Fire Tiger Chinese Astrology

Fire Tiger astrology

Tiger in the eye and fire in the belly!

Our blog returns on this Fire Tiger day as fire denotes action. We've certainly seen much of this since the bank holiday season then having taught over the weekend! That reminds me, what is the collective noun for a group of bank holidays? Oh yeah, it's an April!

Lots of Public Holidays sounds great, but when you have to fit seven days work into a 3 day week; fire in the belly is most definitely needed! Today’s Fire Tiger suggests generosity and prosperity, so it may be a good time to start shopping for bargains. Other suitable activities are to get engaged, exchange gifts and wed, sweep house, visit doctor, sign contracts, trade, collect debts, fix roof, move into new home, open business, fix nets, capture animals, make or buy clothes and set up tombstone.

Having a good Tiger day provides an insight into how the rest of the year will fare – (until February 4th).  With a Tiger in you chart your focus will be on its corresponding life area. Have a free horoscope and see what animal signs you have. Then look at which pillar corresponds to that part of your life and see how you are affected.

In short, the Tiger, Horse and Dog are well favoured, whilst the Monkey, Rat and Dragon see change. Rabbit signs may suffer setbacks.  Rat and Pig signs can be creative, Snake and Horse signs get good advice and Goat and Ox should see romance.  

Fire Tiger daily feng shui horoscope

If Fire Tiger is in your horoscope as your day (see Free Chinese horoscope) you have an excellent eye for proportion and understand that everything has its proper place. This respectful attitude makes you a true friend to your partner and those close to you and from this foundation, you radiate confidence. You should enjoy a good standard of life and be strong and healthy. Famous Fire Tigers include Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley, Charlotte Church, Shia LaBeouf, Lee Evans, Lindsay Lohan, John McEnroe, Rene Russo, Michael Sheen, John Travolta and Robbie Williams.

Todays recommended activities listed in the Chinese almanac are visiting friends, especially if you want to marry them, having a professional astrology reading, emigrate, and putting new roof on a home.

Tiger pals are the Pig, who can get great results from trying something new or taking a trip. Horse signs can also enjoy time with friends or receive unexpected help with a project. Dogs gain recognition and may realise an ambition today. Conversely, Monkey, Rat and Dragon may see changes, whilst Rabbit signs may suffer setbacks. Female earth signs of Goat and Ox are lucky in love, as are Rooster males.

Until tomorrow enjoy today

“Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given it wings”

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Enough to make a cat laugh?

Our title is so outrageous, it could have been chosen to put a smile on your face, but that shouldn’t really be difficult today as it’s such a great day!  However, it being a Fire Tiger day, where the fire element is associated with joy and laughter, it was more of a fate thing. 

On the subject of joy, the feng shui almanac states that most activities are favourable today, including visiting friends, taking a course, travelling, getting engaged, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business, signing contracts and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, and wait for it, shopping!

If you have a Rabbit sign in your Chinese horoscope, you could attract a great deal of kindness today. That’s because this sign combines with the day and month to make a very strong wood element influence, which could be good for wealth, relationships, power or creativity.  See if you have a Rabbit in your chart with our free Chinese horoscope and if you think someone else you know might have one, please pass this onto them.

It’s extremely busy here at feng shui central and we hope to be back tomorrow, but please bear with us if our blog becomes intermittent over the next few days as we cope with important deadlines. Until next we meet, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Fire Tiger daily Chinese horoscope – originally posted 30th April 2013

For want of a horse?

Today's title is an excerpt from a proverbial rhyme showing that small actions can result in large consequences and may refer to the death of King Richard III of England at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

It’s actually a Fire Tiger day in a Dog month and as both Chinese horoscope signs are part of the same zodiac group, you would think it would be auspicious wouldn’t you? However, these signs need a third member, the Horse to connect and complete them, and then it should be lucky.

If you were born between June 7th and July 6th in any year, you probably have a Horse zodiac sign in your Chinese astrology chart. Definitely so, if you were born between 11 am and 1pm, or after February 4th in any Horse year such as 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942 or any 12th year prior. Of course, you could also have been born on a Horse day which returns every 12th day and instead of getting you to perform an elaborate mental formula, use this link to see if you were free Chinese horoscope.

Due to Chinese astrology being so complex, with almost 13 million different horoscopes, it’s impossible to say exactly how this alignment will react with your own chart without having a professional astrology reading. However, for a broad outline and to see what aspect of life will affected, be it wealth, health, creativity, relationships, power or recognition, see our attribute cycle.

Today's title is also appropriate as it refers to loss, and the Chinese almanac lists attending to funeral duties, as one of the most suitable activities today. Digging holes , laying foundations and visiting friends are also lucky, whilst meditation, honouring ancestors or installing an oven are not.

To see how your own Chinese horoscope sign will fare today, see our “Kingdom for a Fire Horse” below. We will return tomorrow with a Fire Rabbit. Until then, enjoy NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Fire Tiger daily Chinese horoscope – originally posted 1st November 2012

Hell cat in the kitchen?

Today's Fire Tiger sign would be totally at home in a fire environment, and apparently they don’t come much hotter than hell, hence our title today! 

As the fire element is associated with accomplishment, today is generally a good, action packed day where taking a course, travelling, getting engaged, buying or making clothes, signing contracts,  opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, making wine or fermenting, buying or setting direction for your bed and setting up a tombstone are well favoured.

Conversely, the Chinese almanac advises against divining, meditating or setting fires. Oh well, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

To see how your astrology sign will be affected see our dedicated Fire Tiger web page. 
We will return tomorrow which is great too, being a Fire Rabbit day. Fire Tiger daily Chinese horoscope – originally posted 8th September 2011


Feng Shui astrology - Fire Tiger day horoscope

Like a cat on a hot tin roof

Wherever possible I try to choose a popular proverb for a title that may appear obvious at first, but later yields great subtlety. In a way, Feng Shui is like this; the changes we advise in a consultation may appear obvious and full of common sense, and yet they create harmony, success and joy at a most profound level.

So the first obvious part of the title is “hot” alluding to Fire, whilst “cat” refers to the Tiger, which should tell you that today is a Fire Tiger day.  Meanwhile, “tin roof” denotes the Rooster; it is of the metal element and we are all under its influence as from today.

The whole title indicates being restless, skittish and unable to remain still for any length of time, which is certainly a trait of today’s creature. It can also show anxiety, probably due to today being the start of a Fire Rooster month. In this current Rabbit year, this is a “month break” and can indicate problems arising from rapid change.

However, most issues can be balanced found with the water element, generally taken as communicating. Talking to people will certainly bring harmony, and the water element can also be found by travelling, having salty foods in your diet, wearing black or dark blue colours and by being near water.

According to the book of nature or Chinese almanac, success and joy can be found today by learning something new and taking a course, visiting friends, getting engaged, fixing a roof, shopping and buying clothes (as if we needed an excuse), or setting up a tombstone.

Tomorrow is a Fire Rabbit day.  Until then enjoy NOW! Fire Tiger daily Chinese horoscope – originally posted 8th September 2011