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Wood Rat

Wood Rat horoscope day

The Wood Rat marks the start of a 60 day cycle of new energy and if you were preparing to begin something new - now is a natural time to start. Consequently, if Wood rat is part of your horoscope then you are a natural trailblazer or pioneer with good expression, intelligence and an adventurous spirit. Being highly impulsive you are not afraid to take risks or try something new.

This pioneering phenomenon can also be applied to most horoscopes as a “10 year luck cycle”, so you should watch for its appearance in your astrology chart. For example people born in 1984 or 1924 or those born between December 6th and January 5th in a year ending with 3 or 8 such as 1993 have a Wood Rat in their horoscope.  

Today naturally favours Rat signs and they can find willing assistance in their projects. The Pig, also a water sign sees their plans come to fruition. Whist the remaining members of the Rat group namely Monkey and Dragon; can find creativity and wealth respectively. Similarly Rooster signs can be quite imaginative and should be less tense today. Whereas, Tiger has plenty of support and should be feeling positively buoyant.

The Horse sign may struggle as it clashes on a Rat day and will have a better day with the wood element, Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox have money making opportunities and males of these signs may enjoy romantic opportunities too. Female fire signs of Snake and Horse may also be lucky in love.

Rabbit signs are actually punished by the Rat, but this being a Rabbit month and year these effects are pretty insignificant. However, the Chinese almanac states that it should be used for quiet contemplation and pampering oneself or planting seeds as it is a new start.  It will be a better day tomorrow.Posted 10th March 2011

Wood Rat horoscope - The mouse that roared!

Wood Rat PillarIn the same way that some Chinese refer to the year of the Rat as a Mouse, we have followed suit with today’s Wood Rat title. The five elements, which define the type of Rat, can also be used for ways of speaking and a skilled feng shui consultant can tell if their client is suffering from an elemental deficiency just by talking to them. For example, if I arrived at a new client’s home or office and they spoke loudly, I could tell they were suffering from a wood imbalance.  That is, of course, providing that I hadn’t run over their prize petunias and parked in the middle of their lawn or reception area!

Mind you, there’s plenty to roar about on this Wood Rat day. Firstly the Wood Rat always denotes the start of a new sixty day cycle and today’s being the first to occur after the summer solstice, means the yin half of the year is now in full force. Does this beg the question; is a mouse a yin version of a rat? To see how your own sign is affected please see our Wood Rat page

The Chinese almanac is smiling again as it has a horseshoe around todays entry, informing us that it is an especially good day for a yin Wood Sheep, which is actually our current month pillar too. It’s not too good for an Earth or Water Horse though. Good activities today are meditation, asking for blessings, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes,  refurbishing home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof, hunting and attending to funeral duties, including setting up a tombstone.

As we are teaching this weekend our blog will return on 13th an Earth Snake day.

Until then – enjoy now! Posted 8th July 2011

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Wood Rat horoscope - The best laid plans of mice and men

Today’s title refers to a popular saying derived from a poem by Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns. How we arrive at today’s Wood Rat is also a bit of an epic and is hopefully worth the tellin’. Being as we have only just returned to our blog and it’s the start of a new 60-day cycle, we will ease into it gently.

In Chinese philosophy and culture the mouse is often treated as the same as Rat, (should that be synonymouse?) For example, in the year of the Rat, the mouse is also celebrated, although this may well be because they share the same Chinese character and word of Shu.

Best laid plans refers to strategy, the discipline of which is the province and domain of the wood element, most strongly represented in Yang Wood. And so we arrive at Yang Wood Rat, todays totem. However, we chose the title primarily because according to the book of nature or Chinese almanac, today is excellent for most activities; not a case of the best-laid plans of mice and men “gang aft agley” or translated from native Scottish as “going awry”.

Being easily the best day of the week, lucky pursuits include meditation, asking for blessings, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading,  emigrating, opening a  business and trading, collecting debts, refurbishing home or office, moving earth, fixing a roof, making wine or fermenting, buying or setting direction for your bed and even hunting.

We will return tomorrow, a Wood Ox day, until then enjoy NOW! Posted 6th September 2011 & 3rd May 2012