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Jenson Button chinese astrologyFamous Chinese Astrology horoscope for Jenson Button born on 19th January 1980. Although this chart has Yin Earth Pig as his hour his time of birth is unknown. Born on a Metal Rabbit day, in a Fire Ox month of an Earth Sheep year.

The day pillar defines the type of personality in a horoscope and we would classify Jenson as a Yin Metal person. This personality pays enormous attention to detail and can be considered as an excellent analyst. His ability to provide perfect feedback to his racing team at Brawn GP must have assisted in his success as they were then able to act on his recommendations. As a result Brawn GP also won the 2009 Formula 1 Constructors Championship, in the same year they were formed. Incredible success and well worthy of inclusion in this Chinese astrology hall of fame!

jensons four pillar chinese astrology chartUsing the five elements in our analysis we can see that the huge amount of earth element in this chart strengthens Jenson’s metal creating enormous pressure on him. He desperately needs the water element to relief this stress and it is no wonder that he prefers water sports as a hobby. Having overseas properties in Monaco, UK and Bahrain he also benefits by living in these water type environments. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this water is that this energy represents transport and roads / tracks, consequently when driving his racing car he could be said to “be in his element”! The weather also factors into the the energy of an environment and Jenson won the trophy early on a notably wet weekend.

Water in his 10 year “luck pillars” may also have created major changes in his life as at 8 years of age he was given his first Go – Kart by his former rally driving father John Button. This was an Earth Dragon year whose energy combined with his luck pillar of Yang Fire Rat to bring more water energy to him. Whilst the Yang Fire of his luck pillar which lasted until 1993 ensured an incredible start to his career, winning all 34 races in one season and obtaining several triumphs in the British Open Kart Championships. From 1994 until 2004 he entered a 10 year luck pillar of Yin Wood Pig, the Pig having the water element ensured that this was an outstandingly creative and wealth producing period and in 1997 he entered car racing having won the Aryton Senna Memorial Cup. More

The most exciting aspect of these Chinese astrology readings is that they could be done at anytime in someone’s life and would still tell the same story. So you never know what is around the corner, unless of course you order a professional reading.

Disclaimer These short excerpts of astrological charts are, by no means, of a personal nature. This text provides the meanings of elements, or combination of elements in pillars and time cycles. As a result, no negative aspect, which may damage a celebrity’s reputation are published.

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