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“Tiger at the water hole” day

Wood Rabbit symbol

“Tiger at the water hole” is an ancient Chinese expression from Sun Zi denoting the ultimate power position and includes the components of today’s Water Tiger Pillar or zodiac sign.

Tiger days are generally unfavourable in this Rabbit year as it indicates having to rethink plans. However, in February it is most timely and is therefore much better. So much so, that the Chinese almanac recommends suitable activities as visiting friends, getting engaged, checking compatibility by swapping astrology charts, trading, putting a roof on, installing a bed, or grave. Hunting.

If this pillar is in your horoscope it indicates intelligence, creativity, being of service, or else; a writer, philosopher or musician. It also indicates an inner conflict and on the plus side it means easy money, and you may have a reputation as being extremely generous. On the downside, it can also mean health problems involving the small intestine. However, as you have a balancing element present this would only be in extreme cases. Famous celebrities born with this influence include Lord Alan Sugar (day) Axl Rose, Charles Dickens, Ellen Page, Jodi Foster, Demi Moore and Jon Bon Jovi.

"If this pillar is in your horoscope it indicates intelligence, creativity, being of service, or else; a writer, philosopher or musician".

The Tiger is part of the zodiac group with Dog and Horse signs. The former has wealth opportunities and romance for males whilst the latter sign of Horse can experience powerful emotions from new inspiration today. Conversely, the Monkey is clashed by the Tiger and this may bring wealth or management disputes. Luckily, this can be balanced by communication, so it you are experiencing a problem today - talk to the protagonist. The Rat and Dragon are part of the Monkeys group and they are also said to be affected today. The former may feel drained and the latter may have husband problems and / or their authority questioned, or else issues over recognition. - Daily horoscope posted 16th February 2011

One more drop… and Monkey gets it!

Huge Rabbit

It’s a Water Tiger day, in a new Water Rat month of a Water Dragon year, wow what a lot of water! Further, the Rat and Dragon combine to make even more water element and if you have a Monkey in your Chinese horoscope, this drop may feel like an ocean! That’s because the Monkey, Rat and Dragon form the water group and whilst this element represents wisdom, bravado and communication, too much may cause depression.

We can all experience this for ourselves today as between 3pm – 5pm (15:00 – 17:00 local time it will be a Monkey hour, and if this makes you feel especially brave or talkative then you have a good month ahead. If however, the “light at the end of your tunnel” starts to flicker and you suddenly feel sad; then you will need either the wood or fire and earth elements to balance your energy.

These influences can be incorporated relatively easily into your life either by certain activities, eating certain food groups, sleeping or facing in specific directions and even wearing certain colours.  Although, the Monkey sign also clashes with today's Tiger, if you feel sad at any other time today, don’t worry that will soon pass and tomorrow you will feel much better.

"With the strong water influence you should expect communication and all other water related aspects including spending money to figure prominently"...

So, with the alignment between the Rat and Dragon it should generally be one of the best months of the year. With the strong water influence you should expect communication and all other water related aspects including spending money to figure prominently over the festive holidays and into the New Year. Consequently, you may want to order that tablet, or mobile phone sooner rather than later.

It’s also not a bad day either, as mentioned yesterday we have the start of “Big Snow” one of the 24 seasons of nature, perhaps heralding the likelihood of a white Christmas?

If a Monkey is “under the weather” a Rabbit sign could be on “top of the world” due to another potential alignment between the Tiger day and Dragon year. With all of this water around they could feel like the “energiser bunny”!  If they need to relax, use the fire element and drop those symbols PLEASE!

Seriously though, Chinese astrology is the only form of astrology that will allow you to correct a “bad luck” period and although there is lots of free and helpful information on our site, it’s obviously best to have a having a professional astrology reading.  Actually, according to the Chinese almanac having a reading is one of the recommended activities for today, now that’s a gift that just keeps on giving. Due to the alignments the book of nature also suggests traveling, getting married, having a haircut, opening a  business laying foundations, fixing a roof or setting up a tombstone. As we are teaching this weekend we will return next Wednesday. - Water Tiger daily Chinese horoscope posted 7th December 2012


Why use Chinese astrology in feng shui?

If you are reading this, you already know the power and effect of feng shui, in terms of tapping into the local vibrant energy to enhance your life. At the same time avoiding decaying energy which will cause stress and loss. This is known as balancing energy in our homes and offices,

This feels great but it’s general and not specific enough. However, when we use Chinese astrology we can calibrate individuals, family or groups needs to create the perfect atmosphere for whatever needs to be achieved. For example, that can be peace and harmony in a home, or an inspiring, exciting and more efficient atmosphere in an office. Further by using Chinese astrology we can add the time aspect and work out the perfect timings for events for anything from weddings and parties to product launches or production schedules. See our recent article on the latest James Bond film Skyfall.

 By using Chinese astrology we add the time aspect to feng shui which ensures that all of our clients enjoy continuous and optimal feng shui results. In a professional reading, we can also advise clients on when to make important decisions based on their trends, tendencies, likes, dislikes, compatibility and where, when and even with whom fulfilment can be found.

This is when the Four Pillars of Destiny comes into its own and why we need to follow the annual, (Water Snake) monthly (Wood Tiger) and daily (Water Tiger) influences into account.   

So, there you go the proverbial cat is out of the bag, today's title “Tiger at the water hole” was inspired by it being a Water Tiger day. Mind you the energetic relationship between these two aspects of Water and Tiger (wood) represents intelligence, strategy and forward planning. Hopefully our own interpretations and the daily recommendations translated from the Chinese almanac provide this service.

Today's most suitable activities are therefore visiting friends, getting engaged, having an astrology reading, opening a  business signing contracts, trading, collecting debts, refurbishing a home or office, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, hunting and setting up a tombstone. Whilst drilling a well, laying foundations or meditating is inadvisable.

So this blog places you at the proverbial water hole where all events can be reviewed and agreed before taking action. If you feel this service may be of interest to others please pass it onto them and feel free to follow us on our daily blog, Twitter or Facebook. We will return tomorrow on a Water Rabbit day, until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey

Learn a lesson?

It is a Water Tiger day in the Chinese astrology calendar that due to its elemental relationship, is traditionally a day of learning.

The feng shui almanac therefore has taking a course as among the most successful activities today. Others include visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, refurbishing a home or office, moving home, hunting, or setting up a tombstone. It suggests postponing honouring ancestors or installing a water feature.

Another important feature is the start of a new 28 Lunar Mansion cycle which is represented by a Dragons Horn and means that today is also very auspicious to start new projects.

We will return soon and until then enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Water Tiger daily Chinese horoscope posted February 5th 2013

Scaredy-cat keeps away from water – so should you!

Black beauty day?

Although today is a Water Tiger day, the Chinese almanac suggests not doing anything with water, other than washing, drinking or cooking.

An imbalance of water causes fear, and water in June is pretty thin on the ground, apart that is from the water logged parts of the country. Hence today’s title refers to scaredy as a state of fear and a large cat is a Tiger. 

I guess the real reason for not opening a water course or even meditating, is due to last night’s lunar eclipse and the ability of the moon to affect water. As you know a lunar eclipse is where the earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon by the Sun. Is the abstinence from water therefore due to earth controlling water in a ke cycle arrangement?  Or perhaps, it’s because the moon draws groundwater with recuperative minerals to feed plant life and last night the process may have been affected by gravity from astral bodies pulling in opposite directions. Whatever the cause, it’s probably a good bet to stay as dry as you can today.

Water Tiger daily horoscopeChinese books use on average about 25% less paper than western books, due to the binomial system of characters used to describe even the most complex words or phrases. That is until you look at how time is displayed, which can sometimes be up to 300% more. For instance, last night’s eclipse could be first seen at 02:23 (Beijing time) which in Chinese uses seven characters, almost twice as many as in English. It also lasted several hours and three different sites were listed, using up all of the space normally used for “suitable activities”.

We don’t normally allow a minor technicality such as NO SPACE stop us and so turn to other auspicious features that have an influence today.

The lunar mansion today is “Horn”, said to represent the Dragons horn. It is the first of twenty eight lunar mansions and is auspicious for new beginnings, making it good for growth, birth and marriage but not so good for concluding affairs or funerals.

The Jian Chu lists today as SUCCESS; a good day for all kinds of activities. Cultivate friendship, avoid gossip and speak well of everyone. This is a day when one can start to organise large scale activities, take out pen, paper and diary and start planning. It’s a good day to begin long journeys or to begin digging, particularly laying foundations or turning over the garden. - Water Tiger daily horoscope posted 16th June 2011

Find the lucky Rabbits foot to avoid confusion

Today is actually a Water Tiger day in a Dragon month and year. This may not mean much to you but in Chinese astrology Tiger and Dragon are the beginning and end of a special combination. However, when unconnected like today they can bring confusion and possible anger. The Rabbit is needed to bridge the gap and bring great success and kindness instead of conflict.

We all shared the Rabbit hour, but that was between 05:00 – 07:00 hours. The next best solution is to find someone with a Rabbit in their horoscope as they should be able to help. You can easily find out who has this zodiac sign with our free Chinese horoscope just enter your birth details and you can find out exactly what signs you have. We all have up to four different ones that maybe something you didn’t know.

Speaking of which, today is a perfect time for learning  by taking a course, also visiting friends, getting engaged or married, having an astrology reading, having a haircut, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, buying or setting direction for an oven, or buying land. It’s not recommend to have much to do with water, except drinking and bathing, definitely not opening a water course or drilling a well.

We will return tomorrow on a Water Rabbit day. - Water Tiger daily horoscope posted 11th April & October 8th 2012