winner’s enclosure or the high jump as it can be fantastically good, or really not so much. Whichever way it goes, it can be a day they won’t forget for a while.

It’s impossible to be general as we all have at least 4 Chinese animal signs and there are almost 13 million different charts and variations, but we can help you discover for yourself. First check whether you or someone you know has a horse sign with our free Chinese horoscope. You can then use our attribute cycle to see how this huge fire element influence will affect you, in terms of health, wealth, relationships, power, promotion, creativity etc. There is also a ton on free information with these links that will show you what part of your life will be affected. Feel free to pass this onto your friends and family so they can find out too.

Returning to today's sign, those with a Fire Sheep in their horoscope, or indeed any sheep or goat sign, should be feeling vibrant today and in fine humour. Their group includes Pig and Rabbit signs that can respectively gain authority and improve their finances today.

As you have just seen, the Sheep also benefits Horse signs who find self-expression and creativity. It is also good for travelling, but not “racing” as they may tire easily. Conversely, the opposing group of Snake, Rooster and Ox may see change today. The Ox is most susceptible as it is in a direct clash that may result in stomach issues. 

Famous celebrities with Fire Sheep influence include Kurt Cobain, Benicio del Toro, Prince Pavlos of Greece, Noel Gallagher, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Will Ferrell, Vin Diesel, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Matt LeBlanc, Julia Roberts, Rufus Sewell , Carla Bruni, Steve Zahn, Sophia Bush, Matthew O'Leary.

The feng shui almanac recommends quiet contemplation and tidying up loose ends in preparations for a busy time ahead. it advises against beauty treatments and haircuts.

We will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooe - yFire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 11th Apeil 2013

Blessings from the “glorious twelve”?

Huge Rabbit

Today is the 12th day of the 12th month in the 12th year of the century, which to me suits the term “glorious” better than its usual reference as the start of the Red Grouse hunting season. The number 12 is highly significant in Chinese astrology, where it refers to the Chinese animals or zodiac signs and our (mostly) daily blog interprets their effect on your personal horoscopes. Of course, we also look at other systems such as the 28 Lunar Mansions and the 12 Palaces, all of which bring blessings on this Fire Sheep day.

Consequently, the Chinese almanac recommends meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, getting engaged, having an astrology reading, trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations and buying or setting a direction for a bed as today’s most suitable activities. It advises against hair styling or funeral duties.

Further information is available on our dedicated Fire Sheep web page below and we will return tomorrow with a Yellow Monkey. Until then, enjoy moment of NOW! - Fire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 12th/12th/12

Fire Sheep tenfold prosperity day?

Fire Sheep

The Fire Sheep is a well-balanced, creative, intuitive, and intelligent pillar to have in your Chinese horoscope. As Fire generates the Earth element of Sheep it also denotes friendship and camaraderie. This also signifies a very generous person, one who may give all they have away. Luckily, this combination has inbuilt prosperity and close friendship to help replenish any losses. These are traits to be celebrated today and in doing so we may create a positive mind that attracts even more blessings to us all.  

This is confirmed by the Chinese almanac who states that asking for blessings is a recommended activity today along with meditation, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, buying clothes, migrating, laying foundations, putting new roof on a home, opening a warehouse, even burial. - Fire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 21th February 2011


The laughing Goat brings blessings

Today, as you might guess from the title, is a Goat or Sheep day; both have the same character in Chinese astrology. What may not be so apparent is the laughing aspect, which is a characteristic of the fire element.  Putting both together should tell you that today is a Fire Goat or Sheep day.

Blessings are among the several recommendations found in today’s Chinese almanac entry, alongside meditation, travelling, even emigrating, opening a business and trading, laying foundations, fixing a roof, or setting up a tombstone.

To see how your sign is affected today, see our dedicated Fire Goat web page and we will return tomorrow on an Earth Monkey day. - Fire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 16th February 2011

Fire Sheep and higher goats for the water of heaven

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscopeToday's title may sound terribly discriminating but in Chinese astrology, there’s no difference between sheep and goats. In Chinese, the Fire Sheep is called Ding Wei and sometimes referred to as “the water of heaven”, because the Fire element is reflected as a hidden component in the Wei character. This is often taken as a source of prosperity, so now we all want one, regardless of ovine or caprine influences.

Fire represents the height of nature and is a transitional state between Yang and Yin, or growth and decay. Could that also be firing or hiring, which is more topical in this economic climate? If so, today is a good day to look for a new job as the Chinese almanac suggests hunting and “obtaining” as suitable activities. Meditation is also favourable, so you could always catch the boat on the celestial waterway, as mentioned above instead.

Tomorrow is a much better day; an Earth Monkey.  Until then, enjoy NOW! - Fire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 19th October 2011

Heavens embrace at summer solstice

Black beauty day?

At 17:16 or 5:16 pm today (whichever comes first) the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky marking the summer solstice, providing maximum daylight and the height of nature in the northern hemisphere.

As fate would have it, it’s a Fire Sheep day, where the fire also indicates maximum growth and the Sheep combines with the Horse sign for June, in a combination known as “heavens embrace”, providing even more fire.  Fire can indicate religion and the occult as well as arts and action and record crowds attended midsummer celebrations at Stonehenge UK this morning.

The Summer solstice marks the maximum point of yang or potential and the creation of yin or manifest which develops through the yin cycle. Therefore the Chinese almanac suggests quiet contemplation or meditation as well as tidying up affairs to prepare us for this next six months of the year.Until the yin cycle – enjoy now. - Fire Sheep daily feng shui horoscope posted 21st june 2011