Wood Rooster Chinese Astrology

Spring break?

Wood Rat

Todays Wood Rooster clashes with the current Rabbit month in what is known as a “month break”. According to the Feng Shui almanac, today is only good for taking things apart or tidying up loose ends, perhaps ready for a new beginning?

Coincidentally as Rooster is a bird, our “book of nature” also informs us that Swallows (bird family of Hirundinidae) will return to Beijing filling the Chinese skies with grace and optimism. Similarly, although to a greater extent, the Sun will pass through the ecliptic plane at 11:02 GMT to bring spring and brighter days to the northern hemisphere.

This Spring Equinox (equal day and night) is one of the eight high energy days of the year and is especially good for contemplation and internal development. Consequently, we should all take just five minutes to contemplate a better and stress free future for all. As we all know, “the future is what we make it” and this is where we start!

We have a dedicated Wood Rooster web page which tells you how your sign will fare today and we will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 24th May 2012

Count your Chickens?

If you were counting chickens or roosters to be more exact, you would notice that there are two; one today as it’s a Wood Rooster day and the other is an Earth Rooster month. Our title alludes to the saying about thinking that you will get something before you actually have it, and just when you thought you knew which way this blog was going, let’s introduce a curve ball.

Did you know that the element of Wood represents sour flavours, whilst Earth is sweet. So to recap chicken…sweet and sour, mmm that’s tonight’s dinner sorted out. A vegetarian option can be umami; the flavour associated with the Rooster’s metal element.

As we are delving into recipes, you can probably tell it’s a slow news day. However I prefer to think of it as a “lull before the storm”, as tomorrow at 2:49 pm UK (13:49 GMT) is the Autumnal Equinox.  Consequently the Chinese almanac recommends quiet reflection and putting your house in order, ready for this year’s fourth quarter.  A kitchen is considered as the "heart of the house", so our meal suggestions are not so random after all, are they?

We will return on Tuesday and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 24th May 2012

Sour chicken

As the wood element is associated with sour tastes and Rooster is a male chicken I have renamed this Wood Rooster day as above.  Although, the clash from yesterday continues through to today, and salty tastes would be best overall, fish anyone? Despite the clash,  Today is a much better day than yesterday with meditation, asking for blessings, enrolling on  a course,  travelling, getting married, exchanging gifts, emigrate, open a business, refurbish home, move earth, fix a roof, or reposition bed for your Ming gua.

In Chinese culture the Rooster is known as a bird that makes a lot of noise but cannot fly and therefore reach heaven. Consequently, you can expect people that make a lot of noise in a good way to be Roosters, these include Arsène Wenger, Charlize THERON (day) Alicia Keys, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams. -Feng Shui daily horoscope? Posted 2010

Chicken-livered but blessed the same!

Wood Rat Pillar

According to the Chinese almanac, today is an excellent day to start learning or to take a course.  And how we translated today's Wood Rooster into the above title certainly follows this theme.  Rooster as another name for chicken should be apparent, but wood into Liver is an advanced part of Chinese astrology that tells us the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s organs and equilibrium.

In ancient times, physicians would cast a Four Pillars of Destiny astrology chart to understand a person’s energy or chemistry and prescribe treatments accordingly. This was a holistic way of gently treating and balancing the patient’s energy, which usually led to a speedy recovery. Some physicians, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists still use it today. Having taught some at our school, they have told of the excellent results found by this process.

Being blessed or asking for blessings comes directly from the book of nature as another recommended activity for today. The full list includes meditation or honouring ancestors, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged or married, ordering an astrology reading, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof or setting up a tombstone.

Being a Rooster day in a Snake month, the Tong Shu or Book of Nature marks this as an auspicious day that should be a lucky day for all. We will return tomorrow on a Fire Dog day.  Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 24th May 2012

Spring chicken ages by new moon at year break

The Spring season is associated with the wood element and chicken is a female rooster, so today's title is a no brainer as it falls on a Wood Rooster day.

Year break occurs every day the opposite zodiac sign to the year falls and this double clash between Wood Rooster and Metal Rabbit causes stress.

As you know stress ages us and can ultimately cause serious health problems. To balance this clash hydration or more specifically the water element is desperately needed.

The Moon is strongly associated with the water element and today is the start of a new cycle, usually good for development. However, the water element comes in many forms and probably the most effective is communication, try to remember this if someone causes you stress today.

If you think before you act you will realise that wisdom is also part of the water element and balances problems. Do not let it be a case of the old proverb, “when you are up to your *** in alligators, it is difficult to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp”.

 The Chinese almanac follows this theme and suggests quite reflection, self-pampering or tidying up affairs.  It is a much better from tomorrow onwards and we will return tomorrow on a Fire Dog day, until then enjoy NOW! - Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 27th September 2011

Spring Chicken

As the wood element is associated with Spring and Rooster is a male chicken therefore I have renamed this Wood Rooster day as above. Other alternatives, were sweet & sour chicken as that is the wood taste, or even Gallus Bladder as Gallus gallus is the Latin name for chicken and Gall Bladder is the organ associated with Yin Wood. There you go biology in all its forms,  nothing if not educational!

Today is a much better day than yesterday and you can add opening a business, debt collecting, refurbishing kitchen, laying foundations, positioning a door or barbecue, ordering a horoscope or setting up a grave in addition to those things you could do yesterday.  BTW as yesterday was a glimpse of the month ahead - how was that for you?

Astrology wise the Rooster will be at the centre of attention. It is also good for the associated signs of Snake and Ox, who have wealth and creativity respectively. The former also has romance. Rabbit signs may be under stress and would benefit from the water element, but share power opportunities with Tigers. Similarly, the earth sign of Goat, Dog and Dragon should be creative the latter especially so, whereas Pig and Rat signs can be vibrant. - Feng Shui daily horoscope - posted 2010

Works like socks on a Rooster!

Global Feng Shui Consultations

The title is a universal variation of putting two things together that are not exactly in harmony and that about sums up this Wood Rooster day.  As the year and month zodiac animals are Metal Rabbits they completely clash with today’s Wood Rooster and are known as the year and month break. I can’t remember when we last had a year and month clash on the same day; we got near on September 4th 2005, but not quite. Needless to say, it is not a lucky day. The Chinese almanac suggests the only suitable activity today is to take things apart and refurbish or rebuild. This can be extrapolated to changing things that are wrong and need updating or fixing.

If you want things to last and function correctly it is best to make long term decisions tomorrow. Being near water is the ideal environment as this balances the conflict between metal and wood and would help relieve tension and stress. If you can’t get to water then try spending time with water signs of Rat and Pig, or water stems found in any year ending in 2 or 3. You actually have 4 opportunities for water stems and 4 zodiac animals in your horoscope, together this creates a system based on almost 13 million different variables, so it is very complex and extremely accurate. You can get a free Chinese horoscope and see what you have.  Or have a professional astrology reading to improve your quality of life by supporting your specific energy and also find out what changes you should make for a smoother life.  It is a better day tomorrow. - Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 31st March 2011

Time heals broken wood pecker

By using the word pecker I am referring to the action of a certain bird and the prefixed element should cryptically hint to a Wood Rooster day. Falling as it does in a Metal Rabbit year means that the stem and branch clashes in what is known as a “year break”.  Hence, the broken wood pecker and not our little green friends. However, people with Wood Roosters in their Chinese horoscopes and particularly those born on its day,  may be experiencing a year of “being bent out of shape”, so to speak and would need the water element to relieve pressure and restore equilibrium.

Yesterday we mentioned that the Wood element could relate to space and interestingly and rather supportively the water element can be related to time. As both elements refer to feng shui we have wind and water on the surface and time and space at the deepest level, meaning that if you haven’t had a feng shui consultation for a while you should have another to bring fresh results. After all it is because of the flux in energy that everything changes.  The best feng shui practitioners are those that take account of time and space.

Speaking of which and returning to our blog theme; in time the energy clash will resolve itself for all when it passes tomorrow and for our Wood Rooster friends it will pass next year.  For today the Chinese almanac suggests only tidying up as suitable activity and strongly advises against acupuncture or planting seeds.

On the subject of year break we will be taking some time off from our mostly daily blog due to summer holidays and Mercury retrograde starting Tuesday 2nd August. This is a point when communications may encounter problems. Although we will return with the blog from September 5th our office will continue normally and we will update our web site links with daily Chinese astrology. Today’s Wood Rooster astrology can be found on its web page.
Enjoy every moment! - Wood Rooster Feng Shui daily horoscope posted 29th July 2011