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How feng shui could lead you to have a better day today

The feng shui calendar informs us of great compatibility between today’s Dragon and this month’s Rooster signs. According to the book of wisdom, most things are favourable and to make a good day even better, it recommends the following:

  • Asking for blessings, a good day for divination or to put your dreams into action.
  • Visiting friends or even making new ones.
  • Hair and beauty treatments are well aspected.
  • Cleanliness is next to etc… so sweeping house and tidying loose ends is especially good.
  • Travelling or even emigrating – new friends on the horizon?
  • Partnerships are also well favoured, so a good day for marriage.
  • Have an astrology reading and discover alternative horizons perhaps?
  • Opening a business and trading. Today's best prospects should be found north of where you are now.
  • Refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations or even fixing a roof  also works.
  • Buying a bed or setting its direction and a great day to improve your bedroom.
  • Funeral duties, meditating or honouring ancestors and a day of respect to friends past and present.

It is best not to have much to do with water today, especially installing it, sailing on it or fixing boats and nets.

Chinese astrology tells us it is a day of “Winnowing Basket”, which especially favours the arts. It also tells us that tomorrow is a good day. Check back then and feel free to tell your friends to join you.

See you then!
Finn & Slim Shooey

Metal Dragon daily Feng Shui horoscope - Snap! Dragons?

This blog isn’t about flower arranging or affecting any reptiles, it’s simply a Metal Dragon day in a Dragon year and as that’s two of a kind; snap!

According to the Chinese almanac, two seems to be the theme of the day, as it recommends seeing friends or getting married as particularly suitable activities. Preparation also features prominently, either mentally by meditating or physically by having your hair done.  

It’s also a good day for having an astrology reading, emigrating,  buying or setting direction for your oven, or setting up a tombstone. Not so good for moving earth or fishing though.

Our dedicated Metal Dragon web page will tell you the characteristics and compatibility of this Chinese zodiac sign and we will return tomorrow with a Metal Snake.
Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey - Originally posted 15th November 2012


Metal Dragon daily - Tip the scales?

Make something more or less likely to happen or succeed”; sounds like feng shui that works!

We always try to choose a title that alludes to the day’s trends or features and sometimes we get lucky with a homonym, which is a word or phrase that has two meanings. Today's phrase means to “make something more or less likely to happen”, or to “make someone more or less likely to succeed” and our daily translation of the tong Shu or feng shui almanac does this nicely.

As an example the Tong Shu, the oldest most continuously published book on the planet, recommends meditating or honouring ancestors, planting seeds, travelling, buying or making clothes, trading, laying foundations, buying or setting direction for your bed, or setting up a tombstone as where the smart money is. Conversely, it advises against fixing nets or having acupuncture.

However, the tips in the title refers to the metal element which represents keratin and is what hair and nails are made from; whilst scales are associated with a Dragon, making today a Metal Dragon day.  Interestingly, you can tell a metal person by their rounded features, particularly tips (as in fingertips). Use one now on your keyboard and send this to a friend you think may be a metal person or check with our free Chinese horoscope. You can use another to click and see what effect today’s Metal Dragon has on your sign.

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Finn & Slim Shooey Feng Shui horoscope posted 15th March 2013

Hidden dragon, crouching tiger?

Our title derives from a Chinese expression describing a place where people conceal their strengths from others in order to preserve the element of surprise. It is typically used to advise people not to take their position lightly. As it’s a Metal Dragon day (and not many people know that), you might think that was the hidden part, but read on.

The feng shui almanac advises a low profile too and recommends travelling, having a haircut or sweeping house. It advises against fixing nets or making funeral arrangements, especially as it’s a Ghost day in the 28 Lunar Mansions.

Here is the hidden part. It being a Dragon day in a Rabbit month, you only need a Tiger in your Chinese horoscope to receive a huge wood element influence that, depending on your chart construction, can make you either very able or very unst-able, which may be a bit of a surprise to those around you.

Similar to a Dragon, when the wood element is out of control, it can bring either great kindness or anger, as well as fantastic opportunities for wealth, creativity, support, power and recognition or relationships. To discover its effects and to see whether you have a Tiger, use our free Chinese horoscope  and then our also free attribute cycle. It’s either going to be really good or… not so much.

Our title also refers to another aspect of today, in that it marks a new 5 day period in which Eagles are said to appear as Turtledoves. However, if you treat everyone you meet with respect, all will be fine.

We are teaching this weekend, so our blog will not return until next Wednesday.
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Golden Dragon makes scaled donations?

It’s a Metal Dragon day in a Water Dragon year and although there can never be enough dragons, is this one too many? Is that the reason for today's cryptic title? Actually, no, the Chinese almanac makes very few recommendations today, other than offering a donation and planting seeds.

This may seem reminiscent of Jack and the Beanstalk, but charity has the approbation of heaven and earth, blessing those that give as well as those who receive. On the subject of celestial and terrestrial benefits, we all enter the first of three 10 day cycles of heat and warmth today.  Hopefully, this is an end to the deluge and flooding we all seem to have experienced of late.

Heavenly blessings will arrive tomorrow in the form of a New Moon; always good for a new start.   We will return tomorrow on a Metal Snake day, so until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.

MThe equinox approaches “like a tiger with wings”!

The latter part of today’s title is a Chinese proverb indicating empowerment from an external force that will make one invincible and fits today’s Metal Dragon on so many levels. Firstly, the Dragon combines with the monthly zodiac sign of Rooster to provide the wings. This union provides an underlying water element which can be interpreted as wisdom, which is perhaps best served as consideration before action. Hence the Chinese almanac suggests only quiet contemplation as today’s only suitable activity.

Action occurs from tomorrow at 09:04 BST as it is the start of autumn in the western calendar.  Although in the Chinese 24 seasons, autumn actually began on 8th August  and may explain why many of us have already turned on our central heating as we shiver and wonder what happened to the summer sun.

Secondly if you have a Tiger in your astrology and you can find out with our free Chinese horoscope this combines with today's Dragon and this year’s Rabbit to make an extremely strong combination. This can unleash an awesome power, similar to that alluded to in the title and to see the personal effects of this wood element influence on you, just check out our attribute cycle.- posted 22nd September 2011


Metal Dragon daily Feng Shui horoscope - Dragon bell rings blessings at the birth of metal

-If you have been reading our blogs, you'll know that todays Chinese astrology signs are hidden in the title. Starting with Dragon and ending with Metal, it must be a Metal Dragon day, but is it nonsense in between or is it like nature, where nothing is wasted? Let's see.

The five elements of Chinese astrology are embedded in Chinese culture and philosophy because they signify the rise and fall of natural energies throughout a solar cycle or year. The elements follow 12 stages, including birth, maturity, death and storage and match the calendar months perfectly. Consequently, May marks stage 1 or the birth of the metal element.

If metal affects your horoscope, you will start to see changes in a certain aspect of your life from now until next February. Chinese astrology is very complex, with almost 13 million different horoscopes, so it's very difficult to state how this will affect you personally, but first check whether you have any metal in your horoscope with a free horoscope and our web site will help you understand your chart and some of its effects with more free information. Alternatively, order personal horoscope report or a telephone reading and we'll tell you.

Whenever Metal has any of the earth signs of Sheep, Dog, Ox or Dragon, it becomes stronger and more resourceful. In feng shui terms, the strongest metal form is actually sound; the sonic waves clear away decaying energy and is why bells are used in space clearing. If Metal Dragon is your day horoscope, sound would figure strongly in your life either through voice, words, music or comedy. Famous examples include Andre Agassi, Ellen Barkin, Ritchie Blackmore, Zach Braff, David Cassidy, Jon Cryer, Peter Frampton, Brad Garrett, Martin Lawrence, Jason Lee, Jay Leno, Dev Patel, Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman and Emma Watson.

The Chinese almanac book of nature recommends meditating, asking for blessings, travelling, buying or making clothes, signing contracts, entering a new home, trading, refurbishing your home or office, moving earth or setting up a bed or tombstone.- posted 25th May 2011