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Shi De LingFeng Shui consultation fees for a residential property start at £250 per hour. Costs take into account the goals of the client, the size of the space and the number of people living there. We offer two forms of home Feng Shui consultation; Alan can either a Visit your Home or perform an Online Report. For home visits, a deposit is required at the time of booking your consultation.

Due to the time spent prior to the consultation producing the necessary charts, the first hour of any consultation is charged as double. Travel expenses may also apply, depending upon where you are and will be confirmed with your Feng Shui Consultation Free Quote.

business consultations

Feng Shui consultation fees for commercial properties start at £250 per hour. Please request a Business Feng Shui Quote or call us on 0044 1634 739198 to discuss your needs.

feng shui services

With over 30 years professional consulting experience, we offer comprehensive Feng Shui services for your home or business:

  • Form School principles for the perfect layout.
  • Flying Star Feng Shui - An Advanced Compass School technique detailing the specific energy in your environment and what is needed to produce beneficial and long lasting results.
  • Chinese Astrology - A complete, advanced analysis of your personal energy, showing your fate, compatibility and what you need to get the most from life. When used in conjunction with Flying Star Feng Shui, it allows us to make your ideal atmosphere!
  • Earth Acupuncture and Space Clearing - One of the biggest causes of illness, stress and "Sick Building Syndrome" is Geopathic Stress. Alan will check the property for signs of "Black Streams" and remove or alter the stream/stress should they prove harmful to the occupants. If you think you are suffering from Geopathic Stress, try our Free Geopathic Stress Test.

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