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Make a Monkey Suit and go travelling

Wood Rabbit symbol

Today’s Metal Monkey have the same element and with a matching top and bottom, that’s a Monkey suit isn’t it? The Chinese almanac recommendations for a successful day include travelling and buying or making clothes, so you can see how we derived todays title. It also lists, having a haircut, emigrating, opening a  business, moving earth, fixing a roof, or setting up a tombstone as suitable activities for today. it advises against mending nets or barbecuing.

If Metal Monkey is part of your astrology and you can find out with a free Chinese horoscope, you are full of confidence and fiercely independent. Dedication, drive and devotion to others brings success and when you stop joking around and become serious  you can be highly prosperous.

The metal element can act like a magnet drawing people and opportunities to you, but you need to stop worrying and go with the flow. The first half of this year may have been very competitive and you may have struggled to complete everything, or had more responsibility to deal with. However, the second half of the year is where all of our hard work pays off and you can increase your prosperity. Next year being a Dragon year and part of your group ensures that the future will be bright (and shiny?).

Famous Metal Monkeys include Charlie Sheen ( day), Christina Aguilera, Tori Amos, Gillian Anderson, Eric Bana, Tim Burton, Ashley Cole, Robert Cray, Ronaldinho Gaúcho,  Rupert Grint, Steve Guttenberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hulk Hogan, Whitney Houston, Kim Kardashian , Madonna, Robert Plant,  Christina Ricci , Channing Tatum and Venus Williams.

Monkey signs are prominent at this time of year and today that are at the centre of attention, which keeps them happy, they also may find extra help in all they do.

Rat and Pig signs are full of energy and can get some good advice if needed. Conversely, Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox may be overly tired, as they focus on tasks in hand, although they may enjoy travel opportunities in which they can recharge their batteries.

Tiger and Rabbits have a commanding day and in which they could start to realise their ambitions, their females are lucky in love too. Male signs that can enjoy romance today are Snake and Horse they are also lucky with money. - Metal Monkey daily horoscope posted 4th July 2011

Roll out the Sky ball?

Black beauty day?

Today sees the general release of the new James Bond film Skyfall and from a Feng Shui perspective, they must have used auspicious timing in choosing this date. It’s not surprising, as the film is reputed to have cost a whopping £93.7m ($150m). With such an investment, who wouldn’t use auspicious timing to maximise their returns? Kerching!

There are many ways to choose auspicious timing and relatively recently, an Asian construction company won a global multibillion dollar contract and avoided hefty late penalties by doing so. “Going with the flow” as great timing is sometimes known, is used globally by those who know of its success record; to launch, host, unveil or announce important events. Let’s look at some of the options available today.

In the Tong Shu or Chinese almanac, today is listed as an “Open” day; a lucky day to unveil or present something new. Whilst in Chinese astrology, it’s a Metal Monkey day, which has a special distinction within the Chinese zodiac as it’s known as “The Reformer”; a perfect day to give something up or develop new concepts.  Consequently, the classic Bond Martini is replaced in Skyfall by a can of Heineken, the privilege of which cost the lager company almost a third of the film costs. 

Although, Skyfall’s general release is today, the world wide premiere was actually 3 days ago on the 23rd October; a day auspicious for new cycles and long term partnerships.  As this film breaks records in its partnerships with sponsors, it’s highly appropriate. However, in the 28 Lunar Mansions, the moon appears in the Ghost constellation, so let’s hope this aspect doesn’t turn around to haunt them.

When we consider the Chinese astrological elements of Yang Metal which indicates Heaven or sky, and Monkey’s metal elements denoting spherical shapes (ball), you can see the inspiration behind today's title. Furthermore, the Monkey day and Dog month Chinese zodiac signs are the beginning and end of a spectacular alignment. They only need the Rooster to complete and finalise it. Rooster represents entertainment and the showman. - Metal Monkey daily horoscope posted 26th October 2012

In Chinese mythology, the Rooster is known as the bird that cannot fly but makes a lot of noise. It can indicate critics, so having film critics on board will make Skyfall the surefire success it deserves to be. However, the truly clever aspect about today's lucky timings is that entertainment and critics aside, between 5pm and 7pm we enter the Rooster double hour, which completes the triple alignment of Monkey, Rooster and Dog to create the strongest ever metal element. This can be likened to pure gold and represents outstanding wealth to the fire element of the film industry and its director Sam Mendes. In the UK and Ireland where the film opens today and at teatime tonight, it may feel similar to a PT Barnum moment where we are all part of the greatest show on earth! 

Returning to solid ground, the Chinese almanac is positively grinning and recommends meditation or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, taking a course visiting friends, having a haircut, sweeping house, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, opening a water course and drilling a well.

Metal Monkey traits and compatibility are covered below. As business is very busy at the moment, we will not return until next Wednesday. Until then, have a ball!
Finn & Slim Shooey



Make amends in Monkey business

Huge Rabbit

Today's Metal Monkey is famous in Chinese astrology for being the ultimate reformer or judge. Consequently, Metal Monkey days are excellent for making amends or even ending bad habits.

As these only occur every 60 days, you should make the most of it and the Chinese almanac suggests meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, having a haircut, travelling, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof, shopping, creating a water feature or drilling a well as the most favourable activities today.

Wings is the lunar mansion today and is not so favourable, affecting marriage or burial functions.  The book of nature also advises against fishing, hunting, fixing nets or realigning ones bed.

See our Metal Monkey page for your own signs compatibility today and we will return tomorrow on a Metal Rooster day.
Until then, enjoy NOW! Metal Monkey daily horoscope posted 1st November 2011



Monkey on your back….time to give up?

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscope

Today's title refers to that infamous saying that suggests you will be burdened in some way. It is perfectly appropriate as this Metal Monkey day clashes with the month sign of Tiger suggesting struggles ahead. Consequently, any short term decisions should be made tomorrow. Although the book of nature suggests that anything involving taking things apart, such as decorating or refurbishing is well favoured.

So, with today's advice in mind, if you were looking for an excuse to take it easy on “leap year’s day”, you could say it’s a “fate thing!”

Seriously though, today's Metal Monkey is synonymous with reform, so the time is perfect for giving up bad habits, or changing your lifestyle is some way.

We will return on Friday as tomorrow is a very busy day. We don’t need Chinese astrology to tell us that, although it does suggest success! - Metal Monkey daily horoscope posted 2th February 2012