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In the running, go for gold in Chinese astrology

It seems that these triple alignments although rare have occurred a lot lately. Yesterday; a horse day, we were looking for a Goat, and today being a Goat day we are in the running for a horse.  Yesterday should have been a memorable day for those with the Goat influence and today Horse signs will get to experience this too. 

However, as this triple alignment between the day and month has such a strong effect it can actually upset the equilibrium of the Chinese horoscope and cause mayhem too, so today can be fantastically good, or really not so much…

 It just goes to show that even though you only have one Chinese zodiac sign in a group it can combine with its other two counterparts in time. Take this year as an example, the Snake will affect the Ox and Rooster and at certain times create a huge metal influence. Similarly, as we have seen in these last couple of days, it affects the Horse and Sheep to create a massive fire influence.

As there are almost 13 million different variations in Chinese astrology, it’s impossible to be general and say how these alignments can affect you, remember they can be fantastically god or bad. However, as this form of astrology uses the five elements it is said to cure bad luck.

So, if you are at all worried check your horoscope to see if you have any of the signs just listed then head over to our attribute cycle to show you its effect and if needed; how to cure it. This is all free and can be used as many times as you like, by you, your friends and family, or anybody that you care about, why not email this to or share it with someone now?

A fine example of balancing Chinese horoscopes or finding equilibrium is today's Water Goat; those born on these days may have stomach issues and bottle up all their emotions. They need the metal element to balance and this can be found by using feng shui and sleeping with their head in the west, wearing white, grey or metallic colours, diet and personal management. This knowledge can turn bad times into better and good times into fantastic ones, perhaps you can now see why people think feng shui and chines astrology is pure gold!

As is daily tips on which activities will help you be in the right place at the right time. According to the feng shui or Chinese almanac its great day to buy land or property, also good for planting seeds and sweeping house, you can take this metaphorically to mean research and attention to fine detail.

As we are teaching this weekend our blog should return on next Wednesday. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Water Sheep daily Chinese horoscope posted 17th May 2013

Black spot sheep finds Success at Well

Water Sheep daily horoscope posted Today's Water Sheep is associated with the colour black as well as transport and communications.  With that in mind, today's picture is of a house with the speed limit painted on the side that measures a whopping 5 metres in diameter. It is placed on an accident black spot to slow motorists rampaging through a Devon UK village and allow villagers to access the local shop.

This reminds me that in ancient times, Chinese villages were placed in a nonagonal arrangement around a well and this became the origin of town squares. This assembly of nine has been fully adopted in Chinese culture and is found is such diverse subjects such as writing and feng shui. In the latter, it is found as a Luo Shu magic square and Well itself is a constellation that the Moon rises in once every 28 days and known as a Lunar Mansion.

Interestingly enough today is a “Well” day in the lunar mansions and is associated with learning. This is partly the reason for going into such detail in this blog and wholly the cause of painting the warning sign on the house. It is also to mark the start of Road Safety Week in the UK and the owner will paint over it on 5 December.

In another cycle, today is also a “Success” day; highly auspicious for such an important awareness campaign. Furthermore, today's Sheep unites the monthly Pig and annual Rabbit signs making it an extremely lucky day, so much so that I heard a rumour the campaign was even mentioned in a Chinese astrology and feng shui blog. Go figure!

The Chinese almanac is following this theme and seems to be doing a “happy dance” and smiling with its auspicious horseshoe formation. Suitable activities to do today include meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, getting engaged, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof, making wine or fermenting, buying or setting direction for your bed  or setting up a tombstone.
To see how your own sign is affected today see our dedicated Water Sheep  web page and we will return tomorrow with a Wood Monkey. Don’t worry we will be over the moon… Until then, enjoy NOW - Water Sheep daily Chinese horoscope posted 24th November 2011

Blue Sheep day?

Today is a Water Sheep day and like yesterdays water element influence it is associated with the colour black and dark blue, hence Blue Sheep.

Today’s Water Sheep favours meditation, asking for blessings, enrolling on  a course,  visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buy or make clothes, open a business and trade, refurbish home or office, move earth, fix a roof, make wine, go hunting, or set up a tombstone.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today! - Water Goat daily Chinese horoscope posted November 2010

Underwater goats with snorkels and flippers seeks like minds

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscopeToday’s title pays homage to Monty Python and by linking h20 in any form with a caprine we provide an amusing alternative heading to Water Goat day. Like minds refers to friends, which is the theme of today as the Goat is teammate to this month’s sign of Rabbit. The final member of this astrological group is the Pig and if you have one of these in your chart, it will be as if you had all three and you will have a remarkable day. This can range from being totally drained, to fully inspired, or be lucky with wealth, romance, recognition, support and feeling vibrant, depending on your horoscope. Have a free Chinese horoscope and see, or have a professional astrology reading and discover how to improve your quality of life.

On the subject of friends, who wouldn’t want to be pals with a Water Goat? Of all the 5 different types of astrological Goats, they can be the most powerful. They are also honourable, expressive, creative, devoted to others and can be very lucky with investments or ways of making money. Generally attractive to the opposite gender, they use their money to improve quality of life.  If ever they find themselves under pressure, wearing white or grey colours will balance their energy. Famous Water Goats include Amelia Earhart, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, Robert De Niro, J.K. Rowling and Lech Walesa. 

Naturally Goat or Sheep will be at the centre of attention today and everything will move towards them, so it’s probably a good idea for them not to change their habits too much. Their friends of Rabbit and their pal of Tiger can find wealth and males can be lucky in love. Buddy Pig has power, creativity and inspiration and females along with Rat signs feel romantic and can find love.  Companion signs of Horse along with Snakes signs can relax, or finally tackle that project that they have been putting off for some time. Conversely, the Ox is clashed today and are probably under pressure. The fire element can help them and this can be by colour, warmth or to stop procrastinating and take action.  Dog signs need to be aware that their plans may go astray, but Dragons can see their projects develop. Whilst monkey and Rooster signs are in a good position to get help and support, they also may be full of energy.

The friend theme continues with the Chinese almanac suggesting mostly anything you can do with others as being favourable. This includes, meditation, asking for blessings, visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buy or make clothes, emigrate, open a business and trade, refurbish home or office, move earth, fix a roof, go hunting, or set up a tombstone.
Until tomorrow enjoy today! - Water Goat daily Chinese horoscope posted 29th March 2011

sheep follows another through a new door

Black beauty day? It is a Water Sheep day in a Wood Sheep month, so our title clearly holds true today. It will not be similar to London Taxis though; where you can wait ages for one then many come along at the same time; as another Sheep day will arrive every 12 days from now.

A new door is just one of today’s timely activities suggested by the Chinese almanac. On the subject of new and doors being opened,  we would like to wish great success to our new consultants who passed their final exam over the weekend.

Other recommendations from the Tong Shu include meditation, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, refurbishing a home , setting up posts or fixing a roof, changing your door as suitable activities. It advises against digging foundations or raising a lawsuit.

It’s a much better day tomorrow. Until then – enjoy now!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Water Sheep daily Chinese horoscope posted 27th July 2011

Blah Blah…Black Sheep?

In the several years we’ve been writing this blog, I’m surprised that we’ve never used this title before. It now seems so obvious because we write about all things Feng Shui and Chinese astrology - that’s the blah blah bit and black is simply a colour associated with today's Water Sheep. I guess having just returned from a couple of days off after teaching at the weekend; it must be a fate thing!

On the subject of destiny, we also translate the Tong Shu for the most favourable daily recommendations and activities. Today it suggests meditation or honouring ancestors, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, having an astrology reading, emigrating, fixing a roof or attending to funeral duties. It advises against digging foundations or entering into litigation.

Today's Water Sheep favours the Pig and Rabbit signs and clashes with Ox signs. To see how your own Chinese zodiac signs fare, please see our dedicated Water Sheep web page.

Not so much a fate thing, more a tragedy, is the recent passing of our esteemed colleague Jon Sandifer. He gave so much to the Feng Shui community and his readers that he will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace and live on in our hearts and memories. God bless him.

We will continue tomorrow on a Wood Monkey day. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW. - Water Sheep daily Chinese horoscope posted 19th September 2012