Water Horse Chinese Astrology

Get your goat and grin like a gee-gee!

Wood Rabbit symbol

Great day for a Goat, not too shabby either for those without

Today's title could mean something that either makes you angry or irritated. However, it is used in a completely literal sense and if you have a Goat or Sheep in your Chinese horoscope, it will combine with today's Water Horse and this month’s Snake sign to make a most memorable day indeed.

For those without a Goat it isn’t half bad either, in fact, the Chinese almanac is “grinning like a gee-gee” or smiling like a horse as today could allow all our plans to come to fruition. Consequently, activities found to be in the winners enclosure are meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, taking a course, having a haircut, sweeping house, travelling, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, opening a business, trading and settling accounts, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed or oven, or setting up a tombstone.

So the Horse, Goat and Snake form a triple alignment of fire qi which is great for inspiration, forward thinking and rapid growth. However, “falling at the first” are activities involving water features and it’s advisable to buy boat tickets tomorrow instead.

On the subject of water, the Moon starts a new cycle today as it moves through the 28 Lunar mansions or Chinese constellations and that’s always a lucky day, especially for growth, partnerships or creating.

If you have a Water Horse in your horoscope or you would like to find out how your Chinese animal fares today, please see the runners and riders in our dedicated Water Horse web page.  We will return tomorrow and until then, SMILE and enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope posted 16th May 2013

Celebrate the return of the Earth King and get as soused as a seahorse!

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Wow a grand title to match the day. Earth king refers to the eighteen day period that occurs at the end of every five element phase or season. Sadly, yesterday was the end of the fire element or summer season as we know it. According to the book of nature the metal season or autumn starts on the 7th August and the time between then and now is meant for celebration of nature’s finest.  

Consequently, the Chinese almanac advises making wine or drinking (responsibly), putting your home in order by fixing cracks in walls and uneven paths, laying foundations and burial functions or duties.

Being an earth period of stability it advises against anything to do with installing water in the landscape, such as building dykes or watercourses. Hopefully, as the earth element naturally controls water, we should see the recent torrential flooding diminishing. 

Interestingly, in support of this “drying out” hypothesis, tomorrow is the start of Great Heat; a fifteen day period comprising one of the 24 Seasons in Chinese philosophy and culture. As today is a Water Horse, does this mark the turning point being half water and half heat?

Of course erring on the side of frivolity, I have tagged today's celebratory influences as a Soused Seahorse. To see the effects this creature has on your personal astrology see our dedicated web Water Horse page.

A secondary reason for such an outrageous title is that hopefully you will remember us with a smile during our blog holiday. We are teaching this weekend and our blog would normally return next Wednesday; however we routinely take a seasonal break, so our blog will now return in September. Our office will still be manned and we are still available for all consultations and usual business arrangements.   Until we return, enjoy every moment of NOW. Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope posted 20th july 2012

Sea horse alchemy - best shared with friends

Today’s Water Horse fuses the elements of fire and water together; the symbol of alchemy, a mythical process of turning lead into gold. In actuality this was an allegory, as it referred to the refinement of oneself through knowledge and spiritual practice leading to prolonged life without disease or stress. This advanced philosophy was outlawed by the church, so like-minded proponents met in each other’s homes as friends to avoid persecution. What of sea? That’s just an eccentric way of saying Water Horse!

On a lighter note, today is another excellent day and probably the most auspicious of the week. The Chinese almanac recommends meditating, asking for blessings, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, sweeping the house, visiting a doctor, signing contracts, opening a business and trading, refurbishing your home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof and setting up a bed or tombstone.

If you have a Water Horse in your horoscope or you would like to find out how your Chinese animal fares today, please see our Water Horse web page. We will return on Tuesday as we have another UK bank holiday weekend. Until then have a great weekend enjoying every minute. - Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope posted 27th May 2011

Kelpie day - travellers beware

The kelpie is a mystical Water Horse from Celtic legend, said to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. The horse's appearance is strong, powerful and breath-taking and was rumoured to lure visitors to their doom. This way of opening today’s blog is a bit dramatic I know, but it does draw attention to this Water Horse day. Perhaps more importantly, the Chinese almanac suggests keeping an open mind and fixing paths and walls to avoid accidents.

If Water Horse is a day pillar in your horoscope see your Four Pillars of Destiny. You could have lots of wealth opportunities which eventually lead to power. As your mind controls your body, you will have a punishing schedule and probably a dietary or stomach problem, caused by eating the wrong foods.  The earth and metal elements are needed to balance your energy and you should cut back on sweeties and eat more pungent tastes or tubers. This combination makes for good communication and action related professions.

Famous Ness’s include Muhammad Ali, Chris O'Donnell, Harrison Ford, Elizabeth Hurley, Tobey Maguire, Paul McCartney, Michael Nesmith, Michael Phelps, Lou Reed, Martin Scorsese, Barbra Streisand and Venus Williams.

As you would expect, Horse signs are prominent and vibrant and females will find that their relationship occupies their mind today. This is also true with Snake, Monkey and Rooster signs. You would need to be a male with Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox signs to be lucky in love, although you are blessed with prosperity today, as are Pig and Rat signs and it is also a good day to take charge of your life and make relevant decisions. Although, Rat signs could struggle with this as they are normally clashed on Horse days, but in spring this is less so. Tiger and Rabbit signs are positively inspired and it is a good day for them to try new things and put their ideas into action. They may also find that people take their advice more readily today.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today! - Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope posted 28th March 2011

Black beauty day??

Black beauty day?

In explaining the title of this blog, you should know that black refers to the colour associated with Yang Water stem the first part of today’s Water Horse pillar. Adding this to the animal sign of Horse it naturally followed to suggest an example of one of the bestselling books of all time – Black Beauty. Written by Anna Sewell in 1877 and selling over fifty million copies it tells the tale of relationships with animals, and as Horse is partnered with this years’ Tiger sign, it also suits today’s astrology.   The final part of this group is the Dog and  if you have one in your horoscope it will form a very strong fire combination. See ourattribute cycle for its effects on you.

Relations with other animal signs begin with the Rat which is clashed and may have a stressful afternoon, along with the Pig signs they should be lucky in love and money though. Metal element women also have romance and all Monkey and Rooster signs share power and recognition.

Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should be full of energy and new ideas and Rabbit and Tiger signs can put them into action as they will feel creative today. Culminating with Snake signs who can benefit by seeing their plans develop or come to fruition.

Being a Water and Fire day the Chinese almanac suggests that it is unsuitable to install water features, not the household kind more the agricultural. Instead you can meditate, ask for blessings, visit friends, have a haircut, change your bed direction,  lay foundations, buy clothes, or arrange a funeral. - Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope - 2010

Water turns to “Little Snow” that’s straight from the horse's mouth

Now that’s a title to get your teeth into, excuse the pun.  There’s just so much going on today, it provides some interesting components for the title. Firstly, it’s a Water Horse day and the water element in people creates distinctive mouths, which can be used to discern people’s energy in “face reading”.  Hence, the equine proverb in the title.

 Secondly, by observation Chinese philosophy divides the year into 24 x 15 day periods. These are referred to as the “24 seasons” and today starts a new 15 day period called…“Little Snow”. This normally marks an icy spell in the northern hemisphere and you can see the effects of global warming by counting the days until you experience your next cold snap.

Friends are good for taking our minds off the weather and the Chinese almanac suggests the best possible activities today as seeing friends, as well as getting engaged, emigrating, is that to warmer climes? moving earth, fixing a roof, and setting directions for your bed, presumably away from any draughts…

To see how your own sign is affected today see our dedicated Water Horse web page and we will return tomorrow with the Black Sheep.
Until then, enjoy NOW!Water Horse daily Chinese horoscope posted 23rd November 2011