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Special offer Skype Consultations Just £250.00 includes free charts, plus free recording of consultation

An online Feng Shui consultation is the most cost efective way to have Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling perform a personal consultation for you.  Using Skype he can view your location and tell you how best to get the most from your home or office. He can also incorporate Chinese astrology to find your most beneficial element and then tell you how to integrate this into you home and life. This can enable you to become fulfilled as well as create the most beneficial environment to support the energy in your home or office.

If required he can also provide advice as to personal trends and tendencies which can help you be in the right place at the right time. This costs just £250.00^ for a basic consultation and should you need further advice you can just pay as you go.

Alternatively, you could arrange a Home Feng Shui Consultation and we can visit your home, take our own readings and discuss our recommendations by giving you on the spot advice.

  1. To perform an online consultation from just £250.00*, we will need the following information:Professional feng shui consultations by Skype
    1. 1. The year your home was constructed.
    2. 2. An accurate compass bearing for the front of yourhome or office.
    3. 3. A scaled floor plan.
    4. 4. Birth details of everyone within the home.
    5. 5. Just click the Skype button on the rigyt to book your basic consultation online and see all *terms and conditions.

Personal Feng Shui Online Services

personal online feng shui consultationsAll our work is done by hand and our recommendations are unique to you and your family. We do not use any type of interpretive software or supply you with superfluous information like some other companies who do not have the expertise to interpret charts for themselves. In fact, our advice is to be very wary when Feng Shui audits include lots of computer generated charts, as most of this information is freely available on the internet. We can also include ideal room colours, furniture positions, best sitting and sleeping direction if requested.

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology

Four pillars chinese astrologyPerhaps the most important details of any online feng shui consultation are the personal birth details of each family member living in the home. From this data we can produce an advanced form of astrology chart called the Four Pillars of Destiny. Using the Five Elements, it is the best type of astrology for understanding a person's energy and improving their quality of life. Placing specific elements in the appropriate part of your home allows us to balance the energy and create a unique and nurturing atmosphere. Read more about the Chinese Astrology.

Feng shui master consultations

Feng Shui Master Alan Stirling is the master consultant that other Feng Shui master consultants call for their own home consultation. In fact, many of them learnt how to do online consultations from our world famous Feng Shui School of Excellence and accredited Feng Shui online courses. Our consultation services are totally discreet and we never divulge who these master practitioners and consultants are, but you may see certain similarities with our website and theirs. Needless to say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!” However, we taught them all they know about Feng Shui - not all we know!

Feng shui online consultation fees

The cost of an online Feng Shui consultation is £250 per hour. All work is done by hand (not computer generated) ensuring you receive unique and personal recommendations. The total consultation time depends upon the size of your home and the number of Chinese astrology profiles you require. We can spend as little as an hour improving the feng shui in your home and this may be sufficient time to cover a one bedroom apartment with one or two people living there. Please use our Feng Shui Consultation Enquiry Form and we will confirm the cost.

"If you ever have any non believers, give them my contact details and I will tell them how the house felt after our Feng Shui consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying Wow to each other". SC - Uttoxeter.UK - See More Feng Shui Results

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SKYPE consultation via Paypal:

SKYPE Special offer means that we will compile your charts free of charge and supply you with a recording of our consultation and you will just pay the basic charge of £250.00 for an hour’s consultation. Most homes can be done within this time and even Masters Alans basic advice can have profound effects. This fee can also include basic analysis of your Chinese astrology Ba Zi horoscope to discover your most favourable element.

Assuming we have a scaled floorplan and the age of your home, this element can usually be incorporated into your home or office within an hour. However, if you need more specialised advice, require more than one chart, or have a larger home or more contents this can all be done but may require more time. If so, you can pay for extra hours; or 15 minute increments as needed, and at the end of the allotted time.