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Many of the world’s best business minds already know and use Feng Shui and the current economic climate is perhaps when Feng Shui is most needed. A business or office consultation improves staff morale, enabling employees to work more efficiently and achieve their goals. Within a retail or hospitality environment, we can also examine how the business receives customers and how your customer/guest experience can be improved.

Try a feng shui office consultation and pay when you get results!*

With over 25 years of providing professional Feng Shui consultancy services, we know you will be amazed at the results of using Feng Shui in your office. So much so that irrespective of the type and size of business, you may order a feng shui office consultation and defer 50% of our fee until you are completely happy with your results*. Naturally, there are conditions with which you must comply, but we guarantee that our recommendations will make total common sense and will not look out of place in a working enviromment.

*Feng shui office consultation deferred fee conditions

  1. Existing clients already know how successful a Feng Shui office consultation is and therefore this offer is only available to new clients.

  2. 1. Please supply a brief for our consideration, stating the results you realistically want to achieve over a 12 month period.
  3. 2. If you are a newly established company, this offer is subject to you supplying your full birth details in order for us to evaluate your likelihood of success.
  4. 3. The deferred balance must be paid in full before we accept any further work.
  5. 4. You must agree to installing a water feature or aquarium (not supplied) and to follow our common sense instructions.
  6. 5. A deposit is required at time of booking.
  7. 6. All expenses plus 50% of the consultation fee must be paid upon completion of our work at your business.
  8. 7. If having implemented all of our recommendations, you do not experience any results within a designated period, you may keep the remaining balance of the consultation fee.

"Overall we picked up a lot, it really is worth having a go after all. You may be dubious to begin with but an expert like Alan can not only help with the most complex principles of feng shui, but can point out the really obvious common sense things that maybe you wouldn't otherwise have realised." K Smith - Holga Ltd. More Consultation Reviews

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