about feng shui

the definition of feng shui

Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics and essentially, the study of how the energy of our environment affects us. Correctly analysing and balancing these energies allows us to retain the positive benefits and remove negative effects.

Unlike more modern methods, Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is not based on religion or superstition. It is an ancient art and natural science that has been tested, developed and practiced for thousands of years in China. In fact, Feng Shui was not limited to the Chinese and many ancient civilisations used a form of it. Feng Shui works because it is the way of the universe and everything contained within it.

the science of feng shui

Science has recently confirmed that our surroundings seriously affect our quality of life. Everything in our world contains energy or qi and as it is always in a state of change, there are areas of both low and high energy within any given space.

Low or decaying energy weakens our personal qi. An elemental imbalance within the home affects the qi flow, leading to stress, quarrels and even health problems for those living there. Under extreme conditions, a kind of Murphy's Law seems to reign supreme; everything goes wrong, money is very tight and health risks increase. Conversely, high energy allows us to increase our personal power, health, performance and wellbeing. However, high energy can be anywhere within the home and this is where Traditional Chinese Feng Shui has a profound effect.

Placing water at a specific location within your home - found during your consultation - releases beneficial energy throughout your whole area..This transference of energy or "power", together with correct furniture placement and simple, subtle cures, provides an extremely beneficial atmosphere in your home or office.

why we need feng shui

We are totally dependent on our environment and our environment is dependent upon us. Feng Shui is so popular because in our fast paced society, with technical advances made practically every day, we are far removed from living naturally within our environment. Yin and yang reminds us that when life becomes too extreme, it reverts to its opposite state, which causes stress; one of society's biggest problems.

what can feng shui do?

Alan StirlingFeng Shui allows us to analyse people within their environment. We are the microcosm of our surroundings, so changing one half of this equation, affects the other. Understanding this unique relationship and chemistry between people and their space, Alan can recommend simple, subtle cures in your home to create balance, alleviate stress and promote wellness and wellbeing. Feng Shui makes you feel as if you are always in the right place at the right time and making the most of opportunities that come your way. This is what Feng Shui can do. If someone claims they can do more than this, it is not true Feng Shui.

earth acupuncture

black streams are linked to thunderAs part of a Feng Shui consultation, your property is checked for Geopathic Stress lines and underground streams. These "black energy" lines can be caused by a natural fissure suddenly appearing within the earth under your home or office or even underground streams becoming stagnant. They can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of any person living, sleeping or working above them.

It should be noted that not every home has these lines but where they are present, can be removed or deflected out of harms way through the use of Earth Acupuncture. This then reverses the polarity and produces healthy energy lines instead.

free geopathic stress test

Feng Shui shopFirst draw 1 clockwise and 1 anticlockwise circle each about 3 inches in diameter on a sheet of A4 paper. Also draw a vertical and a horizontal line with an arrow at each end [both about 3 inches). Write the word YES underneath the clockwise circle and NO under the anticlockwise circle. Under the vertical line write MORE OR LESS, and under the horizontal line BE MORE SPECIFIC. You are now ready to enter the world of dowsing.

Take a pendulum or similar object and hold it over the clockwise circle. It will begin to circle, seemingly of its own accord. This is your "YES" sign. Repeat over the No circle until it starts to move, normally anticlockwise. This is your "No" sign. Follow the same procedure with the lines. The vertical line is for counting and the horizontal line tells you to be more specific. Now ask a question, for example, "Is there Geopathic Stress here?" or "Am I suffering from Geopathic stress?

If you received YES to either question, you may need to arrange a consultation. Alternatively visit www.magic-spells.co.uk and try a Happy Home Kit. Of course you could dowse first to see what to do!

Alan can visit your home or office and provide on the spot advice, where results can be instant. To find out if you would benefit from a consultation, try our " Free Feng Shui Test". For a free quote, please use our Consultation Enquiry Form.