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Chinese Astrology Zodiac animals Basic traits

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  • RAT (elements Yang Water) - Careful, creative, accumulative, lustful, hoarding and doubting.

  • OX (Yin Earth) - Patient, persevering, receptive, obstinate, methodical and focused.

  • TIGER (Yang Wood)Wise compassionate, benevolent, short tempered, proud, aggressive.

  • RABBIT (Yin Wood) Gentle, friendly, intelligent, discordant, fickle and furtive.

  • DRAGON (Yang Earth) Proud, aggressive, powerful, uncompromising, arrogant, prejudiced.

  • SNAKE (Yin Fire) Intuitive, insightful, financially secure, vain. Jealous and egotistical.

  • HORSE (Yang Fire) Sociable, keen sighted, high spirited, sensual, talkative, easy to anger.

  • SHEEP (Yin Earth) Graceful, obedient, faithful, timid, pessimistic and sensitive.

  • MONKEY (Yang Metal) Lovable, sympathetic, clever, resourceful, curious, susceptible, impulsive, scatterbrained.

  • ROOSTER (Yin Metal) Visionary, versatile, clever, selfish, poor concentration,ostentatious.

  • DOG (Yang Earth) Honest, loyal, respectful, stubborn, assertive and demanding.

  • BOAR (Yin Water) Serious, just, good disposition, reckless, impatient and inflexible.

What does the Chinese zodiac mean for you this year?

Relationships - Compatibility

Having established your Earthly Branches or animals, you can now check your compatibility with your friends and partners. If they are part of your own group or "trine", it is a good relationship. If not, check incompatibility to see if they form a clash with you, otherwise they are deemed neutral and it is OK.

The first Chinese Astrology trine comprises the

  • Rat [North]

  • Dragon [East, Southeast]

  • Monkey [West, Southwest].

These animals are extremely supportive of each other and are thoroughly understanding of their own ambitions and impatient natures. Unions between these signs do extremely well.

The second Chinese Astrology grouping has the:

  • Ox [North, Northeast]

  • Snake [South, Southeast]

  • Rooster [West]

These are the intellectuals of the Chinese zodiac, the most dependable and the most determined. When united they lead to happy and successful marriages and partnerships.

The third Chinese Astrology group consists of;

  • Tiger [East, Northeast]

  • Horse [South]

  • Dog [West, Northwest]

These are the most idealistic of all the animal signs and obviously enjoy each others company.

The final Chinese Astrology group consists of the;

  • Rabbit [East]

  • Sheep [South, Southwest]

  • Pig [North, Northwest]

These zodiac animals are characterised by their compassionate and emotional natures. They are followers rather than leaders and are generally motivated by love and beauty rather than material gain.

Incompatibility in Chinese Astrology Relationships

According to the Chinese horoscope, animal signs diametrically opposite each other on the Chinese compass, are generally incompatible with one another. This also includes the other animals that make up their trine. Combinations of this nature often result in direct clashes, although the effects can sometimes be beneficial.

  • The Rat clashes with the Horse

  • The Ox is in conflict with the Sheep

  • The Tiger fights with the Monkey

  • The Rabbits adversary is the Rooster

  • The Dragons arch enemy is the Dog

  • The Snake cannot tolerate the Pig

What the horoscope Pillars represent

Reading from left to right, the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology horoscope represent different aspects of your life.

Hour Pillar - Children, old age, siblings, lovers and relationships.

Day Pillar - your inner self, branch animal represents quality of marriage.

Month Pillar - your relationship with Parents, peers and business talents and opportunities.

Year Pillar - your childhood environment, the effects of which you can carry through life. Also, grandparents, lineage and how you are viewed by society. MORE

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