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Can’t see the Tiger for the trees?

Wood Rabbit symbol

Today is a Wood Tiger. The heavenly stem, the part that comes first, is the same as today’s animal sign.  As the month sign of Horse is a pal of the Tiger, it must be a good day, especially for partnerships. This is confirmed by the Chinese almanac that lists among its recommended activities attending a class or taking a course, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, putting a new roof on a home, making wine and fermenting, hunting or setting up a tombstone. - Wood Tiger daily feng shui horoscope posted 28th June 2011

High Noon?

Our feng shui calendar tells us that today is a Wood Tiger day and falling as it does in a Dog month, only needs the Horse sign to complete a huge fire element influence. See five elements.

Fire represents the height of growth and the peak of energy, so during the double hour of the Horse (11am – 1pm local time), we all get to experience this influence for ourselves. Of course, if you actually have a Horse in your Chinese astrology horoscope, the effect lasts all day and you should use our attribute cycle to find out how you will be personally affected.

For those without the Horse sign and not going for a power lunch or having an audition, (fire element represents performance), it’s not a terribly auspicious day because we have the beginning and end of the group, but nothing to connect the two.

Nevertheless, Tiger and Dog are highly compatible and the feng shui almanac recommends seeing friends and even shopping for clothes as suitable activities. Funeral services should also go well. However, litigation and randomly enough fishing are not well favoured.

It’s a much better day tomorrow and as we head towards a full moon on Saturday, activity will improve and so might the weather.

We will return when we have something more to tell you. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Tiger daily Chinese horoscope - 16th October 2013

If you have a Wood Tiger in your horoscope

You should be strong, healthy and extremely independent, fiery, adventurous and impulsive, your highly intuitive, if not “canny” talent for investments can lead to great prosperity. Being naturally creative with an artistic flair you can enjoy an elegant and honourable life.

Famous Wood Tigers
are Christian Bale, Victoria Beckham, Penélope Cruz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alanis Morissette, Kate Moss, Joaquin Phoenix, Irina Spîrlea, Hilary Swank and Robbie Williams. Those under a monthly influence are Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna.

Confident paper Tiger pays bills

Huge Rabbit

Today's Wood Tiger continues the independent section of the sixty Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch cycle. Paper is associated with trees and has the wood element, so having this same element in both the stem and branch makes this Tiger the most confident of all. Adding this aspect to their vibrant creativity is the key to a Wood Tiger’s success and the root of their possibly considerable prosperity. To see if this is your day pillar, have a free Chinese horoscope  on us.

It’s a Tiger day in a Tiger month and although Tigers are mostly solitary creatures, the book of nature recommends seeing friends, along with hunting, buying or making clothes and as the title states, paying bills or settling accounts. So I guess buddy shopping in an army surplus outlet; ticks all boxes.

As we managed to finish a report earlier than we thought, we were able to produces today's blog, even though we said yesterday we would be back tomorrow. I can’t quite make my mind up whether this last sentence is an oxymoron or a possible future title! Rather than tempt fate again, let’s just say we will see you soon. - Wood Tiger daily feng shui chart - 23/2/2012

Follow the leader - shop for friends?

Strange title I know and you would be right to think of it as an amalgamation of suitable activities for today.  Probably the easiest to explain is that the Chinese almanac suggests suitable activities as, get this; shopping and seeing friends. Now if you still need to follow a leader to do this today's Wood Tiger is an excellent example on many levels.

Firstly, “Jia” the Wood in today's Wood Tiger is known as being 1st or first class, principally because it is the first of a cycle of ten Heavenly Stems. Similarly, as our Chinese astrology year begins in February when the Sun starts a new solar cycle, Tiger becomes the first animal sign of the year. This fact has often been a source of confusion for those born prior to February 4th. When trying to find their animal sign online or in a book, they take the sign for those born after this time, when they should actually subtract 1 from their year of birth as their sign belongs to the previous year.

Tiger is also the start of a special combination with this month’s Dog sign and if you have a Horse in your chart you will have a memorable day indeed. You can discover with our free Chinese horoscope  As Chinese astrology  is so complex, next visit the attribute cycle to see how today will personally affect you.

We should all see an increase in fire energy during the Horse double hour from 11am – 1pm, which generally represents action and the height or peak of nature. So let us climb aboard and head for the sky! Or should that be shops? Either way, we are back tomorrow on a Wood Rabbit day.
Until then, enjoy NOW! - Wood Tiger daily feng shui horoscope posted 26th October 2011

Double Tiger day

Feng Shui astrology - Water Goatfish day horoscope

It would be nice to take todays title literally and persuade our leaders to double the number of Tigers in the wild over the next 10 years. Instead it refers to this Wood Tiger day falling in a Tiger month. As last year was also a Tiger year this marks 13 months of Tiger influence. Let us hope that their popularity in Chinese astrology, is mirrored in society and their numbers increase accordingly so as to avert their extinction.

Wood Tiger horoscope pillar?

With any other Tiger in you chart your focus will be on its corresponding life area. Have a free horoscope and see what animal signs you have. Then look at which pillar corresponds to that part of your life and see how you are affected.

The Tiger group has Horse and Dog and all of these are well supported today. Tiger is at the centre of attention, Horse is likely to feel extremely vibrant and may be the recipient of good advice and the Dogs are recognised for their hard work. Those signs affected by change include the Monkey who may have problems with money or romance if male. Rat may feel spent or extremely drained and the Dragon may have also relationship issues, especially if female. Otherwise Dragon is extremely pressurised.

Rabbit signs may need to rethink their plans, but as it is their year it will only be a minor setback, if at all. Snake signs can do well and feel buoyant all day, Sheep and Ox males feel powerful and their females can be lucky in love. Whilst; the Rooster although clashed all year can have some much needed money luck today. Pig and Rat are highly creative or else have pleasant travels or relaxation. Wood Tiger daily feng shui horoscope posted 28th February 2011

Travelling Tiger onesie?

It’s a Wood Tiger day and as both components have the same wood element top and bottom; I have referred to it as  a “onesie”. It’s not as strange as you would imagine as when you apply the five elements to fabrics the wood element is associated with cotton and an all in one cotton garment is a onesie!Travelling is one of the recommendations suggestions proffered from the Chinese almanac others include  buying or making clothes, opening a  business laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, or setting up a tombstone. It advises against meditating, or opening a warehouse or storage facility. So just to recap travelling + burying clothes = shopping; onesie anyone?

See our dedicated Wood Tiger web page for trends, traits and compatibility for and with today's Chinese astrology sign. We will be back tomorrow with a Wood Rabbit and until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Wood Tiger daily feng shui horoscope - 23rd February & August 21 2012

Pull a Rabbit out of the Hat!

Black beauty day?

Today's title indicates that things are not what you expect them to be and guess what? Our first surprise is that it’s not a Rabbit day at all, but a Wood Tiger day. However, it’s not just any Wood Tiger day, but one that falls in a dragon month and if you have a Rabbit in your Chinese horoscope today could will be full of surprises and maybe even magic!

This phenomenon is due to a triple alignment that unites the Tiger and Dragon and could improve opportunities for Rabbit signs, especially in relationships, health, wealth, creativity, authority and recognition however, depending on the equilibrium of their Chinese horoscope this huge would element influence can also bring great benevolence or intense anger.  

To see how you will be affected first check to see if you have a Rabbit sign with our free Chinese horoscope  then see our attribute cycle (also free) to see how this personally affects you.  If you do not have a Rabbit in your Chinese astrology chart then read this dedicated Wood Tiger page for free advice.

Meanwhile the feng shui almanac is kindly smiling on us all with its distinctive red horseshoe and thinks today is definitely magic. It recommends visiting friends, taking a course having a haircut, travelling, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, installing a water feature or an oven, shopping and attending to funeral duties. It advises against opening a warehouse, debt collecting meditation or asking for blessings.

In the 28 Lunar Mansion system today is a Horn day and marks the start of a new cycle; one that favours rapid growth and creation making the light at the end of tunnel burn brighter, now that is magic!

We are away on business until Tuesday and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW! - Wood Tiger daily Chinese horoscope - 23rd February & August 21 2012
Finn & Slim Shooey