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Free annual and daily Chinese astrologyThe cost of a professional Chinese astrology reading starts at £150.00 see Four Pillars of Destiny, £395 for Zi Wei Dou Shu and just £15 for your Nine Star Ki profile or £45 for Divination with the Advanced I Ching.

See our Chinese astrology Hall of fame with Jenson Button and Coco Chanel. Have a free horoscope and compare your chart with that of the 50 most influential people of the decade click here famous Chinese astrology.

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Chinese Medicine Times Acupuncture and Chinese medicine ejournal for practitioners and students. Free subscription.

Elementals for Mind Body & Spirit
Alternative Health shop for orgone energy products for geopathic stress, colloidal silver, food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and directories of Feng Shui and other alternative information sites.

Natural Health Web The quick and easy guide to natural health and alternative medicine with articles, free newsletters and descriptions of many of the most important natural health and alternative medicine websites.

Reiki.nu Information about Reiki healing and treatments for over 60 diseases. Download a free Treatment Guide with the Reiki hand positions.

Discover Health and Wealth Alternatives Herbal Products for inner cleansing, non-toxic skin care, PMS-Menopause relief, organic nutrition supplements and stress management.

Hillside Herbal Products Natural Remedies, Herbal Healing Ointments, Healing Oils with Calendula, Tea Tree, St John's Wort and Essential Oils, as well as Relaxing , Sport and Baby Massage Oil.

Heal YOU w Reiki. Distant & Inperson Therapy & Reiki Training, by clairvoyant Reiki Master. Free Reiki & healing articles.

The Family of Light Healing Centre An international mobile healing, channeling, yoga, eco tours and educational centre offering apprenticeships.

Tantra Southern California - Tantra Massage is designed to help men, woman and couples seeking higher knowledge of energy transmutation for the purpose of spiritual and emotional advancement.

Holisticshop.co.uk Tarot cards, Crystals, Spiritual Jewellery, Incense, Angels and many more spiritually related items. Quick and reliable service.

OCDTribe.com is an online mental health support community for people affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Thousands of members - blogs, live chat, forums, designable profile pages, games and more.

Therapist GoodTherapy.org is an international association of counselors, therapists, and psychologists who believe people are equipped to transform the obstacles to optimum health and happiness. As a leading advocate for healthy psychotherapy, GoodTherapy.org is ranked as one of the leading mental health organizations and therapist referral sources on the web.



Healing Crystals Metaphysical Crystal Shop selling Healing Crystals at Discount Prices, including Tumbled Stones, Rocks & Minerals, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Merkaba Crystals, Vogel Wands, & more.

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