Fire Rooster Chinese Astrology

Chicken?… Dipper?...Chipper!

Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscopeWith it being both a Fire Rooster and a Dipper day, you can see how we chose today's title. “Chipper" means being in sprightly good humour and laughter is associated with the fire element. Rooster is obviously a male chicken, so that’s also appropriate.  However, chipper also relates to health and that may be a problem for a Fire Rooster.

Although incredibly lucky with money, Fire Roosters tend to suppress their emotions which can cause health issues, particularly liver, blood, small intestine, teeth or finger problems. Depending on the rest of their horoscope, this would need to be balanced with either earth or water and wood.  As luck would have it, this month’s sign of Ox naturally balances and reacts well to the Rooster to make this a good day for all, not just famous Fire Rooster celebrities like Antony Gormley (day) Serena Williams, Peter Falk - Columbo, Sting and Chipper, no not quite, Chubby Checker.

Dipper is one of the 28 lunar mansions representing the northern heavens and the Tortoise. It’s very auspicious and consequently, the Chinese almanac recommends meditating or honouring ancestors, taking a course, visiting friends, travelling, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, sweeping the house, buying or making clothes, emigrating, opening a  business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, or setting up a tombstone as suitable activities. It advises against beauty therapies in the form of hairstyling and manicures or pedicures, as well as litigation.

We will return tomorrow with an Earth Dog.  Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscope - posted 31st January 20110

Chickens come home to roost?

Is there a better title for this Fire Rooster day in an Earth Rooster month? Actually it may have further significance as it refers to words or actions returning to cause trouble. The Chinese almanac therefore recommends putting your house in order as the main activity today. Attending to burial duties is also regarded as auspicious.

In the Chinese philosophical cycle of nature, where each season consists of 15 days and known as the Twenty Four Solar terms or Seasons, it is the time of the Autumnal Equinox.  What is not well known is that each season can be further broken down into five-day periods and today marks the start of the second period called “Water Dries up”. This is where the final recommendation of felling trees is derived and I guess that can be interpreted as general gardening including pruning and mowing the lawn.

We will return tomorrow with an Earth Dog.  Until then enjoy every moment of NOW. Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscope - posted 3rd October 2011

So long and thanks for all the…..chicken?

Today's title was reputedly the last words of comic author Douglas Adams, although I’ve changed it from fish to chicken as today is a Fire Rooster day and chicken fits better!

Of course fire also plays its part as laughter and comedy come under its influence, which is much needed today, as the Rooster clashes with the annual Rabbit sign. It’s called a Year Break and the Chinese almanac recommends a day of preparation, instead of making major decisions or implementing new plans.

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” was also the title of Mr Adams 4th book, which likewise works as fish travel in schools and we are taking a break from this blog to teach Feng Shui this weekend. We should return next Wednesday but only for a further three days, as we will be taking a blog break for the Christmas holidays. Our office will still be open and we are working on many projects until 23rd . After that, we will break for Christmas and return on the 3rd January. 

On the odd chance of being too busy next week and not continuing for those few days, may we wish you blessings and peace for the Christmas period and throughout 2012.  Until then, so long and thanks for all the…..turkey? Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscope - posted 11th February 2011

Little Red Rooster day?

Todays Fire Rooster clashes with the annual zodiac sign of Rabbit and is known as a “year clash” meaning that it is probably best to make long term decisions tomorrow, when the clash finishes. The Water element is needed to balance this conflict and I cannot think of a better way than a musical reference, such as renaming Fire Rooster to Little (Yin) Red (Fire element colour) Chicken Rooster. Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscope - posted 11th February 2011

Fire Rooster in your horosocpe?

If fire Rooster is in your horoscope it indicates money luck on the positive side but extreme control on the negative aspect. In common with the recent astrology readings this can mean supressing emotions and depending on the rest of the horoscope would need to be balanced, either with earth or water and wood.  In 2011 you would expect to make money easily and if male it can also indicate romance or even marriage.  Health wise you may have a liver, blood, small intestine, teeth or finger problems. Famous celebrities with this influence include Antony Gormley (day) Serena Williams, Peter Falk - Columbo, Sting and Chubby Checker.

As a clash day the Chinese almanac states the only suitable activities are for tidying and sweeping house. This can be taken as a day of sorting out your affairs.

The Rooster belongs to the group with Snake, who are lucky with money today, and the Ox who can be extremely creative, or travel well. Rabbit signs would normally be clashed, but as it their year all should be fine.  Pigs and Sheep belong to this latter group and they have support and creativity respectively.

As we are teaching this weekend our next blog will be 16th, between thyen and now is Valentine’s day which is auspicious, so all should be well. If you are thinking about a romantic dinner the day favours fish. Whatever you do, have fun!

Chicken Tikka day?

A Yin Fire Rooster day allows us to illustrate one of the aspects of this element and as you would expect “spicy” is the taste of fire. This goes so well with chicken, another name for Rooster, hence Chicken Tikka. Seriously though, diet can be used in Chinese astrology to help balance a clients energy and make the most of a supposedly “bad luck” period. However, this is not the case today, as suitable activities include meditate, asking ancestors for advice, start learning, enter school or graduation day. Baby’s first bath, have a haircut, or a facelift, acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. Hunt, set up warehouse, buy clothes or break earth to lay foundations.

This Fire Rooster should be good for those with Snake, Rooster or Ox in their horoscopes, as assistance, power and support respectively will be the order of today. Monkey’s should see their plans coming to fruition and should be quite optimistic. Whilst Rabbit, Pig and Sheep signs may experience pressure, struggle, or receive wrong advice. Other earth signs of Dragon and Dog should feel vibrant and active, although the former must be careful of chest or shoulder problems this month. Tigers have power and recognition, and females with this sign can also enjoy romance.

Rat and Horses signs are also extremely vibrant today, the latter all month as Horses combines with the annual Tiger and this month’s Dog sign. As a result, they are probably “all spiced out” and would benefit from salty foods instead.Fire Rooster daily Chinese horoscope originally posted October 2010