Water Pig Chinese Astrology

Water Pig astrology

Water Pig horoscope As happy as a pig in … glorious mud?

Water Pig daily horoscopeDidn’t expect that end to the title did you? Today's Water Pig sign falls in an earth month of Dog and when we mix these two elements together, we get mud. However, when in the right quantity, the earth element guides and empowers the water element and that outcome can be glorious. For example, canals are concrete channels used for water transport. On a more subtle level ceramics (earth) are used to control electricity (water).

Today's Pig is part of the same group as the annual Rabbit sign and that in itself can suggest a glorious day especially when spent with friends. Other recommendations made by the Chinese almanac are meditation, refurbishing a home or office, having a haircut, fixing a roof, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, as well as buying or setting directions for your bed or oven.

In the 28 Lunar mansions, it is a “Neck” day and should you start a lawsuit or marry today, you might well feel the effects or “get it in the neck”. According to the old proverb, this means punishment and criticism; probably not something you would want to drag out for a long period of time. 

On the subject of time, today marks the end of a sexagesimal cycle and tomorrow see the start of a new one that will take us through the winter period. A Neck day falling as it does in autumn suggests a wet harvest.

To see how our daily horoscope affects your own signs see our Water Pig web page. We will return on Tuesday as Mondays are usually crazy after the weekend, when it will be a Fire Rabbit day and the start of a new month and season.
Until then, enjoy NOW !posted 4th November 2011 & August 30th 2012

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Water Pig daily horoscope - Mercury rising, remembered and retiring on Water Pig day!

We are finally in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde which lasts until September 9th and was in full force from August 7th until 26th. It was a time that severely affected water element characteristics, such as communication, speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formalising contracts, documents, travel, the mail, shipping, and so forth. Hence we closed our blog down at the onset and as you can see; have only now returned. (Any resemblance to our regular summer sabbatical is purely coincidental!)

The positive side to Mercury Retrograde is best used for re-organizing and reflecting. It is a time of heightened inner awareness, where we can discover some very important inner revelations, especially by reviewing past work or performance.

If you visit Google today, you will also be reminded of another memorable Mercury performance, as it is Freddy Mercury’s 65th anniversary today. The search engine has commissioned a special video that celebrates the life of this awesome communicator, performer and Water person.

Again coincidentally, a Water Pig day denotes the end of a cycle, as it is the last of the sexagesimal or 60 pillar cycle. Consequently, the Chinese almanac suggests pampering and preparation, a good day to retire early, treat yourself or even refurbish your home, especially by repairing walls or paths.

It is much better tomorrow – a Wood Rat day, until then enjoy NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey posted 5th September 2011

Water Pig daily horoscopeHigh on the hog on world wood day!

Today’s Water Pig combines with the annual sign of Rabbit and from 11:42 BST we enter the Wood Sheep month, completing a triple combination for the wood element. Wood shapes are higher that they are wide hence today’s title reference. This is such a strong wood influence that today will be a remarkable day for all.  As there are almost 13 million different Chinese horoscopes which makes it extremely complex yet incredibly accurate, you should see our attribute cycle to understand how it will affect you personally.

See whether the wood influence affects your wealth, relationships, creativity or investment potential, intelligence and power or recognition. If you have a Pig in your horoscope and you can find out with our free Chinese horoscope this phenomenon will continue until August 7th, perhaps becoming even more memorable.

On the world stage the wood influence can bring great kindness or great anger when out of control. Luckily, this year’s metal influence of 2011’s Metal Rabbit will keep this is in check, so we should only see the good aspects manifest. Wood also denotes strategy, networking and planning and the United States could well occupy centre stage during this month, where they will gain public support.

If you have a Water Pig in your horoscope, you are extremely independent, intelligent and highly creative; capable of achieving spectacular results, especially this month. Additionally, being highly confident, you can express yourself well in any format and your worldly wisdom attracts others to you.  Famous Water Pig celebrities include Emily Blunt, Cheryl Cole, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keira Knightley, Tatum O'Neal, Michael Palin, Emma Stone, Owen Wilson and Amy Winehouse.

Finally the wood influence can denote rapid growth and the Chinese almanac theme for today suggests preparation, perhaps for an exciting time ahead.  Suitable activities include meditation, pampering and fixing nets.

Tomorrow is when you can take action.Water Pig daily horoscope posted 7th July 2011

Water Pig daily horoscope Salty Pig day?

Salty is a taste associated with the Water element and today is said to have definite porcine qualities being a Water Pig day. These include intelligence, so it is a good day to take a course or to dig and look for treasure like truffles or even lay foundations and build a new home. Of course, there are the more popular culinary pursuits and if these interest you more, you will be glad to know that it is also good to start a fire or have a BBQ.  If doing so you will definitely find a “Salty Piguseful as it is a high end condiment dispenser.

Water Pig daily horoscopeThe Chinese almanac or Tong Shu also suggests planting seeds, opening a business or aligning a door as favourable activities today, but that’s because today marks the end of a cycle. Following these activities means that you are ready for the next 60 day cycle to start tomorrow.   Pig is also a friend of the Rabbit and means that people born with this sign in their horoscope should be lucky in this Rabbit month and year.  These include Emily Blunt,  Keira Knightley,  Amy Winehouse,  Cheryl Tweedy, Carrie Underwood  and Holly Valance.

Specifically, a Pig day brings wealth opportunities to the earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. Wood signs of Rabbit and Tiger will feel energised, whilst fire signs of Snake and Horse should feel empowered and gain recognition. That said, the Snake is clashed and may struggle today without the wood element which they can use by wearing green or light blue colours. Alternatively, as this element is also related to thinking forming a strategy for success also works. Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster should have quite a relaxing and creative day..Pposted 9th March 2011.