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Beef wellingtons?

Wood Rabbit symbol

You are probably expecting a recipe to follow today's title, but apart from it being an Ox day you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually a Water Ox day, and falling as it does in a Water Snake year, means that there is a lot of water around, so wellington boots may be your best choice of transport today.

Actually, in just a couple of days we begin one of the Chinese 24 seasons called Grain Rain, meaning that for the next 15 day period, it will be wet and you may not want to take your “wellies” off. However, there is a very big light at the end of the tunnel which according to the Chinese book of nature will be the start of the summer season and the height of the fire element.

According to Chinese philosophy, each year is divided into five elements which comprises a 72 day period. The earth element is seen as the stabilising force and occurs as an 18 day period added to the end of each season, making 90 days in all for each season. Today is a fine example; the spring season with its wood element has been prevalent for the last 72 days and today is the start of the earth element.

This period is known as the reign of the Soil King and marks the transition from spring to summer. This is a time in which we honour the fruits of the earth and a natural lifestyle. We do not dig or lay foundations until summer begins and in ancient times there was also travel restrictions as ones feet had to remain on terra firma.

These restrictions have been updated for the modern age and for today only it is not a good day for breaking the earth or travelling by boat. It is however a good day for hunting and making a fire; as good a reason as any to break out the barbecue, although looking through the office window, it seems that beef and wellingtons might be more appropriate.

To see how your own sign will fare under today’s Chinese astrology influences, see our dedicated Water Ox page below. 

We’re still very busy but we should return tomorrow on a Wood Tiger day. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Water Ox daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 17th April 2013

And the black cow jumped over the moon

No time for details today due to report deadlines, except to say the following.
Chinese astrology - Water Ox day.
Favourable colours are black and dark blue.
Good for Ox, Snake and Rooster, Dog signs may also prosper.
Possible challenges for Sheep, Rabbit and Pig signs.
DO meditate, visit friends, refurbish a room, buy or set direction for bed or oven, make wine, fix walls and fill cracks.
DO NOT lay foundations or begin litigation.

It is looking pretty busy for tomorrow, so we will return on Friday.
Until then, enjoy NOW
Finn & Slim Shooey - Water Ox daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 27th June 2011

Danger - cash cow on the rooftop

cash cowToday’s Water Ox falls on a Danger day in the Twelve House system and “Rooftop” in the Twenty Eight Lunar Mansion system. Neither makes it a particularly auspicious day. As to the cash cow, the water element represents finances in general and cow is another name for Ox. That’s how we derived todays title, but what does it all mean?

“Danger” relates to a day fraught with problems and an ever present danger of accidents at work, so is best suited to leisure. The ancient text says it is advisable to be joyful and drink wine responsibly.

Days ruled by the “Rooftop” are also fraught with danger, particularly for those on the move; those on land are said to be attacked, whilst ships may run aground or capsize. It’s best to stay in one place and make house refurbishments, especially to the roof.

The Chinese almanac recommends meditation, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, putting a new roof on a home, filling cracks in walls, fixing nets and having a barbecue as suitable activities. It advises against dealing with legal matters or buying clothes.

If Water Ox is in your horoscope, your body controls your mind and you may store up all your emotions. Find out with our Free Chinese horoscope. However, this year is different, as your most successful element is present as the annual qi of Yin Metal Rabbit. Since May you have been able to get things off your chest and express yourself effortlessly. A gracious manner and creative flair attracts friends, and loved ones share in your uncanny knack to become prosperous. 

Famous celebrities include 50 CENTS - (Curtis Jackson III), and Alfred Hitchcock born on a Water Ox day. Akon, Peter André, Desi Arnaz Jr, Anita Bake, Tyra Banks, Kate Beckinsale, Pat Benatar, David Blaine, Adrien Brody, Stephen Dorff, Cuba Gooding Jr.Jools Holland, Heidi Klum, LL Cool J, Sean Paul and Sebastian Vettel. - Water Ox daily Feng Shui horoscope posted 27th June 2011

The Chinese almanac suggests suitable activities today are to meditate, ask for blessings, refurbish kitchen, lay foundations, open business, sign contracts, position new bed, repair nets, open water course, fix walls and fill cracks.

Ox signs are at the centre of attention and together with the other signs of Dragon, Goat and Dog have wealth and romance.

Although, Goat signs are clashed and may feel tense as a result.  Female Pig and Rat signs also have romance and Rabbit and Tiger people have wealth too.  Snake and Horse can be creative and Monkey and Rooster will be full of energy. Tomorrow is also a good day but Sunday is only good for rest and repairing.
Until Monday - enjoy each day!Water Ox daily Feng Shui horoscope originally posted 2010