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Like a drowned Rat?

Wood Rabbit symbol

In Chinese astrology they don’t come much wetter than today's Water Rat, but as water represents wisdom, that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

In Chinese astrology the Water Rat marks the last or fifth cycle of the Chinese zodiac, and as well as wisdom, it also signifies independence.  These aspects will come to the fore over the next 12 days.

As the Rat horoscope sign is part of the same zodiac group as the annual Dragon sign, you can expect today to be auspicious, and it is mostly. The Chinese almanac  lists today’s most suitable activities as meditation or honouring ancestors, visiting friends, taking a course,  having a haircut, travelling, buying or making clothes, opening a  business and trading, signing contracts and setting up a tombstone.

As it’s a good day for learning something, let’s cover what we sometimes refer to as the Lunar Mansions. There are twenty eight in number and they show the rising of the moon in a certain constellation of the sky as it passes through its natural cycle. The moon probably has more significance in Chinese culture because even without a calendar, we can all see the moon and its phases, and therefore our position in time. Consequently, it holds a great deal of mysticism and legend. It is also one of the earliest rings on the Chinese compass or luo pan.

Today's Lunar Mansion is called “Astride” as the shape of this constellation is similar to a man with his legs astride, or possibly the sole of a shoe. It relates to weaponry and battle plans, as well as canals and the need to prepare for winter or leaner times ahead. It is unfavourable for construction or digging, and those who dig trenches will encounter misfortune. The Chinese almanac therefore advises against drilling a well, installing a water feature or even buying a wedding dress.

Today's lucky direction is northwest.

Discover the four signs comprising your own personal Chinese astrology and whether you have a Water Rat zodiac sign with our free Chinese horoscope. Then see how you are affected today below. We will return tomorrow with a Wood Tiger.
Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.- Water Rat daily Chinese horoscope posted 18th October 2012

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink?

Huge Rabbit

As today's Yang water element exactly matches that of the month and year, you can see how we derived today's title. But wait there’s more! It’s a Water Rat day and Rat also has exactly the same Yang Water, so maybe it should be water, water, water, water everywhere!

Seriously though, you can expect water and all things water related to be major news items during this year. As an example, today in the UK, a further nine districts have joined the existing five drought conditioned counties, and although we are not quite at a “not a drop to drink” status, water is certainly restricted. Instead of repeating my annual astrology outline, I invite you to view my report by clicking on the link.  It gives special advice on our annual trends and how to get the most from this year ahead.

Now you can understand why water is in the news and, interestingly as finance is water related, we awake to hear that the EU has approved a further loan for our troubled friends in Greece. As music is also a water element activity, we will go to sleep tonight with the news that the “Brits” award ceremony was a phenomenal success. Further award recipients can have an outstanding year ahead, from this heavenly alignment.

Also due to today's special alignment of water qi or energy, a special person, perhaps even an Avatar, (not the James Cameron blue variety) could have been born between 3 - 7 am this morning. Another extraordinary horoscope can be found between 3 – 5pm this afternoon. You can see these heavenly alignments with our free Chinese horoscope  service; just enter these times with today's date. You will need to know that there is a special combination between the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon, as well as the Rat, Monkey and Dragon that affects these horoscopes.

Consequently, a Rat day in a Dragon year is always welcomed and the book of nature is smiling with its auspicious horseshoe formation surrounding today's information. Most activities are favourable and these include , meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof or buying land.

Being an “Open day” makes it suitable for starting all new activities and as tomorrow marks the start of a new moon, it is doubly auspicious. Until then make it happen NOW! - Water Rat daily Chinese horoscope posted 18th October 2012

Water wizard takes up course from interNet

Water is associated with wisdom and found in its purest form on this Water Rat day. Add the fact that we find Net in the 28 lunar mansions, and the Chinese almanac suggests taking a course, it’s easy to see how we arrived at today's title.

The lunar mansion further suggests that this Water Rat day is good for building and marriage, and the book of nature also recommends having a haircut, travelling, opening a business or setting up a tombstone. It advises against anything to do with water features or divination. Water Rat daily horoscope posted 24th October 2011

Water Rat free Chinese horoscope traits

If Water Rat is part of your Chinese astrology - and you can find out with our free Chinese horoscope - this makes you extremely confident and an avid collector. You may also be impulsive and brash and your non-conformist outlook can you make you a bit of a rebel. Communication is a major personality trait and you seem to have an inner magnetism which attracts others to you. However, should you ever suffer from depression particularly in the winter season; a walk in the woods can truly inspire you. Famous Water Rat Chinese horoscope include Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, Eminem, Jennifer Garner, Geri Halliwell, Jude Law, Stephen Marley, Shaquille O'Neal,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Marlon Wayans and Zinedine Zidane.
Or those born between December 5th and January 5th in years ending with 2 or 7 like Billy Bragg, Steve Buscemi, Tia Carrere, Jamie Foxx, Shane MacGowan and Ray Romano.

Busy tomorrow, but we will return tomorrow on a Wood Tiger day. Until then, enjoy NOW!

Chinese horoscope compatibility

Rats are highly compatible with Dragon and Monkey Chinese horoscope signs. In terms of love Dragon men make an ideal mate for Rat women. Monkey zodiac sign can be inspired by Rats and provide great resources and assistance, they also make great travelling companions.

Pig horoscope signs can realise their goals with the help of The Rat and Rooster also find them very creative.

They usually make good business partners for earth signs of Dog, Sheep and Ox as well as previously mentioned Dragon.

Wood element horoscope signs of Tiger and Rabbit are fully energised and the former can usually find unexpected advice from The Rat. The latter though may have many arguments, so it is good to set clear parameters and always work within them.

Fire zodiac signs of Snake are empowered by the Rat and may make an ideal husband. Whilst the Horse can overcome their clashes with them by using the wood element, most helpful is a clear strategy, but you can also wear green or light blue colours when around them.