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All our flaming luck?

Earth Snake dayIf yesterday lunchtime was a good experience you can expect that good luck to run all day today. That’s because it’s actually a Metal Goat day and instead of yesterday’s two hour window, the triple alignment between day, month and year brings a huge fire influence to us all. In Feng Shui terms, this element denotes joy, beauty and laughter and may these attributes grace your day today.

Furthermore, some of us could be very lucky indeed and to see whether this is you, try our just christened “luck-o-meter” or attribute cycle to see whether it affects your health, wealth, relationships, creativity, recognition or authority. Please feel free to pass this onto your friends.

As you would expect, the Feng Shui almanac is proverbially smiling and most things, especially partnerships, are favoured today. The full list of suitable activities are meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, having an astrology reading, emigrating, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, making wine or fermenting, hunting, or setting up a tombstone.

Returning to today's Metal Sheep, if you have one of these in your chart, you have great expression, resource and an enviable understating of the natural order of things. There is much more I could tell you, but it’s already on our dedicated Metal Sheep web page, as is how your own Chinese zodiac sign will fare under its influence.

Famous Metal Sheep people include Sandra Bullock, Sam Cooke, James Dean, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Love, Daniel Radcliffe, Richie Sambora, William Shatner, Kevin Spacey, Hilary Swank and Suzanne Vega.

We should return tomorrow and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW; its lucky!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Metal Sheep daily horoscope posted 4th July 2013

Hog hunting?

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscopeThe feng shui calendar lists today as a Metal Sheep day in a Rabbit month and that’s two parts of a Chinese astrology set. A Pig completes this triple alignment and was the inspiration behind our title. Consequently, if you were born between 9-11pm (local time) or from November 5th – December 5th, or in any Pig year such as 2007 and every 12 years before, you will have a Pig in your chart and that could make today extraordinary.

Of course you could also have been born on the day of the Pig, and to avoid an extremely complex formula, here is a free Chinese horoscope to tell you.

This form of Chinese astrology is so accurate it views you as one in almost 13 million different people, so it’s impossible to generalise. However if you have a Pig in your chart, the best way to discover the effect of today’s huge wood element influence is to also use our free attribute cycle. This shows if your relationships, heath, wealth, creativity or power will be affected and whether today will be incredibly good or more challenging.  Mind you, the Pig sign is clashed this year, so the latter shouldn’t now bring too many surprises.

You might also like to know that today's feng shui almanac lists meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, getting married, taking a course, travelling,  having an astrology reading, emigrating, opening a business and trading, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your oven or attending a funeral as favourable activities.

We hope to return tomorrow with a Water Monkey, although it’s still very busy. Until tomorrow, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Metal Sheep daily horoscope posted 6th March 2013

Sweet Bird in Golden Fleece?

This isn’t a fashion headline but the start of a reasonably auspicious month ahead. This occurs today at 13:29 Beijing time (+8 GMT) as we enter the start of a new Solar month of Earth Rooster, which combines with the annual Dragon sign to enhance the metal element.

Metal represents authority, government and management as well as armed and emergency services, all of which you can expect to be prominent this month. To see how this month will affect you personally, use our attribute cycle. If the metal element is good for your horoscope you can expect an exceptional month ahead, if detrimental our site should help you to balance the energy and help avoid problems.

The earth element relates to a sweet taste and those with it in their chart may have a sweet tooth.  Rooster is clearly a bird, so sweet bird seemed to be the flavour of the moment in our title. Golden Fleece relates to today being a Yin Metal (golden) Sheep (fleece). See our dedicated Metal Sheep page for how your sign will be influenced today.

The Chinese almanac suggests meditation or honouring ancestors, travelling, trading, buying or setting direction for your bed, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations or fixing a roof as the most suitable activities for today.

We will return on Tuesday, a Wood Pig day. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey - Metal Sheep daily horoscope posted 7th September 2012

Getting a sheepskin?

Black beauty day?


Today's Metal Sheep title refers to getting a degree or diploma, as it’s usually printed on parchment which comes from sheepskin.  Now although we do run accredited diploma courses in feng shui and Chinese astrology, see taking a course, we mean this in a more literal sense. That’s because, today's metal element itself actually refers to skin and according to the Chinese book of nature, tomorrow sees the onset of winter. I therefore suggest that a sheepskin jacket (although faux ) is far more appropriate to help fend off the cold weather.

 With such a major cycle starting tomorrow, the Chinese almanac recommends only quiet reflection, meditation or honouring ancestors. It advises against laying foundations or making soy.  I wouldn’t want to mix these activities up as a structure built on recipes is a … cake isn’t it? Maybe it has a deeper more profound meaning and refers to a career in cooking?

On the subject of which, famous chef Gordon Ramsay was born on a much luckier Metal Sheep day and it’s actually his birthday in 2 days’ time. I don’t know what type of cake he will have but I bet he won’t bake it today. In fact, it is his combination of Metal and Earth elements that imbues him with such talent that he is able to create so many complex and flavoursome dishes. What does it do for you? See our dedicated Metal Sheep web page below. 

We will return tomorrow with a Water Monkey - now that’s what I call a Masterchef ingredient!  
Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Metal Sheep daily horoscope posted 6th November 2012

Separate the sheep from the goats

You can tell a sheep from a goat at a glance; however, in the Chinese language discernment is almost impossible as they both have the same written character. It is only the preceding word or binomial that differentiates ovine and caprine creatures. To clarify, sheep has the word  mian meaning “soft” as a prefix, and goat has shan or “mountain” before it. This helps a farmer decide the safe height of their fences when buying sheep or goats via text message!

In Chinese astrology however, the sheep or goat actually has a completely different character called Wei. This essentially refers to specific combinations and the timeliness of elements completely unrelated to our farm friends. So if you know someone in a quandary about whether they are a sheep or a goat, it doesn’t matter as they are one and the same.

If this degree of detail seems excessive, it is a trait of Yin Metal and highly appropriate on this Metal Sheep or Xin Wei day, more so as the metal element is strongest in September and most timely. 

This affinity or natural alignment is mirrored in the Chinese almanac which recommends meditation, travelling, getting married, emigrating, fixing a roof, and raising animals, no doubt home on the range as suitable activities. It advises against digging foundations or making wine though. The latter is best done tomorrow on a Water Monkey day.
So until then enjoy NOW! - Metal Sheep day horoscope posted 13th September 2011

sheep follows another over the moon

Metal Horse horoscope posted 12 th September 2011

Today is a Metal Sheep day in a Wood Sheep month, so having a couple of sheep together fits this old saying. It is also the 15th day of the lunar calendar, which means that tonight is a full moon. At these times, more blood is drawn upwards, over oxygenating the brain and making us more eccentric and flamboyant. Just ask any police department or insurance company!

With the party spirit as today’s theme, the Chinese almanac recommends visiting friends, travelling, emigrating or taking up a foreign post, getting engaged,  having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, opening a business and moving earth. If you prefer quiet contemplation, meditation is also suitable and it is a good day for burial.

It seems the party mood can continue until Sunday; a good day to clear away and tidy up. We will return on Monday. Metal Sheep day horoscope posted 15th July 2011

Non following sheep knows its own mind

Today's Metal Sheep is a self-supporting pillar; the animal's element supports the heavenly stem, in this case Earth generating Metal. In Chinese astrology, the zodiac animal represents the body, whilst the stem represents the mind. Therefore this combination indicates a strong, healthy and vibrant mind with great clarity and high ideals. It is the mind of a leader not of a follower. Famous Metal Sheep people include Sandra Bullock, Sam Cooke, James Dean, Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Love, Daniel Radcliffe, Richie Sambora, William Shatner, Kevin Spacey, Hilary Swank and Suzanne Vega.

Sheep and Pig signs prosper in a Rabbit year and can easily increase power and recognition from their endeavours. This is good news for the Pig as it is clashed until June 6th. The earth sign of Dragon may have success, whilst Ox and Dog signs may have to rethink their plans. Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster are full of energy and the Rat may appear larger than life. Tiger males are romantic and may enjoy new financial opportunities. However, the fire signs of Snake and Horse seem to have the best of both worlds as they are well supported and highly creative.

The Chinese almanac suggests that today is only good for refurbishing or modifying your home or office. Although, there is a significant full moon tomorrow, the only lucky day this week is Thursday but we'll return tomorrow and guide you through it.
Until then – enjoy now! - Metal Sheep day horoscope posted 16 May 2011