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the best traditional chinese feng shui course on the internet. we guarantee you will not find another course that teaches feng shui to this degree.

Global Feng Shui Consultations

step 1 - feng shui key concepts course

The first of seven fully accredited Distance Learning courses by the International Feng Shui Institute. The Key Concepts course makes even the most difficult feng shui concepts easy to understand and allows you to perform your own basic home consultation. Download Free Sample Pages and Free Podcast.

"I find your material FANTASTIC!!!! I enjoy every bit of it, structured, logical, extremely well explained, WOW!!!" Monika - CH

learn feng shui course details
Dowsing & Earth acupuncture

Step 2 - dowsing & earth acupuncture course

Continuing the theme of self development, we teach you how to access everything from life's mysteries to the secrets of the universe!

“I've just completed your Earth Acupuncture course. I'm full of admiration for your work and feel so fortunate to have discovered your website. It's positively enriched our lives and I'm so grateful to you for sharing your insights and wisdom.” LM-USA

dowsing & earth acupuncture
Nine Star Ki Astrology course

step 3 - nine star ki astrology course

Learn how to always be in the right place at the right time with the complete guide to Nine Star Ki astrology! How to analyse health, lifestyles, careers and all aspects of life.

"A plethora of excellent reading in the CD." E.C - Philippines

"This is a great feng shui course!" Larissa UK

Learn Nine Star Ki Astrology

Feng Shui Business Course

step 4 - feng shuibusiness course

Everything you need to create beneficial and supporting atmosphere in commercial environments.

"Most fascinating!" SC - USA.

"I've read books and practiced with my own home for the last 12 years and I learned more in the first 15 pages of this course then in that entire time." PJ Dix - USA

Learn Feng Shui Business Course

 I Ching Course

step 5 - accredited i ching course

This course teaches an advanced I Ching method of reading called Wen Wang Ba Gua. This makes the I Ching much more specific and clearer to understand.

"I have received the CD with the course. Let me say that it is very well written with beautiful illustrations. Above all the knowledge is excellent, you explain Feng Shui very well not like the "Pop Feng Shui" books. Congratulations!" Jose Cotta - Portugal

Learn I Ching
Flying Stars Course

step 6 - accreditedflying stars course

The most comprehensive time and space feng shui course available, with unparalleled interpretation. It's knowledge turns mediocre or good feng shui results, into outstanding ones. Read More...

"Super course, very enlightening!" AW from UK

"So far, I love what I have read, and I am so happy that I found you on the Internet. Thank you". Margrete - Norway

learn flying star feng shui course

Chinese astrology readings and tailor made environments

step 7 - ba zi four pillars of destiny chinese astrology course

The definitive guide to one of the most accurate forms of Chinese astrology; Ba Zi or the Four Pillars of Destiny. The Advanced Four Pillars course empowers you to understand a client’s energy or personal chemistry and for millennia, has helped people change their luck for the better, improved their health and significantly increased their quality of life. Read More...

"This course is great" - Eirini Delikoura - Greece

learn chinese astrology

Learn Feng Shui

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Enrol onto the Professional Feng Shui Consultant course using the order buttons shown right. As a student, you will receive special discounts that save you over 30% of the standard course costs. The Key Concepts course is GB £99, the three Intermediate courses (Steps 2, 3 and 4) are GB £180.00 each and the three Advanced courses (Steps 5, 6 and 7) are £550 each - a total cost of GB £2289.00.

However, as a valued student, you may purchase the entire seven courses for just £1581.00 - a saving of GB£708 - an incredible price for the very best professional Feng Shui training available. Please order right.

Seven Steps to Mastery Feng Shui course

Ready to embark on a wonderful journey?

In completing all Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery course and in passing the final exam, you will become a Feng Shui Consultant and entitled to use the title RCFSI Recommended Consultant Feng Shui Institute .

Pay in British pounds1581.00 Pay by Euros1920.00* Pay by US Dollars2654.00* Pay by Canadian Dollars2925.00* Pay by Japanese Yen271,987.00*
*Price shown in GB Pounds is the correct price. Other rates are an approximation. Please see xe.com for current interbank exchange rates.