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7 successful things to do today!

Wood Dog in a lunar cycle

Today's new moon also begins a new cycle in one of the oldest forms of Chinese astrology, known as the 28 Lunar mansions. For millennia it has provided great insight into how to make the best decisions and the best course of action on any specific day.

We translate this and similar information from one of the oldest and most respected books in history called the Tong Shu, which means “book of everything”. In Hong Kong the word “shu” (book) also means “to lose” however by achieving great success from following its information they have renamed it Tong Sing; meaning “everybody wins”.

Win or lose it is a book of nature and discovering where todays natural flow can only bring benefits.

In all ancient cultures the new moon has always heralded a new start and although technically not a new beginning but a return after our summer recess, we have chosen today to announce major changes to our regular blog.

In future our blog will tell you the most successful things to do and what to avoid for the day ahead according to the tong shu, feng shui and Chinese astrology. Here are today's 7 best recommendations as an example:

  1. In Chinese astrology it is a Wood Dog day, which has great compatibility with the current month sign of Monkey and makes meeting friends and acquaintances very auspicious. Further, for those with a Rooster in their Chinese astrology charts, it makes a special alignment, which some might consider “pure gold” and will be memorable for them and perhaps even you.
  2. The Rooster hour could create this “pure gold” experience for us all and occurs between 5 – 7pm local time. Consequently shopping, especially for a wedding dress or fine clothes is also favoured.
  3. With this party atmosphere prevalent today, pampering and hair and beauty treatments also work. 
  4. The Yang Wood of Wood Dog also heralds another auspicious and independent cycle making it a great day for moving home.
  5. Business and transactions are also well favoured by this and new prospects may be found in the southeast.
  6. To extend this auspicious natural cycle it’s a great day to plant seeds and grow something for the future. I like to think of this in a metaphorical sense, so I especially like to learn something or adopt a good habit on these days.
  7. It’s a great day for “hunting” this actually means to acquire livestock and is not detrimental to our co-habitants. Of course, this can also be viewed metaphorically as hunting for bargains and the best of these could be found southeast of where you are, right now


  1. With all of this good qi about its not a good day to put things into storage.
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Coincidentally and returning to where we came in; today's 1st Lunar Mansion is called the “Horn” and I would like you to see this as a call of action. So; tell your friends about our return and let us know is there is anything specific you would like included in future blogs.

See you soon!
Finn & Slim Shooey. - Daily Chinese horoscope posted 5th September 2013

Take it easy, let the Dog see the Rabbit at year break

"Let the dog see the rabbit" is a well-known phrase meaning, “let me see what I'm meant to be doing”. It fits on many levels and was a clear winner for today's title. Firstly, it’s a Dragon day in a Rabbit month and as in Chinese astrology they are friends, would normally be auspicious. However, the Dog is clashed with the annual Dragon sign and would benefit from some direction today.

Consequently, the Chinese almanac, the book of nature world renowned for recommendations on what we are all meant to be doing, suggests this Wood Dog day is best for just “taking it easy”.  A “year break” favours meditation and contemplation prior to action, so it’s best to postpone decisions until tomorrow, which is an altogether much better day. - Wood Dog daily horoscope posted 16th September 2011

Lucky dog changes monkey into gold bar

Jia the Yang Wood part of today’s Wood Dog zodiac sign is considered lucky and always heralds new beginnings and opportunities, particularly wealth wise. In fact, of the five different Dog signs, this one probably has the best chance of becoming rich.

This Wood Dog day, occurring in this Rooster month, only needs a Monkey to complete a special combination that brings a huge chunk of metal. Owing to the luckiness factor, this can range from a pile of coins to gold ingots!

If you have a Monkey in your chart and you can discover with our free Chinese horoscope, then you have the benefit of this alignment all day. If not, we all share the Monkey hour, which is between 3pm – 5pm local time, (the same time mentioned yesterday). Generally, this should be a good time to make money, although to see the specific effects on your personal horoscope, which don’t forget is one in almost 13 million, check our attribute cycle.

The Chinese almanac suggests the following activities are also lucky today; travelling, having a haircut, sweeping house, refurbishing home, buying or setting direction for your bed, digging a dyke, turning on a water feature or planting seeds.

As we are teaching Feng Shui this weekend, our blog will return next Wednesday.

Until then enjoy NOW!- Wood Dog daily horoscope posted 16th September 2011

Every dog has its day

Feng Shui astrology - Wood Dog daySadly, it’s not this day, or even this year for that matter. That’s due to a clash with the annual Dragon sign. Mind you today's Wood Dog may fare better than most, as the Yang Wood part is good with the Yang Earth element of the Dog. If you have this type of earth alongside Yang Metal in your chart see free Chinese horoscope, then it could be highly auspicious, and become your best day yet.

It’s interesting that it’s a Wood Dog day as the only recommendation the Chinese almanac makes is to fell trees and pick up sticks. All important decisions therefore should be made tomorrow or any time after today.

Our dedicated Wood Dog web page will tell how your own zodiac sign fares today and we will return next Wednesday.  Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Dog daily horoscope posted 9/11/2012m & 8/01/2013

Barking dog never bites

Today's title refers to a Flemish saying and means a lot of angry words, but no action. As an imbalance of the wood element denotes anger and today's Dog clashes with the annual Dragon, you can see why we chose it.

Chinese astrology can be used to predict health problems and this clash can mean damaging feet, legs, chest or shoulders, so take it easy with whatever you do. So says the Chinese almanac which advises the only suitable activities today are quiet contemplation and sweeping up or putting your house in order. It specifically advises against laying foundations or opening a warehouse. Now it’s a good job I didn’t liken Yang Wood to a stick, as there would be nowhere to bury it.

Wood Dog can be the most affluent of the five different types of Dog in Chinese astrology. To see how you own sign fares under its influence see our dedicated Wood Dog web page. We will return tomorrow on a Wood Pig day, or should that be a Truffle Hunter? - Wood Dog daily horoscope posted 12th July & September 10th 2012

The Top Dog

Feng Shui astrology - Wood Dog dayThis Wood Dog day affords a glimpse into Chinese culture and philosophy. Todays Wood being the first of the ten heavenly stems, denotes “first class” or “best grade”; hence top in today’s title.

If Wood Dog is in your horoscope - and you can find out here Free Chinese horoscope - you have a lot of wealth opportunities in your life. These arise from an unorthodox way of doing things, which in your case can produce spectacular results. This also provides a good reputation that makes you more confident and powerful. However, your mind controls your body, so you probably have a punishing schedule creating exhaustion. The water element will help you balance and relieve any pressure; swimming or being beside water, drinking it, communicating, travelling, wearing black or dark blue colours or sleeping with your head in the north can help greatly. Famous Top Dogs include Scott Bakula, Simon Cowell, Sarah Ferguson, Mya, Benjamin Netanyahu, Marie Osmond, Katy Perry, Joaquin Phoenix, Freida Pinto, Esperanza Spalding, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Sigourney Weaver, Weird Al Yankovic and Maya Ying Lin.

As you would expect, today is good for Dog people who have much well-earned recognition and respect that can make them leader of the pack. Tiger signs enjoy wealth opportunities, whilst Horse people have a day of travel or creativity. Rabbit partners are also lucky with money and males can be romantic. Female water signs of Pig and Rat also enjoy intimacy and closeness with their partners, as can earth signs of Sheep and Ox. Dragons may experience change and need to be careful of over extending the shoulder or chest. Monkeys and Rooster signs can be very lucky with money or love this morning, putting them in a good mood for the rest of the day. Perhaps the best positioned sign today is the Snake, who can get great support or advice if needed. If they heed the advice or perhaps try something new, they can obtain outstanding results today.- Wood Dog daily horoscope posted 19th May 2011